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  1. Labzeh Journeyman

    So now 12 hours later the populations are the exact same as executes screenshot except rizlona is at medium also and mischef is at high.

    Not sure when you're expecting the other servers to go to green
  2. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    Looking at it now and I see 3 high population servers (FV, Mischief, Yelinak) and 2 medium servers (Vox, Rizlona).

    Sure there are still a bunch of low population servers but that isn't the entire picture.

    And that doesn't even account for all the regular servers being at medium or high.
  3. Labzeh Journeyman

    So my view was outside of live servers, because I wouldn't expect tlp server rules to influence to population of live due to essentially being a different subset of players.

    But essentially looking at the rulesets and longevity of existing tlp's we have seen most die at a certain point of their life cycles, and mischef has seed to smash the past history of attrition through various expansions. Vox is also a dumping ground that has had numerous servers merged into it already, yelinak has not hit the first real point of attrition although I hope that they last.

    It would be nice to see more servers hit the longevity that mischef has, and I wouldn't expect for oakwynd to get close. I'll be playing and raiding there but I think expecting a healthy server for longer than 12 months would be nieve or just setting myself up for disappointment.
  4. jordune Augur

    im thinking that this server will be a Pure krono farm server.. 10 kronos for GEBS and 20+ for a cloak of flames.
    pure krono grab.
    i must admit im really disappointed that DBG wont even talk to us about this crap server idea. i guess mabby it may be time at last to explore other areas of entertainment.
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  5. Servers_are_Down Error 404: Server status not found.

    20 kr for a cloak of flames in classic isn't that out of the norm - i chucked a CoF in classic on Yelinak for 32 kr lol
  6. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    The issue was posting a point in time of the data that isn't representative of the overall population level of the servers.
  7. Laurell_All Servers! New Member


    Totally agree with Vicious 100 percent. If you want FTE to be a success with feedback and player involvement in tweaking it etc please use us to experiment and fine tune it -but the vast majority of the tlp players want spawn timers changed so we arent sitting there when someone else is kiting the majority of the mobs around..in zones.

    People loved Mischief/Thorneblade ... I know many tlp players that did not play on Vaniki or Yelinak in the hope of the next server to be a good one to enjoy. Please give us the decrease spawn timers by 75% so this server is enjoyable even with FTE.

    Please please listen to the majority of raiding tlp players asking for this.

    We want to play on this new server, we want to buy bags and potions and make you money. BUT WE NEED THIS SO ITS NOT CHAOS with the new rules.

    Laurel (English Cleric)
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  8. Laurell_All Servers! New Member

    If they decrease spawn timers like we asking ..... it wont be a pure krono farm server and loot will be plentiful.

    Laurel (English Cleric)
  9. Tarvas Redwall of Coirnav, now Drinal

    Anyone paying a single krono for anything in this game is stupid. I take it there are a lot of stupid people that play EQ.
  10. Laronk Augur

    what if krono is just an in game currency to you and all your krono are from selling things? People can take their wealth of krono from one server to another. Once you have so many what are you going to do with them?
  11. Braelvenae Lorekeeper

    I paid for one month of Everquest like 5 years ago now to play on a TLP and have never paid again. Krono is nice to be able to just load up whatever boxes I need or invite friends back to play without them having to pay. And as you said, it's just earned through playing the game
  12. Tarvas Redwall of Coirnav, now Drinal

    Someone had to pay the price for the original krono from DPG. Nothing in EQ is permanent, especially on a TLP. Either kronos are being duped and sold at a discounted price or there are a lot of stupid people out there. You have to pick one.
  13. Koniku Elder

    Are you against the entire concept of people spending money on a videogame or something?
  14. Zansobar Augur

    You do realize some people that play this game actually have jobs. For those that have money, buying Kronos from DPG is not an issue.
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  15. jordune Augur

    thats the beauty of the free trade server with bonus /random loot.. it allows people to get items for there toons without it costing many kronos. seems to me that people who are Pushing for reduced spawn timers are Looking to Make loot scarce. if loot is scarce then it goes for many kronos and those same people can go sell there kronos on the tunnel site
    dbg wins because they get to sell many kronos..
    the krono lords win cause they get to sell them kronos for 12-15 each on the tunnel
    and the rest of us are well.. just accused and screwed
  16. Braelvenae Lorekeeper

    How does reducing the spawn timer make loot more scarce? Reducing spawn timer INCREASES the amount of rares and thus loot coming into the world. More respawns more placeholders more named spawn. There is nothing making things more rare or scarce here.

    Raid loot is already going to be less scarce on this server than a normal "phinny" clone server due to the fact that now AoCs are character based so more LR selling than normal is going to happen.
  17. jordune Augur

    Raid loot is already going to be less scarce on this server than a normal "phinny" clone server due to the fact that now AoCs are character based so more LR selling than normal is going to happen.[/quote]

    another good reason to give us the mischief 2.0 server like the vast majority of us have been asking for
  18. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    another good reason to give us the mischief 2.0 server like the vast majority of us have been asking for[/quote]

    How does making more chances to get loot make it more scarce?
  19. Captain Video Augur

    Because reducing spawn timers by 75% will have the same net effect on server performance as trying to do personal picks, which means the server will crash every five minutes, and you can't get loot when the server is down.
  20. Moforyguy12345 Augur

    I was going to make an Enchanter if it was a Mischief 2.0 cuz a Necro just isn't needed anymore in a random loot server. But with FTE I may need to bring out the old Necro just to show daybreak how easily Necros will take a named now. Group better be ON the spawn point. Its gonna be a Necro field day on Oakwynd. I used to have to fight between other necros too for named mobs now its gonna be so easy and smooth. Groups are going to be very TOXIC to each other more so than they already are.