[Oakwynd E-TLP] <OGRE>

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    <25th Anniversary TLP Guild>

    The 25th Anniversary of EverQuest it almost here! Yes... this is coming early but we believe in being prepared!

    Join us for an adventure 25 years in the making. This guild will be packed with players that have seen every inch of the game over the last 25 years, with a wealth of knowledge that rivals the game makers themselves!

    The past two years have fell short from our expectations so we we are taking the year to regroup, play on Oakwynd/Mischief casually, recharge, and start planning for what we know HAS TO BE the ultimate TLP experience coming for the massively anticipated 25th Anniversary.

    - 24/7 Open World Raid Targets
    - Scheduled Instanced Raids
    - Hilarious Moments & Outrageous Binds
    - Unshrunk Ogres - Mountains of Loot
    - Fast open-bidding DKP
    - And likely a very comical Salt Mine

    In what will likely be May 2024...when the new TLP door opens, whatever ruleset comes through that door, it will be met with the might of a few hundred veteran TLP players from this guild who will sweep the server.

    We are ready, are you?

    <25th Anniversary TLP Guild>
    Officer Openings!
    Open World Targets hit around the clock!
    Instance Raid Times on a reasonable schedule

    When the launch is closer and the updated ruleset has been announced we will update you with our finalized format and details, but regardless...This.Guild.Will.Crush.It.All.

    If you want to crush it with us, join the discord below and post an intro. Everyone is welcome to hop in. Even if you can only make our scheduled raids, you will find it easy to excel here and to experience this experimental TLP.

    Join Discord Today! https://discord.gg/gmtc29W6ZT

    See you out there!

  2. Braelvenae Lorekeeper

    Guaranteed to be the most entertaining guild on Oakwynd.
  3. Corvo Accidental Puller of Dracoliche

    It's all OGRE now.
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  4. Jontrann Augur

    Probably the only guild on Oakwynd lol.
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  6. TLP Addict Augur

    All your tags are belong to us.

  7. JergensLivingston Journeyman

    I heard Yace died of a heart attack - hokato ogre
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  11. Animosity Elder

    Its Ogre'n Time!
  12. D4 it is FTE is the real EQ killer

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  15. Delacroix Journeyman

    F-ing Mabbu
  16. Sloppybottoms New Member

    Time for some prOGREssion!
  17. Tachyon Augur

    i remember this pally from way back
  18. taliefer Augur

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