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  1. Kiluudar33 New Member

    Can you provide more information? I've seen a few people say this but no actual details. What was fixed, what's still not working, etc.
  2. Ruhi Augur

    any running list of what's fixed?
  3. Trox2010 Augur

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  5. Kraked Augur

    *** Progression Servers ***

    - Corrected multiple issues with how Encounter Locked NPCs choose a target.
    - Corrected an issue that prevented guards from attacking Encounter Locked NPCs.
    - Corrected an issue that prevented charmed pets from being attacked if they were Encounter Locked.
    - Corrected an issue that prevented pets and auras from casting spells on Encounter Locked NPCs.

    Based on all the bugs initially reported, they still have a ton of work to do in 7 days.
    I am still not optimistic about Oakwynd.
  6. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    From what I have read in the forums the patch fixed a lot of the bugs.
  7. Kraked Augur

    I copied the patch report, duh?
    They did fix some of the issues, but many still are there and many will arise from the fixes they push out.
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  8. xxar Elder

    Sounds like a excellent start.
  9. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    I know you copied the test patch notes and I am saying that from what I read of people posting after testing they are reporting that most of the issues have been fixed. The test patch notes don't have the details explaining how each case was fixed.
  10. KRYGZ Lorekeeper

    Waring please stop towing the company line and acting as if most issues were fixed, because they are not. When Oakwynd comes out Thursday there are going to be so many bugs and actual Hinderences on gameplay it is unreal. The way you champion for DBG is disgusting and you lose all credibility when commenting here , that is why no one believes anything you say. Furthermore this only adds to the belief that you are secretly a DEV or a PR person for DBG.
  11. Koniku Elder

    Looking forward to the remaining bugs being shaken out and the implementation to all servers in 6 months
  12. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    I just asked someone who reported bugs in the TLP section to also report them in the bug forum to make them more visible to the devs working on fixing them. Until someone decided to bring it up again it was a dead issue.
  13. Bullsnooze Augur

    Okay, and so what if hypothetically speaking you are correct? Serious question, I'd like to know why is this a problem for you or anyone?

    (Keep in mind that the FTE feature is experimental, isolated to a single server, and will see many tweaks as time goes on.)
  14. Kayin New Member

    You really just asked why would it be a problem if a new server we were looking to play on was riddled with bugs and gameplay hindrances? Step away from the keyboard and don't come back.
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  15. xxar Elder

    We expected bugs on a experimental server , the bugs are being worked on. If you where looking forward to this server , then you where looking forward to a legacy , FTE EXPERIMENTAL server. If you dont understand that , step away from the keyboard and don't come back.
  16. Larsen Augur

    That's a ridiculous thing to say.
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  17. Kayin New Member

    FTE experimental server is only somewhat accurate. The feature itself is indeed experimental and can even be justifiably put behind the TLP paywall. However, no one in their right minds would expect to have to pay to access bug ridden content. No component of a paid server justifies bugs whether it is old or new. If you are advocating support for this... I don't even know how to approach that level of absurdity.
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  18. xxar Elder

    I view it as being realistic , EQ has never had a flawless major change implemented that did not have bugs. I also expect those bugs to be squashed.
  19. Manian Vineheart Lorekeeper

    Here's hoping for some VP Key changes.
  20. Lynada Journeyman

    What's funny is, the same people trolling here without any consequences will then go to do the same in game and weaponize FTE against the players, again with no consequences. The issue is that DPG don't enforce any of their rules in any of their environments. Case and point some of the obvious trolling going on in here.

    The only recourse is to sit there and just petition all issues. When they see tickets are up 1000% maybe they'll finally understand that the only way to fix this stuff is to actually enforce your rules.
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