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  1. Doze Augur

    No, because pulling will no longer require considering anyone outside of the group/raid for neither where they pull mobs from, where they pull mobs to or where/who they pull mobs through, since they won't aggro others and anyone at camps they steal the mobs from - that would previously have been able to go "Oh no, you don't!" and try to intervene by grabbing their mobs back from the offender(s) - will no longer be able to a damn thing about it once the mob is aggroed.

    Together with the /yell command then this is a Bot-Team AE-PL'ers wet dream - no longer do they have to worry about anyone else at all.

    So yeah, it changes how aggro works A LOT.
    And it is frankly beyond me how some people (especially devs) apparently have so little imagination as to be unable to predict that this WILL be one of the negative consequences of this experimental and poorly thought through FTE system that noone asked for and hardly anyone wants ... at least not within the EQ1 community.
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  2. Triconx Augur

    You just typed a lot of words to refute nothing I said. Read my statement again. It explicitly says aggro will function thebsame way INSIDE your group/raid. I applaud your efforts.

    You still need to think out your pulling, but with the QOL of not potentially disrupting others in the process. Besides, we don't even know the aggro unlock mechanics and how mobs return back. You could still impact outside players post wipe/fd/split.
  3. Laronk Augur

    You know what it might, because if you run up to someone and then /yell so as to train them then it’s obvious training. It will for sure cause other issues but I think it would make it easy to punish trainers since they would have to yell, that is in some imaginary world where they actually enforce it though.
  4. Dominate Augur

    I find it hilarious that the pro-FTE crowd's favorite defense is that "it won't change your gameplay much, if at all"

    So why do we need it then? So that CSR can get less tickets? Spoiler alert; you can't change human nature. Most people fall apart when things don't go their way. Especially the less socially developed EQ players. Increased CSR tickets incoming! Before, people could only blame lack of DPS. Now, they will just blame 3rd party programs every.... single... time... things don't go how they wanted.

    In general it is more beneficial to everyone to have more options than less. FTE lowers the amount of options you have. Lowers the amount of skill expression in playing EQ. There is some skill expression still, which should be obvious when you see how bad some PuGs end up being, and how many trains end up being created accidentally.

    In the "options" vein: Free trade is ftw. Random loot solves a boatload of CSR tickets by just spreading people out. You can get that Yak in the hole without braving the "toxicity" of LGuk.

    Still maintain they are solving a problem that doesn't exist, for people who didn't ask for it and don't even want it.

    Pro-FTEers are right. It won't change my day to day gameplay much. It will make it easier for me to win nameds with less resources used. Thank you Darkpaw :)

    Implement FTE! Yay! At what cost? Significantly more "cost" to the players than Darkpaw and their cost-cutting downsizing overlords. I miss when the gaming industry was gameplay first. The reason why Everquest has such longevity is precisely because it was made with love, and not to increase the CEO's bonus at year end. Gotta meet those quarterly profitability scores.
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  5. YouDaGoob Lorekeeper

    I always had a hard time quitting everquest, and this has been the greatest gift of all. Just destroying the game from the inside. I feel like i have my closure and can finally move on. No more annual bags, xp pots, cosmetics, and pet nameplates. Just time to let it go
  6. Triconx Augur

    This train of thought is so stupid I hope it was rhetorical and not a serious attempt at dunking on someone.

    In case youre really that dense, FTE would very clearly identify toxic gameplay such as targeted, intentional training and assist the company in providing better support to those affected.

    FTE shouldn't cause many disruptions to normal gameplay and people acting like actual decent adults, not overgrown children thinking they're so edgy by griefing others. And if it has little to no effects in normal gameplay, why would it be such a problem for people? Why be so against it? So far it's been nothing but sensationalist, hyperbolic nonsense like your posts.
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  7. KronoCatcher Journeyman

    Launch 2 servers, see what people decide then go from there. You all can carebear it up on the wannabe EQ2 server and the rest can play normal EQ.
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  8. Jontrann Augur

    How i felt about retail wow this year and eq is next if they keep releasing these garbage tlp's every year.
  9. Dominate Augur

    You're right. That train of thought is so stupid I can't believe how often its been posted. Of course it is going to effect your regular gameplay every time.
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  10. KronoCatcher Journeyman

    100% man. Server prep im looking to spend $200 between bags and pots on my toon / toons. I was hoping to get a good server then go hard until D4 launch then try to juggle both but atleast now I know what I will be doing!
  11. sadre Augur

    I don't even think it's carebear. FTE and mob resets removes of the few thrilling things about original eq. Trains can kill you, etc. The mob that just wiped a group just saw you.

