NOTICE to all those whining about bots and training them.

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Freeti farmer, May 21, 2019.

  1. Freeti farmer New Member

    Not every 6+ boxer you see is a BOT lol.
    Training the real ones such as myself will get you a free ride to bansville. Ask Frank and Jibekn over last few days =)

    ALSO some of us bought 24 refurb laptops for less than $70 each and also bought the same number of these to control then super easily, even while on a couch watching a movie

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  2. Meridian Elder

    wait, did you just admit to botting?
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  3. Thewiz Augur

    Can you take a pic of the set up? I 3 box and can use any help I can get to make it smoother.
  4. Seoken New Member

    Honestly I think its semantics at this point whether you use hardware or software to control multiple toons at the same time, who cares (don't think DBG really does imo based on experience)? The line should be drawn at actual automation (botting), that is the real issue here. If someone wants to lock down 4 picks of efreeti, more power to them, but they shouldn't be doing it afk. I personally think price fixing is the real reason people get so upset, they aren't able to camp something OR buy it at a reasonable price, and they get upset about it. Training is not the solution either way, but comes from mostly unjustified frustrations from the above issues.

    Side note this is coming from someone who 3 boxes with 3 laptops, but my characters are never in the same place. 2 are camping items independently, 1 is trading in EC :)
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  5. Freeti farmer New Member

    Using numpads on table beside me is botting?
    Typical zero IQ people im talking about. Thanks for being a prime example of ignorance.
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  6. Freeti farmer New Member

    Just line up the numpads, can get wired cheaper but I like being able to move around the house and still control them. Main thing is macros macros macros. I get to the point where I can make all 6 car within a second of each other just tapping the pads.
  7. Oldeqplayer Journeyman

    How is continuously locking down a camp not a disruption to the wider player base?
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  8. Aegir Augur

    You'll need 200 krono sold for 10dollah each on the black-market before that project breaks even - And I'm not even calculating in the 3 cents it costs in electricity/hour to run 24 laptops.

    Could be a troll thread though, but I'm bored during patch downtime.
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  9. Thewiz Augur

    Cool beans. It is a lot simpler with just 3 toons. I will try it with the 2 other accounts and see how it goes.
  10. raza31 New Member

    All them computers and cheat pads paid for by 24 farm bots ? man what a nice life your living there !
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  11. Freeti farmer New Member

    I've got 50+ macros on each of my characters for different situations.
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  12. Freeti farmer New Member

    Lol ..... Another example of stupidity.

    All that was paid for by my bank account as my wife getting pissed about it can attest. I'm just stacking massive krono for no good reason. I might just buy a bunch of epics in a few weeks.
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  13. Elyani Augur

    Not everyone lives paycheck to paycheck. And, I am pretty sure he had to purchase them prior to boxing?
    Super smart! Manual labor obviously means using robots!
  14. raza31 New Member

    Not one person is convinced your running all that without programs because even with your little cheat pads you would have to be either a octopus or flash to keep up !!! Its your story though so tell it how you want buddy I just thought id leave yaz one more comment of stupidity :):):):)
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  15. Protius Lorekeeper

    Even if he and other people admit to botting DBG will just silently applaud them and allow it.
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  16. Meridian Elder

    C'mon. You can do better than this. Troll harder.
  17. Atta New Member

    my VMware is actually 24 laptops with usb numpads guys please believe me
  18. Captain Video Augur

    I have a new 72-box setup with 3 tiers of 24 keyboard/numpad/mouse sets in semi-circle arcs, all nicely arranged in my VR theater room.

    Unfortunately they can't seem to /follow each other anywhere without forming a circle and breaking into a conga dance. The trick is to get them to do it with at least a few HGs trapped inside.
  19. Numiko Augur

    WoW classic multi boxers still have him beat ..

  20. krimmett Lorekeeper

    You can buy all the laptop and or PC's in the world. The problem is with issuing commands to them. I don't care that you have 24 numpads, I'm telling you that you can not control 24 toons with 24 numpads without 3rd party software. Claiming macros is incorrect and ignorant. Anything that you hit on one computer that elicits a reaction on another computer is an illegal third party program, and counts as unattended play. I would love for you to post a small demonstration on how you physically play with 24 laptops.

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