Fixed Internally Nothing in shared banks

Discussion in 'Resolved' started by Palloma, May 21, 2020.

  1. Herodotus Augur

    Without passwords that seems unlikely.
  2. CatsPaws No response to your post cause your on ignore

    Why bother? Its all gone at this point.

    And the last message said they would look into it "next week" which probably means the week after the new servers unlock.
  3. Quicksilk New Member

    Greetings Quicksilk

    Our sincerest apologies for the trouble. Items missing from shared banks following the server merges have been placed in item overflow lists.

    As for missing plat, everything over 10K plat has been parceled to the first character on your account alphabetically. We are still working on the accounts that had less than 10K.

    If you are still missing items and/or plat (over 10k) from your shared bank at this point, please update the following forum thread with character and server names, so we can investigate your case further and recover what has been lost.

    Bug Report: Nothing in shared banks

    As this is a widespread issue impacting a large number of players we kindly ask that you bear with us as we work towards a resolution.

    If you have any other in-game issues that are unrelated to missing items/plat following the server merges, please update your support request with the details at your convenience, and the next available GM will address your issue as soon as humanly possible.

    Thank You,
    GM Alabaster

    Request (849586)
    Ragefire - Quicksilk - shared bank PP
  4. Elendos New Member

    Received items from /itemoverflow but no plat. Verified nothing is sitting in parcel for any characters on server.

    Server: FV
    First character alphabetically: Amanecer
  5. Kroknik1 New Member

    Still missing plat and shared bank items. Cumen FV Server
  6. Brune New Member

    Still missing plats from shared bank
    Server: FV
    Character: Brune
  7. Gallimaufry New Member

    FV, Berrma
    • Missing items and PP > 10K from shared bank.
    • Nothing in item overflow and parcel on each character slot
  8. cayendar New Member

    It would have been nice to hear some kind of update today. Perhaps tomorrow?
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  9. Moege Augur

    It is still a stupid request from a security point of view.
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  10. enclee Augur

    Thank you! It is an absolutely stupid request.

    Albeit, the security breach was under different management there is information out there. I don't think it's likely someone is going to attempt to break in steal someone’s digital items.

    Honestly, this thread just makes for easy targets. It’s not hard to create a fake email that looks like it’s from DPG, and send it to all the emails from the databreach. Attach a key logger to an attachment, where you have people fill in their character names and servers with their items, krono, and platinum missing.

    People are emotional and DPG hasn’t really taken a clear leadership role in resolving this issue, which would probably net a good number of fish. From there, you’re exposing a lot of emotional people to risk.
  11. enclee Augur

    Ran out of edit time in my post above. The main issue is that spotlights a vacant leadership role with this issue. Does anyone know for certain which avenue DPG wants to handle this, is it tickets, posting here, or something to be determined?

    This is such an opportune time to gain access to people’s computers and personal information. Fake email asking for stuff, throw a script on it asking for people to run it collect client side information to aid restoring lost items. There’s so many options available, I can’t type them all.

    All of that is unlikely because this is a niche game, but it would be a real risk for a popular game.
  12. Borm_of_fv Apprentice

    Still missing items from Shared Bank. It's been a week.
    Borm from FV
  13. gooberton New Member

    Still missing plats from shared bank
    Server: FV
    Character: Ferix
  14. Pawtato Augur

    So, is this really how this going to be handled? People have to come and post here on the forums to get their items back? I'm on FV, but I couldn't tell you what's in the shared bank across my accounts.

    Wait, and is this being done manually account by account?
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  15. Moege Augur

    It is not being done at all.
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  16. serrin New Member

    Still missing 15mil plat on FV first char name is Alarica ....
  17. EEEE New Member

    Elaine is first character of several on Firiona Vie. Missing all plat and items in shared bank still.
  18. Tera New Member

    Tera is the first of 3 characters moved to Firiona Vie received nothing in item overflow, missing all plat and everything else from shared bank.
  19. Drexyll Lorekeeper

    -First character alphabetically: Cheytac
    -Server: Ragefire

    *Got all items back in item overflow but still missing 800k-900k plat

    Thanks guys
  20. No-Logic-Here New Member

    just logged in and plat was back in the shared bank that had been missing, thank you... thank you.. and thank you...
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