    Carebear is painless playing. This just sounds like breaking the game's mechanics. The exhibition of the law of unintended consequences will be fun to watch here, actually.
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  12. Koniku Elder

    Getting flashbacks to pre phinny when yall where whining about how instanced raids were carebear and eq was gonna die because of it.
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  13. KimchiGoddess Augur

    Launching just one TLP is literally the worst idea ever.
  14. Doze Augur

    You said: "FTE doesn't provide you thought-free pulling."
    In other words you were talking about pulling and that was what I responded to.

    It would seem that your understanding of how aggro and pulling when other players are around have been working in EverQuest for the last 24 years is somewhat incomplete.

    All mobs mentioned in this example have social aggro to each other.
    GroupA pulls 5 mobs (4 of them from social aggro) straight through the location where GroupB is already fighting 5 other mobs and the puller doesn't stop until back at the GroupA location.

    Normally then 4-5 of the mobs that GroupA pulled would stop and engage GroupB to assist the 5 other mobs that Group B were already fighting.
    If GroupB wipes, runs to zone or evac as a result of the added mobs then all of the surviving mobs (up to 10 + further adds from social aggro) would then ALL pursue the GroupA puller to the GroupA location.

    With FTE none of this would happen as the 5 locked mobs that GroupA pulled straight through GroupB would be ignored by the 5 locked mobs that GroupB were fighting and vice versa.
    With FTE then GroupA and GroupB can entirely ignore each other with the exception of beating each other to get the FTE tag from the mobs that they DO want without any fear of the other Group being able to poach/derail their pulls/poachings.

    It is pretty clear that it will require a lot less thinking about what, when and where to pull with FTE in place when other players/groups/raids are around, but if you are still unable to see how FTE will most definitely affect how aggro work when pulling in a multi player/group/raid setting then I applaud you (/golfclap) for your willfully stubborn ignorance.

    Sorry, but changing fundamental game mechanics just doesn't qualify for the QOL medal of honour.
    QOL changes are stuff like more intuitive UI, easier access to already available information, better controls for interacting with the ingame environment etc.
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  15. pipedreams3 Journeyman

    Paying players asking for big changes to have sufficient time in a testing environment isn't an outrageous expectation. If you think otherwise you're either trolling, madly ignorant, or both.

    This discussion should be locked, everything that needs to be said has already been said. Further conversation is just bickering and no longer productive but the contrary.
  16. Dalyrina Elder

    The notion that this system wont change or trivialize pulling in a lot of cases is probably one of the more ridiculous things to come out of this thread.
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  17. Triconx Augur

    "Normal EQ" and your name is krono catcher. The irony is seeping from your pores.
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  18. Triconx Augur

    And you have yet to explain how. What noticeable difference will you pulling mobs and killing them? The name lighting up differently? Oh the humanity!!!

    Come back when you have a serious answer to discuss.
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  19. magikarp Elder

    jokewynd lol

    at least they gave it a funny name
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  20. Triconx Augur

    And it won't. Discussion over.

    Don't question my knowledge of this game. Thousands of hours playing a Warrior over 2+ decades in all era's of EQ. Your scenario is mind boggling dumb. Here's why:

    First, you shouldn't be pulling mobs directly through a group. You're just a terrible player.

    Second, you have zero idea how the mobs will act once the lock is uplifted. You may still see adverse affects on that random group you previously trained like an .

    Basically your scenario is a bunch of bad players playing...badly. I guess that sums up all I need to know about you.
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