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  1. Nessirfiti Augur

    Edit: my reply was needlessly antagonistic, Sorry Roleplay Here.
    The TLP populations aren't just casuals, there's always an extremely significant population of raiders, from saturday raiders to hardcore every day is raid night raiders, So making things somewhat easier for casuals isn't an awful idea, but the Casuals are almost always gone from servers by the time the new servers launch.
    Though I wouldn't mind changing how krono work, but that's a whole other minefield that I'm already regretting mentioning. :p
  2. magikarp Augur

    I predict more smaller guilds will step up in classic and give things a try in OW, and it will be a lively scene for dragons and planar gods, but they will have series of mostly defeats in which the traditional have's continue to dominate one way or another or the have-not's. People with experience (ie. who have dominated OW on the tlps over and over) will have an advantage knowing tagging techniques and mob behavior (what the heck you do once you have the tag but your group isn't ready, for example, or how to tag a DT boss), and generally just wanting it more, so the big mega guilds will probably just win more often than not.

    This change also caps raid size so beyond a certain zerg, they'll be required to split their OW forces and go in multiple directions when things are in window.

    Not looking forward to the moments where guild lead says "OK Inny is in window, could be now or any time in the next 5 hrs. Raid 2 go set up and take care of it." All I can say is better find a guild that is fun to listen to in voice for those long poopsocks.
  3. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    No matter how many times you post it won't change my memory from what I last played and I am not saying anything about what it is now after people have posted that it is no longer the case.
  4. Xhartor Augur

    Chardok is a great example of a zone where FTE to benefit the loot farmers over exp groups. The players running chasing loot will be non-kos and keeping track of named mobs spawn times. The exp group will often be killing some trash mob when the namer spawns.
  5. Skuz I am become Wrath, the Destroyer of Worlds.

  6. Skuz I am become Wrath, the Destroyer of Worlds.

    Get comfy.
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  7. Roleplay Here Journeyman

    Ok I have a brilliant idea to slow down RMT power leveling krono sellers, and RMT raid armies.

    Make it such that the NPC remembers everyone in the player's group/raid with it's First To Engage list which is set at the agro start so that no group manipulation can occur later to change this. Players without FTE can do no damage and all spells resisted without being in the FTE. Lock the loot permanently with no 15 min unlock for no drops exclusively to FTE list on the NPC at the time of it's death.
  8. Roleplay Here Journeyman

    Also in addition to normal corpse decay, on raid flagged targets you could add 20 min to the decay of a corpse for every item inside the corpse to a maximum of an hour, to help people loot after the fight.
  9. Vlahkmaak Augur

    The best way to "test" FTE would be with a second FTE server that is set to TSS unlock at start but capped at 50 for the first two months; include free trade and random loot rules as well.
  10. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    What exactly would that be testing?
  11. Soulsiphon Elder

    Add another server Free trade to this years TLPs and I will be there otherwise I will not be playing.
  12. Trunch New Member

    Just make two different servers, if they really want it tested, there has to be some kind of benefit that outweighs such a huge change to compensate.

    I won't try the new server out, out of pure spite; if they don't add an additional server with it. Hell even if it's a Phin/Ara clone. I'd rather play that, than to play a TLP-Test Server.

    I've played on TLPs for years, and I like to play long enough to get epic 2.0s then I usually get burned out around Depths, that why I really like fresh start TLPs. I know that all the try hards and other raiders like to buy all the expansions and collectors editions just for the /claims. It almost seems like an insult to the TLP community to "use us" to test their new mechanic.

