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  1. Nessirfiti Augur

    I'm not sure if I'm clear enough on this. It All boils down in my eyes to the fact that, you yourself admit that it won't solve the problem. It will in my eyes not only not solve the problem, but make things worse for other people, who are not taking part in the issue that it's meant to attempt to solve.

    The cure is worse than the disease at this point, maybe I just have a high resistance to so called toxic behavior? I mean people will be jerks regardless.

    I don't think it'll totally destroy gameplay in later expansions. But I do think it'll remove a method for helping guildmates specifically in early expansion gearing? Or helping guildmates who have just returned. Or even random people in zones you're XPing in. I like helping people, and a lot of that is offering whoever needs it loot that's dropped.
  2. Salluien New Member

    So, are we going to get an update? You had all of easter weekend to rest, and coming around an entire work week to simply explain more in depth what your plans were with FTE.

    I'm okay with a "we aren't changing anything, get over it" post also. But at least have the courtesy to let us know that we can look elsewhere for entertainment instead of here. It's puzzling how you can't even give a breakdown of your own announcement.
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  3. Zrae Journeyman

    Who's rdy for the new TLP?!
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  4. Nessirfiti Augur

    I'm just assuming that the reason for both the kinda sad server rules, and the absolute lack of detail on the encounter locking is that this TLP was going to have personal loot and the lockboxes that they tried in EQ2, and when they saw the revolt on the forums about that they had to come up with something different, and that they don't/didn't actually have anything more about it than they posted.
  5. Salluien New Member

    I'm not really that bothered by the ruleset. Im not a purist, i do not care if they change anything on one TLP.. Vaniki was an experiment that they failed at. You actually can not succeed if you never try it, so to some degree, change can be good or at least productive. My frustration comes from the lack of accountability for it. This is their newest TLP. Its scheduled to come out in a little over a month and we have no better idea of how FTE will function (if it will function at all). Makes it hard to plan for when they dont queue you in on anything. I want to plan my static group's leveling spots, and not knowing how this feature will impact that makes me less interested in planning and therefor playing it. That's simply not smart business on EQ's part.
  6. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    What about the new server announcement would suggest that they would be thinking about permanently locking the corpse to prevent others from looting it?
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  7. Nessirfiti Augur

    Absolutely nothing, Komodon and I got slightly off track there, and my phrasing isn't the best.
  8. FranktheBank Augur

    Well, if you remember, you chose to insert your false WoW comment as a counter point to brickz saying WoW did away with FTE years ago. Now, you've back pedaled from "this is the way it was" to "this is how I remember it". You were/are wrong.

    Also, you keep responding over and over again. Also, your posts are the same nonsense over and over, with no growth of the new information provided to you. Your mind is this steel wall where no information is allowed is because your original thought is the only one the can exist.
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  9. 6BoxerOnCoirnav Lorekeeper

    The model DPG customer. Just meekly holding out their wallet with a shaky hand
  10. magikarp Elder

    even a bad idea server will have an active classic start. i think it’s going to be awful for the game and affect gameplay well beyond mob engagement only, but i’m going to play it for the annual kick i’ve been waiting for anyway

    question is if it’s just 1 week no bags, 2 months, etc.. whether everyone leaves for d4, ff16, zelda, bg3 this summer, just to name a few, yet to be seen
  11. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    I just stated what I remember from playing the game and that is what I have been focusing on in my responses to you over and over again.
  12. Gemstoner Elder

    As much as I'd like to see free trade/random loot added to this server, I'm betting the strategic plan is to offer it for next year's 25th anniversary TLP server (or at least 1 one of what will probably be 2 servers). They know how popular it is and don't want to waste it on this year.

    What is sure perplexing is that there's been no details on the encounter locking other than the producer's letter. Maybe people are still out on vacation?

    Are there other changed mechanics such as adding leashing, group locking while encounter locked, etc. that are also being added? I mean, I sure hope its more thought out than just what is described. I'm mostly neutral on it, there'll be some fun mechanics for pulling evolve out of it if nothing else. It'll also be amusing to see people pull it apart to do some truly weird stuff.
  13. Madae Elder

    Even if people dislike the server rules, they'll probably still play on it because we're all hopeless addicts that want our EQ fix, preferably on new servers. If few people sign up to play, that says a lot more than anything in these threads. Of course at that point it's too late to change anything since the server will be launched, but still, the community drives this process, since Daybreak is a business and all they really care about is whether or not it makes a profit. Money talks.
  14. Zrender Augur

    Hmm. Vaniki was one of my favorite TLPs, it's had a fresh and interesting ruleset. The only reason it didn't do well is because it was released with Yelinak, a cookie-cutter TLP. Apparently, many of us old folks can't handle change. Same goes for Oakwynd. In all likelihood, if released singly, even if released as-is, it will be a fun server with a good population. The evolution system has the potential to make later expansions more interesting and the FTE has the potential to remove piles of toxicity from the game by reducing RMT AOE PLers, completely eliminating intentional training, capping OW raid sizes to 72 (reducing cheesing and general poopsockery) and possibly reducing KSing (or at least changing the meta). Will I play on Oakwynd (if released as is)? Yes.
    Is it exactly what I want? No. I would have gone open tagging but with a minimum aggro amount to get the tag. Causes cooperation without giving free tags, something similar to the way FFXIV does it, you still need to choose to aggro to join the encounter so it still eliminates intentional training.
  15. Zrender Augur

    Why would it ever be too late after the server is released to tweak or change? It's advertised as an EXPERIMENTAL server. I think the server will be plenty popular as-is BUT there's no point at which it will be too late for them to alter or change the parameters of the experiment. Actually, I expect them to alter the FTE implementation as they discover issues and streamline it. Possibly as time goes by they will hybridize it between FTE and open tagging. I think the point of it is to remove various toxic (PvP in PvE) activities, increase PvE challenge and expand the potential player base. Currently there is zero data in EQ for the effectiveness of this system. After Oakwynd there will be data.

    For actual FTE suggestions, I'll repeat mine.
    Normalize mob selection time after visibility
    Allow someone to be added to the aggro list (by their own actions) even if they won't get credit for the encounter (i.e. oog heals).
    Personal request would be to implement standard loot but with 1 static loot roll and 1 random loot roll (mischief tables) for named mobs and quest mobs to eliminate toxic bottlenecks and monopolizing.
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  16. Demetri Augur

    You do realize the forums have "reset" since then, right? You're asking for evidence that would involve dredging Wayback Machine and hoping it got a snapshot.
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  17. TLP Addict Augur

    This is what you all get for quitting every previous TLP expecting the next TLP to somehow be a better experience.

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  18. Faydra Augur

    An interesting take coming from a guy named TLP Addict.
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  19. Ragnoruk Elder

    I like 2 of your suggestions but doesn't the one I have bolded negate the whole purpose of FTE?
    Say someone trains mobs in/through your camp and your enchanter stuns it along with whatever your group was already dealing with. Now it's on their aggro list & then the healer has to heal the enchanter, so now it's also on their aggro list. meanwhile the trainer just has to wait around for you to deal with it for exp & loots.
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  20. KobalWR Journeyman

    I understand how they expect FTE to remove some toxic behaviours, but how does it increase PvE challenge?