NPCs need fixing

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  1. uberkingkong Augur

    Rarundel's Memory,
    Allakhazam, says the NPC drops items, no items dropped they are from quests, not from killing the "RARE CREATURE" fake news mob.

    EQ the game, rare creature, why is it rare? Because it needs fixing, it aint rare.

    Please fix. Very pissed I have to do 3-5 days of farming faction again to get BACK to where I WAS because -700 faction hit.
    Content aint waiting for me, this is a huge blow.

    So messed up how killing 1 wimpy shrimpy mislabeled mob can really ruin your day/faction.
  2. Spacemonkey555 Augur

    DPG doesn't maintain the incomplete and flawed external databases like EQ resource and Allakhazam, those are player driven. If there's incorrect info, report it to the source of the info and hope they fix it.
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  3. Febb Augur

    Where does it say that NPC drops those items? I show that it gives those items.
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  4. CatsPaws My posts are opinions and everyone has one.

    No where I could find either. Sometimes one needs to slow down and read all the info.

    If you click on each of the items needed for the quest and mentioned on the quest walk tru page you will see they say This item is the result of a quest and This item is obtained from NPCs.

    The faction is also mentioned in the NPC page
    Factions Decreased:
    Nihil -500
    and for Rarundel Memory:
    Cons as a rare creature but does NOT count against the Hunter of Qinimi achievement.
    Gives a -700 hit to Nihil faction when killed.

    I'm sure someone will pop in and say "how are we supposed to know that?" "we can't read or look up all this info" "it should be listed in the game" do you think these walk thru's were made? Through trial and error the original EQ players figured out and worked these quests and submitted them to the sources. Many of us still do. So you are working off info they did not even have back then. Try figuring out just ONE old school quest without a walk thru or resource.
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  5. Zunnoab Augur

    I read this wrong at first. Is there any reason this should con rare in game?
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  6. CatsPaws My posts are opinions and everyone has one.

    Not that I can see. Especially since he is not part of the Hunters Ach or maybe he was going to but then there is such a huge faction hit on him that they took him off the hunter list but forgot to take him off the "rare" designation.