    I'm not going to say, that I don't understand why DPG wouldn't want to do this, but I'm sure there's a better way they could have communicated it. Going silent just adds more animosity and trolling. Constructive communication is the only thing that would ever bring me back.
  13. Goomba Journeyman

    that is an insane amount of views

    what Darkpaw Games should really do it is throw up what they have on a test server instance immediately

    with, lets say level 50, or 60 characters already premade
    so we can go run around in raids and see how FTE mechanics work

    will FTE lock the drops to the current group/raid only? will they be able to sell loot rules? these are huge changes, thats what Test servers are for

    and consider Mischief and/or Free loot trade

    I would prefer one server, but two with different rulesets is fine

    and can we stay on topic? can you guys take your personal attacks to direct messages?
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  14. Mashef Augur

    After weeks of calculations and analysis of crucial feedback from discord and this thread....

    You wanna test FTE.. okay...let's look at the top 3 items people want after that.....
    1. implement mischief's randomized/extra loot
    2. free trade
    3. Relaxed truebox day 1

    Server Salvaged.

    FTE can be tested in an environment where no one cares about group loot because the server will be flooded with raid loot. Literally, couldn't give away group loot in Mischief as soon as Velious dropped.

    It's not great since the "alt" bonuses are irrelevant as you can't raid on alts anyways but you could just double the numbers you have on the bonuses that unlocks for each expansion to compensate the majority of your players who don't bother with alts and actually run boxes (the people who keep your paychecks from bouncing).

    While the server will struggle in June...this ruleset will also bring people back in come late summer/early fall around Velious for the run of quality raiding over the next 6 to 8 months before we get to start looking at what kind of mess is put out there in 2024. Relaxed truebox helps those people level without PL.

    As it stands now with FTE - there will be no PL. You can't compete with D4. This is not an insult, this is reality. The game is not just breaking sales records it is decimating them.

    The population of max level during classic will be the lowest ever for a TLP. You have to truthfully acknowledge and accept this and say how do we get people back 60 to 90 days after June? Without a ruleset that encourages players to join after the main rush.. the server is DOA because there is no PL available. The entire success of a truebox TLP without PL will be predicated on how many thousands of real players (non bots) are max level after the first expansion. The Mischief loot rules enticed people because they were curious and signed up later and could get PL. ON this server you need to offset the PL loss with faster exp/relaxed truebox.

    As it stands now... the few people who gut it out as EQ loyalists are playing all alone with no mechanism to catch anyone up come Kunark/Velious.

    No one could even catch up on Yelinak. Groups were dead week 3 of Kunark. This will be 500% worse, at best.

    DM me for more business tips and how to maximize your profits with the least amount of work.
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  16. Lejaun Augur

    I think they are reaching a point, especially with how well Mischief and Aradune has held players, where 2 TLP servers isn't necessarily needed other than for the first month when there are log-in and camp issues.

    I don't think the player base is saturated enough to support a more than one server unless Mangler, Aradune, and Mischief die off.
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  17. Lejaun Augur

    I would love that server. TSS has such wonderful zones to level up and quest in. It's a shame that most of it is worthless for most TLP's. It would be nice to see people play the race/class they want to on day one.
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  18. Zrender Augur

    Bad conclusions overall. Oakwynd will be quite popular as-is. As for your list:
    1. "Random Loot" - Fine. Random is ok. 1 classic drop plus 1 random would be great. Anti-toxic without making the game pay-to-win. Probably should be the default on all TLPs.
    2. "Free trade" - No. Just no. Makes the game completely pay-to-win. My vote is no free-trade TLPs until mischief gets to live. If it had to be free-trade it should never include raid loot.
    3. "More boxing" - no thanks

    Completely disagree. I think Oakwynd will be very popular as is.

    Uhh.. Ok? So go play that? I mean.. It's not even in the same genre. Did you post that in CoD forums too? lol
  19. Dalyrina Elder

    I brought this up in discord the other day. Catching up will be extremely painful if you miss the inital rush with little to no options available to jump in down the line. I see new blood giving it a shot for the bonuses and then nope out when they realize they will struggle to ever put them to use.
  20. Soulsiphon Elder

    Skuz we all know you are a DEV trying to justify Oakwynd as being a great server. stop with the act already dude. Noone likes the ruleset except for you DEV's and a small handful of players.