November Producer's Letter

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  1. Xianzu_Monk_Tunare Augur

    Personally, I think that any EQ Heroic Characters should be level 70, 75 at most; more or less that would put you at the place where you can start getting groups reasonably well; and gives time for you to learn the class for a number of levels before you are getting into the more complex content.
  2. Zalnima New Member

    Gnome Beastlord with Robo boar pet would be sick, or a clockwork spider/rat. Boar would be the best though! Definitely some sort of clockwork though cause, they are gnomes after all.
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  3. Tarrin Augur

    Just say "no" to dark elf rangers.
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  4. Uxtalzon Augur

    I can't see how making mercenary equipment for lower levels would be worth anyone's time. Currently, level 100 gear doesn't even increase mercenary effectiveness by one-tenth of one percent. How can you expect anyone to aim to gear their mercenaries when it's current state is considered a waste of time? I do still hold hope that someday they'll get an increase worth using.

    Also, any love for EQMac users to maybe transfer or give them credit towards EQ? Their loyalty shouldn't be completely sliced off.
  5. Dalsina Lunrais

    What level with the Plane of War be?
  6. lancelove Augur

    Thom, I like what you guys are doing. Ive been playing eq since 99 on the same toon and have seen alot. Loved going to Stormhammer when it was born, and I thought the idea was great! I still think the idea is a good one, but it should be high end raid loot for levels appropriate. You might be surprised how many old school players come over for that kind of server. I think players who have been around 10 years plus should have some kind of aura around them, or some kind of something. I mean we did have to take boats around and stuff you know? Keep up the good work!

    Lancelove Blades
    Ranger of the 12th season
  7. Haizze New Member

    Dark Elf Bard.
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  8. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    No thank you! Its bad enough with normal auras, not to mention nimbuses and other particle effects.

    Yinla Lazywizzy
    Blowing things up since Jan 2001
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  9. Yoda Journeyman

    Gnome Monk > ALL !
  10. Tarvas Redwall of Coirnav, now Drinal

    But what would Drizzt say?
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  11. Tarvas Redwall of Coirnav, now Drinal

    Dwarf Doodad! With a green beard!
  12. Porterz73 Augur

    Real question about Heroic characters?? How many AAs will be auto granted with these shiny new 85 or 90 toons. I'm thinking in the 3 to 4 k range. There is very little less Heroic than a lvl 90 Warrior with 0 AAs.

    Some very nice info here and I'm looking forward to

    1.) expanded levels for Heroic missions. Awesome!
    2.) Next release of content for COTF. Sweet
    3.) More player made missions. I am a huge fan of the time limited content.
    4.) More class race combos. Will be interesting to see how all those old item drops will handle the new char combos.
    5.) Plane of War. This could be an awesome retro zone!
    6.) More merc gear options. Not sure how much the gear and AAs improve the mercs yet but sounds interesting.
  13. Crystilla Augur

    It's entirely possible there won't be any AA's auto granted. IMO that's getting a bit too much on the greedy side (of not having any work to do) + there is that issue surrounding the fact that there is a cap on AA's and if you're over and zone, you loose them.
  14. forever_quester New Member

    gnome beastlord with bixie does not make sense to me.

    Halfling Beastlord with an old model Bixie warder, now that's a combination I have asked for since BSTs were introduced.

    Oh, and returning the crocodile warder to Troll Beastlord would be hugely appreciated. The basilisk has no place or lore in the Troll world and I have never heard of a player that approved of the change. The excuse given by Devs of memory limitations and that the crocodile model was being removed from the game turned out be false. So, how about it?
  15. Lenowill Augur


    Thank you very much - this is a nice direction to see the development heading.

