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  1. quakedragon Augur

    Can they make an NPC in GL or PoK or Bazaar that when you sell him stuff like Defiant gear or tradeskill stuff or something others may want to buy, that he resells it to other players too.

    I notice some NPCs do this with certain items, but it would be nice to have an NPC do this with all items.

    I sell stuff in bazaar, but some stuff doesn't seem to resell on the NPC for some reason, but I still want others to be able to get it if they need it, so it would be nice to dump it into an NPC.
  2. Mims Augur

    They have a limited number of items that they hold. After that, nothing you sell to them is visible. I have noticed with defiant gear that they will sell it for a lot more than they give you.
  3. CatsPaws Devil's Advocate

    I understand what you are saying is that you want one vendor who will buy from everyone and then resell everything.

    But there are certain parameters around NPC vendor and what/why/how they can resell. This was discussed in an earlier thread today. Number 1 reason this might not work so well is that different vendors have a set amount of space. So what would they do with all the stuff over that limit?

    I admire your consideration for other players and wanting to help. There are two NPC vendors in POK that have lower Gear on them all the time - not player sold. Keefe and Iason - they are by the Loyalty merchant. These two also have a fairly large stock of what players have sold to them as do the 3 in the building between them and the other vendor by the soul binder in the same area.

    But you may not like the prices. Intricate Defiant for about 1K on the brewer NPC that does do resells. While they only give us 7-10 plat they have their markup too.

    There are a lot of vendors who do offer everything sold to them for resell.

    It might be better suited to put the items in your guild bank for guildies to use or to even offer it in Newplayerchat where the lower levels and free accounts are.

    Armor is too easy to get thru quests or just killing mobs so I don't see any benefit in sourcing it all to one vendor. Most of it is sold off anyway or soon switched out.

    And at this point in the game you can find most all tradeskill ingredients on a vendor somewhere.
  4. Liontooth New Member

    The /barter window does some of what you are talking about. If you have some things [e.g., tradeskill items that you don't want that others really do] you can pull that window up and see if anyone wants something. You may already know, but the frame in the left of the window shows your inventory and you can go through it item by item and search to see if there are any active buy lines. This usually yields more plat than selling to a vendor. For example, I just checked the NPC vendor price for "Ethernere Essence" which was about 2 silver but there are two buy lines on my server for this right now - one for 100 plat and another 350 plat. This is somewhat of an alternative. The buy lines are dynamic based on who is using etc.
  5. quakedragon Augur

    So this is the thing.

    Fishing vendor, if you sell them defiant gear, they wont list it for resell. If you sell something fishing related they resell it.

    Vendor capacity issue is not really an issue here. You have vendors with wayyyyy too much, like those new vendors around doggles bank, they have every single thing related to whatever tradeskill it is, it takes like 5 seconds to load up all the items.

    Sure, defiant gear CAN be expensive, but it CAN BE cheaper than bazaar prices. When people sell defiant gear 5k and thats the only item listed.

    My thoughts is more rare niche tradeskills/items.
    Or the forgetten about tradeskills because its low, like who buys/sells Ductile Loams?

    Perhaps the issue is that theres a lot of vendors and have to vendor shop to see what each vendor has.
    It just sucks when I sell an item that isn't so bad, and maybe someone else can use, but not worth putting it on trader.

    So just a vendor that only resells items people sell to them, and they accept any item that can be resold to be listed.

    I just hate going to several vendors the ex. tailor vendor because I have some hides to sell, and I'd like it to appear on resell from the merchant, if I sell hides to fishing vendor it wont resell it. It'd be nice to have a general resell vendor, has nothing but reselling items.
  6. Randomized Augur

    So this is the'd have people who'd camp that merchant, and buy up all the popular items and resell them. I love seeing tradeskill items on a random vendor. Pick em up, resell them on /barter and make quick change.

    Now imagine picking up that defiant piece of gear for 600plat and reselling it for 3k on the bazaar.

    It's a good idea, but could be abused/exploited easily enough.

    Best thing to do, if you want it to go to other people is advertise, give it away for free, or put it up on the bazaar. But even so, you'll still have people who'll buy it cheap and sell it higher.
  7. Wyre Wintermute I'm just a butterly dreaming I'm a man

    Vendor diving has been an EQ pastime for 22 years!
  8. quakedragon Augur

    Yep, this has been happening for 22 years. Thats why I mention it. It can be several NPCs scattered out, like one in bazaar, one in guild lobby one in the small bank in pok.

    This is not just defiant gear too, this can be tradeskill items people sell to vendor because its so niche now, and other things.

    Look at it glass half full, not half empty.
  9. Hegsheoshed Augur

    Make it so the trash loot disappears then. Not quest items, not magic items. Stuff like Butterfly wings so I don't have to feel bad about all the Butterwalks that are now running around or whatever happens. Imp britches, I don't need to know how many pervs are out there stripping imps to laugh at their little red smooth area because in the end we are all just smooth down there.
  10. Skuz I am become Wrath, the Destroyer of Worlds.

    Once opon a time you could "vendor dive" and the vendor would actually keep a very large list of all teh stuff sold to them beyond what was visible, by buying up the visible tradeable items you could reveal what goodies they had been sold previously.

    This was changed because it was eating up far too much system resource.

    So the chances of it being reverted, even for 1 vendor in PoK is extremely slim.

    You'd have a better chance of asking for more "Defiant armor vendors" being put into the game, 2 of which already do exist for jewelry offslots located near the Loyalty Vendor.