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  1. Doze Augur

    Very well, although MotM was mainly a content difficulty change then I concede that the way that pet aggro works vs mobs with MotM was a change to a specific mechanic in order to combat a very specific problem related to one or two classes being able to take down much harder content than was intended/desired.

    Personally then I think they went too far with the pet aggro nerf on the MotM buff.
    However, I do not consider that a change to fundamental core mechanics as pets still function normally vs all other mobs.

    Locked combat (FTE) on the other hand affects all classes throughout the entire game.
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  2. Moforyguy12345 Augur

    Dude FTE literally effects mobs interactions with EACH OTHER....AOC doesn't come close to a similar change. Random loot from any monsters doesn't effect things like invulnerable mobs that got trained on you. Or healing and stealing the FTE with just healing and now the person who was FTE can't hurt the mob. FTE is garbage. Mischief server had some kinks to iron out. Not comparable at all.
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  3. SnapVine Elder

    FTE only impacts players who attack NPCs, not the entire server population.
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  4. Critt Augur

    ok so you planning on staying level 1 forever?
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  5. Dalyrina Elder

    The only defense left for the fte crowd :D
  6. SnapVine Elder

    random loot isn't a "core" mechanic, you planning on not having any items?
  7. Heirauz Journeyman

    That's not the win you think it is xD
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  8. Kraked Augur

    FYI : Most people who power push to 50 on TLPs, are butt naked until 46+ because there is little reason to even gear.

    Also :
    Advanced loot system has been in place for years and works, so they did not change the core mechanic behind it but instead created a function that allowed for random loot to flow through the already existing mechanic in place.
  9. Critt Augur

    The only thing random loot changes is the *chance that a piece of loot can drop from a different mob...so if i don't camp items and just xp it doesn't affect me at all
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  10. HealBigBoy Journeyman

    That is a good point with the Advanced loot system. The only thing is that you can totally disable it if you want. FTE is not toggleable lol.
  11. Kraked Augur


    FTE is garbage and should be treated as such.
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  12. MyShadower All-natural Intelligence

    They should make some Overseer quests for TLP. That way you have something else to do on Oakwynd while waiting for FTE to be refined.

    Overseer does not change the core game mechanics, it "enhances" the core game. ;)
  13. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    Pointing out that changes that alter how raids are done on the server and allow everyone the chance to participate in ever raid is a major mechanic change just as when they switched from open world raids to instanced raids.

    Changing how mobs drop loot from only dropping from a small selection of items to being able to drop from a larger bucket made of up similar level and expansion mobs is a major change to how players interact with the game.

    This isn't devils advocate but pointing out how those changes had a large impact on how players play and interact with the game.
  14. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    That doesn't mean that other changes are not also major changes to the core mechanics of the game. Just because the most recent change has a larger impact doesn't invalidate the other changes in the past. Not to mention some of what you are referring to are bugs with the FTE system and not how it is intended to work.
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  15. Moforyguy12345 Augur

    You have too much time on your hands....and so does everyone else on these forums lol
  16. SnapVine Elder

    all completely true, but not at all relevant
  17. SnapVine Elder

    or if you equip items, because then you're interacting with items that were acquired through random loot, so it affects you
  18. Angry Totodile New Member

    imagine being this awful at your job IRL! The devs created something no one asked for and then knowing they couldnt code there way out a paper bag they release it on test and its a 100% Failure! Someone should lose their job not only for suggesting FTE but for its failure on test! Mobs buff each other and they lock! I train someone they cant fight back? Rune aggro? Memblur / FD ROFL! If any of us pulled this stunt we would have been fired long ago or fired when people tried it on test
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  19. Lawyer Augur

    I find it interesting when people mix up changes like AOCs or loot distribution with altering core aggro mechanics.

    If you haven't had experience with software development, that's perfectly fine. It's understandable if you're unfamiliar with how code functions and what constitutes "core" functionality in software.

    If you're not well-versed in the complexities of distributing state in a client/server game or the concept of a game loop (with or without an event queue), it's okay to acknowledge that. I, for instance, don't know how to change my car's sparkplugs either.

    "FTE" tackles crucial aspects of a game like EQ, particularly in a distributed context, making it a complex matter. Such a change can potentially cause various issues, as seen on the test server.

    It seems that someone underestimated the effort, the potential complications, and the necessary time for implementation.
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  20. Dalyrina Elder

    Guess I'll split hairs more. Seems like some have a more broad view of what constitutes as core and includes pretty much anything added, which is fine as there is no law of land on what the correct answer is.

    In my mind, core mechanics would include anything necessary to make the game loop work at the most fundamental level to make the game an actual game..

    How does travel work? How does the combat loop (healing,tanking,cc, dps) work at a macro, interdepedency, and class levels for both pcs and npcs? How does pulling/aggro work? How is loot acquired and/or traded? What is the questing system like? How does development occur at a character level? Ect...

    With that being said, I definitely think free trade and random loot to lesser degree effect a core mechanic of the game. AOC and pickzones not so much, because it's only giving players the access to take part in the gameloop, while not actually affecting that loop itself..

    So then it becomes a point of asking if Darkpaw touches other core mechanics like the implentation of fte, does it make the game more fun and enjoyable? Does it break other core mechanics in the process? If so, to what degree and is the trade off worth it? If the issue attempting to be resolved doesn't get fixed does it basically kill the server's playability? Is it mandatory that everyone on the server must abide by the new mechanic? At this point I can't say fte fulfills really any of those goals (that i just made up out of thin air lol) nor do I forsee most of those coming to fruition.