Now THIS is the EQ I remember from 20 years ago

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Juilan, Apr 16, 2020.

  1. Vanshir New Member

    "Dear passengers, this is captain speaking. We have collided a totally expected iceberg and we are going to make a controlled sink of the ship. Sorry for the inconvenience" -SOEtanic
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    Server has been down longer then 2 hours, and they are saying it will take another 2. As bad as things are getting I have to agree with Tool on the first page of this....its totatlly nuts not to keep people informed......So we should all agree not to pay one month and see if it gets their attention as to how serious we are that they listen to us, instead of going out playing with swords and bows and arrows.
  5. Pudljump New Member

    "Ops is working on solving the crashes and bringing things back up."

    In other words, Chuck in the back room is trying to figure out SQL because he's the guy who "knows about computers".
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  6. Juilan New Member

    and down again
  7. Vanshir New Member

    Nice, another down today. Does they know they are not given the service people have paid for? Hope i dont lose MORE items
  8. BeenAwhile New Member

    Back to the game after a very long absence. Servers seem to be down often based on the thread? Is the game worth coming back to? Thought it was a connection issue on my side as I am trying to run the game off of a new laptop. Should I move on? This game used to be awesome. Is it still?
  9. ArrynRaggnarok Apprentice

    Save yourself the heartbreak. EQ itself is still amazing, but DB is destroying it.
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  11. Rabithon New Member

    Okay this is some funny s&*t right here
  12. Antasirras New Member

    Well, it's good for nostalgia. We're getting to the point where raiding is almost required to handle the trash content, though. To make things that challenge raiders they basically have to sodomize casual players, and it just gets more brutal every expac. Now mobs practically insta-kill pullers fairly often from 500 yards. Total nonsense. Mercs help mitigate the LFG issue to a degree, but be prepared to box. They added a system where you can get exp while not playing the game, which is puzzling. They seem confused what direction they want to go with this.

    It'd be interesting to see them split dungeons to having "heroic" modes like a certain other MMO that shall remain nameless. Then they can have the challenging content for upper tiers of gear while not making T1 overwhelming to people just trying to break into the content. And if raiders want to fart around in easy mode racking up AAs, who cares? There's 50k of the things, it's not like people earning them is going to break the game. It's the entire point of them existing, no?

    As far as the downtime, it's just another thing that risks driving away players, especially when there's no warning or explanation. I want to say most of the people playing this are mature players, working day jobs and coming home expecting to play a few hours of EQ, not get told they broke something earlier in the day and have no ETA on when the servers will be back up. Between servers being down and the content being inexcusably difficult, it's almost like their goal is to shrink down to as few servers as possible.

    This game still has a ton of appeal and nostalgia, as I said, and people come back to check it out all the time. But getting utterly wasted by the content because they don't have the gear or the money to get it sends them right back to wherever they came from. Nobody's asking for loot pinatas, but seriously, I can't even imagine how hard the mobs in the next expac are going to hit or how absurd their ranged DoTs and DDs will be. But every time I see a piece of raid gear linked with 12k+ hps on it, I don't imagine things will be toned down or smoothed out.

    And to those chomping at the bit to reply with "some of us like the really difficult content", realize two things: you are the minority, and without us "casuals", you will have no game to play.
  13. Zee_Rex Journeyman

    Downtime is to be expected, that doesn't bother me.

    What bothers me is two days into my return there's already been one rollback that erased hours of progress and people on here tell me that's not even the first time it's happened this year? How can you comfortably play this game not knowing if you're even making progress?
  14. Ronnis)Xegony New Member

    No bonus xp....guess we should thank ourselves lucky the game is even up................FOR NOW
  15. Aethervox New Member

    I'm an old EQ player who has returned. Sure some things have changed but at it's heart this is still EQ which I am glad is still here. Is anyone happy with 'WG' products? Or 'WoW'? ( I never played that 'too toonish' product) I tried EQ2 but I do not want to relearn all the UIs, new zones, etc. It's difficult enough recalling all the EQ stuff. At present, not doing much guild-wise, just playing some twinked baby alts to 20 then I will get more serious & grind my 85 main a bit more (I don't have the latest 2 expansions). As to 'down time' from bugs - well that happens, deal with it.
  16. SmoochyOfWolfington Augur

    Yes... *wipes a solitary tear of nostalgia from his wrinkled green face...*

    Thank you EQ! Thank you!!!
  17. SmoochyOfWolfington Augur

    It's never been acceptable when it was done unexpectedly and for long periods of time. However accidents or emergencies will happen and we can expect that from time to time as those are unavoidable. When I say from "time to time", I mean as in once a month or a few times a year thing. Not a daily or weekly occurrence. Just as we all know server maintenance must be maintained.

    If people play for free, there is no cause to complain. It would be nice though, to get some kind of discount or some kind of compensation when it does affect paying customers. And I think, if memory severs me right, there has been something of that nature before in the past, although a rarity for sure. Then again I have played so many MMORPGS in my life time that I could be confused with a different game, but I am pretty sure it was EQ. Nothing huge mind you, but it was something to please the paying customers.

    Again server maintenance is a given although how they perform them could be questioned. But any lengthy time forced off could be interpreted as any phone company or home internet service being constantly faulty or being constantly short changed by a cashier. Normal people would not stand for it. Then again those playing EQ have not always been normal, me included. ^^!

    N me take ur bag a nutz and bash em gud wit me hamma!

    At least it is something. The quarantined state has nothing to do with EQ, even if it means more people are staying at home. I just hope they do it, if by a certain time limit of a few hours, to when a person is actually logged in for those few hours, not just "from 3 to 6 and hope you are there" kind of thing. Although it could be for the entirety of a day or more.
  18. Corwyhn Lionheart Augur

    Having played the game non stop from a few months after it went Live I can say that overall the game is very stable. Super stable for a 21 year old game.

    Where problems do come up is when they are most likely changing infrastructure of a 21 year old game. Any time they are doing work under the hood things can go wonky. Expected with a 21 year old game in my opinion.

    I can say that overall the game is pretty darn stable. Don't judge the game stability on the recent mishaps.

    And when there are problems its usually them updating parts of the code or databases needed to keep a 21 year old game going.
  19. CatsPaws I don't like titles

    Have you ever tried to change the transmission or engine in a 21 year old vehicle? Or had your mechanic do it? Connections break - sometimes in the transfer case or in the bolt hole etc, certain parts might have to be made from scratch - its not easy on older vehicles but you love that vehicle so you keep getting it fixed cause 8 times out of 10 all it needs is an oil change and those go off smooth.
  20. SmoochyOfWolfington Augur

    How long do the updates/maintenance occur/take? Do they stagger them, so players always have at least a few servers to choose and play on or it is all or nothing? I am not a coder, but looking at it from a customer satisfaction point of view, regardless of the inconvenience of not being able to play your favorite toon, at the very least you are still playing.
    And at some point your second or third, or what have you, toon would become second nature.

    "Oh servers down again for maintenance... Looks like I wont be able to play with Gerald the Heroic Cleric Barbarian again tonight..." *
    Wraps keyboard angerly*
    "Oh well, I guess I will pull out Little Joey the Half-Elf Bard and prance around merrily for a few hours" I mean it is at least something, right? You are still playing and having fun, even if it is not with your main or even primary alts. For a paying customer at least, that should be an option.

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