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    If one guild clears all the lords and ladies (except for maybe one) in NToV, and another guild sits on Vulak spawn and waits for the other guild to trigger him, is this a no-no, because it's a triggered mob? Heard that happened in NToV OW last night, and I thought that was no bueno with DBG CSR.
  2. HoodenShuklak Augur

    I think the entire server would agree that guild should be penalized. However, there is one official rule I know of, and that is DPS race.
  3. Protocol Dragon Defender

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  4. Bobbybick Only Banned Twice

    DPS wins in ALL situations.
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  5. Bozone New Member

    Well if they didn't kill all the lords then technically didn't the other guild help spawn it too? That would give both guilds equal rights to it . DBG is all about dps racing.
  6. Punchu Augur

    Ah, the good 'ol Vulak cold war.

    So you've killed a bunch of the lords and ladies and a bunch of mouth breathing knuckle draggers roll in and sit on Vulak. If you're not hopelessly outnumbered you wanna have the majority of your raid break off at like 10% on the last lord/lady and leave a skeleton crew to finish it off while your dps goes and sits on Vulak.

    Or you can sit there in a stalemate and make lewd suggestions about the other raid in OOC. Both solutions are viable.
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  7. Kakashi77 Elder

    Once upon a time I'd say yes - I've seen exactly that happen on Fippy TLP and the loots were removed/handed to the guild that triggered Vulak. Now with DBG, I'd be very surprised if they did anything to the offending guild since as everyone has said DPS wins all and DBG hardly police events in game.

    Socially frowned upon but not even a slap on the wrist sadly.
  8. Pleefun Lorekeeper

    He doesn't even know how many Lords and Ladies he killed. So you think hes giving the entire story of everything that went on? Of course not. They lost a few DPS race that night, as well as the final drag that counts. Two guilds were there to help trigger Vulak. He is upset he lost a DPS race.
  9. Ryak Augur

    There's one rule with regards to open world NToV: Don't do it.
  10. Catashe Augur

    Part of me doesn't feel sorry for the guild that killed all the lords and ladies simple because from what I heard the clearing guild knew the other guild was coming while they were killing Lady Nev.. If they didn't want the other said guild to kill vulak all the had to do was zone out of ToV… there is literally a zone out in NToV what? 200 feet from Lady Nev... zone out before you kill her if the guild was sitting on the vulak spawn.. the other guild couldn't clear and kill lady nev before you zoned out and she'd had MOTM so she'd have regened to full pretty quick.. and you could have zone back into ToV and cleared to NToV before the other guild could have killed Lady Nev so... or you could kept a group on Lady Nev and cleared back to Vulak to clear the way for a mage or mages and CoTHed everyone back to the Vulak room after said zoning out to clear Lady Nev agro..

    I know this ain't the answer you were looking for but sometimes you gotta do stupid to deal with the "doucher" guilds
  11. Catashe Augur

    Not to mention, Coirnav is what? the 4th alliteration of the TLP servers in what? 5 years? it was like this on every single one of them.. you can't be shocked that its happening on coirnav.. DBGs don't care its a the lawless DPS wins and nothing else cause they ain't got the staff and the time to care what happens as long as you pay for your sub
  12. Machentoo Augur

    Heck, even if we all stopped paying our subs, it isn't like they are suddenly going to run out and hire a GM staff.
  13. qweasy Augur

    No it wasn't. Being able to "steal" triggered mobs is a relatively new thing.
  14. Aegir Augur

    If they made the rule active with Vulak belonging to the guild that killed the last Lord/Lady. Then competing guilds would just stalk each other around and DPS race the last Lord/Lady for the claim.

    We had a handful rounds of OW NToV with some intercepting by the leading guild on Phinigel back then - mostly due to the fact we were out of better targets to kill on our schedule and had new members that could use drops from the other dragons in there.

    So people here saying that OW NToV is a no go. I would say that non-american time-zone people can go in there and clear a lot of it before the so called "owners of the zone" want to turn on the batphone for Vulak. And at the point they show and camp the Vulak spot, you've had a good haul of loot. And when it comes to Vulak, of course most of times - if not always you lose against the best competitive guild on your server, but you also have some days where you get lucky and your members deliver where theirs don't.

    Luclin actually delivers an even more impressive Open World hunting ground, so better start practicing. I'm not suggesting batphone, but scouting and quick mobilization could make some interesting targets to start your evening raids before moving to instanced content.
  15. Pleefun Lorekeeper

    It seems said same guild lost Vulak number 2 in OW. Then trained a different guild.
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  17. Punchu Augur

    Sigh. You're supposed to train them at Vulak right before your last lord or lady dies. DID THEY LEARN NOTHING!?
  18. TheRealDeal Journeyman

    A gm has already confirmed previously that...you cant claim any mob even if its triggered.Everything is fair game