    Might I recommend LDoN dungeons and the various sections of The Hole as possible HA instancing opportunities for future design? >:-D

    Also, the Froglok Monk should be quite a hit. I'll be interested to see the polls!
  16. Axxius Augur

    Yeah, basilisk sucks. Croc was much cooler.
  17. baramos123 Journeyman

    I like the idea of new class/race combos. But with it being voting based I'm pretty sure my class (berserker) is going to get the shaft do to still being fairly low in popularity beyond decap bots. But a gnome zerker would own, tired of shrinking.
  18. slaytanis New Member

    "Gnome Beastlord with Robo boar pet would be sick, or a clockwork spider/rat. Boar would be the best though! Definitely some sort of clockwork though cause, they are gnomes after all."

    id reroll for a Gnome BST with clockwork warder
  19. Caudyr Augur

    I was thinking more along the lines of an actual frog, personally. Y'know, the humanoid frogloks have advanced to the point of being able to talk, walk on two legs, etc, but they're still in tune enough with their animal side that they can talk, work with, control etc regular frogs (like the ones you find in PoStorms, etc), too (this could be the lore bit to say why they have frog pets, heh)!
    Personally I was thinking along the lines of a clockwork rat or spider myself...but the boar works, too. Maybe have it summon a different one depending on what your level of EM is (y'know, like how necro pets change)...or...just make it pick a random one when you summon it! :p

    Random would give that little bit of "which clockwork did the gnome make for his pet this time?" sort of feel to it, which would make sense given that they're gnomes...and their pet would be 'tinkered'. ;)
    INCOMING Clan of the Wee Fist! :D
    The real question we really care? ;) No thanks to dark elf rangers. Wouldn't really fit in with EQ lore, imo.
    I'm of the opinion that AAs should be autogranted up through TSS at least. This gives people a 'starting point' as they level up, which will also make it more likely they'll be able to get groups cause they'll actually be able to do the stuff someone their level should be able to do AA-wise.

    If they can autogrant AAs like the Harmonic Dissonance one, etc..once you hit lvl whatever it is you get it at...then it shouldn't be a problem to autogrant these as well without having to give people the AAs to actually buy them. Even if you do just give them the AAs (so that the achievements properly reflect that they've 'gotten' that many AAs, etc)to actually buy them, I'm not even certain that bug you mentioned exists anymore.

    It's possible that it does, but...I know on beta I was able to run around and exp both AA and regular even though I was way over the cap...and it never once reset my AAs down to 70 or whatever once I zoned. I didn't actually gain AA exp, because a message would reflect that...but I wouldn't lose it, either. I also know that on live servers there are people who go over the 70 cap somehow (certain quest/achievement rewards, i think...not certain on the details)...yet don't lose those AAs when they zone, either.

    Basically...if they do level 85 "Heroic Characters", then the characters should have the following, imo:
    • Maxed skills relevant to their class for the level (maybe just max all skills for the level, but at least the relevant ones)
    • Gear such that they aren't completely useless in the content that they're starting out in with that level base (no trade, of course).
    • AAs through TSS (or enough AAs to get all of these through TSS, so they can spend them elsewhere if they so choose)
    If this were to happen, though...they'd probably have to raise the silver AA cap significantly so that those with silver could go 1k abovethe heroic character cap or something...otherwise it may cause issues, and you can bet there'd be a huge influx of silver people who'd want it anyway.
    That's my thoughts on it, at least. *shrugs*
  20. Caudyr Augur

    Wood Elf Beastlords! They could have...fae drakes or even treants as their pets! In a way, they're in tune with it kind of makes sense lorewise, as well.

    Dark Elf Berserker makes sense to me, too...because, y'know...hate breeds rage! :D

    Honestly, though...any race that can be a warrior should really be able to be a berserker, too...because lorewise berserkers are simply warriors who have sacrificed some (most? a lot? whatever) of their defensive power so that they can do more offensively. Shouldn't need any actual model changes or anything like that, either...since said races can wear both plate and chain anyway...and warriors use two handers so they have a two handed animation.

    I could get behind Dark Elf Bards, I guess, as well...their lore could be their 'songs are about the worship of innoruuk' etc, rather than veeshan, blah blah blah, etc.

    Human Beastlord could be done, too, probably. They'd simply use a cat or something, instead of a dog. Y'know...pumas and lions, GO!

    Any race that can be a paladin should also be able to be a shadowknight (y'know, a fallen paladin)...and any race that can be a shadowknight should also be able to be a paladin (y'know, a redeemed shadowknight, etc). At the very least the fallen paladin bit should be done, imo. :D