Fixed Internally Nothing in shared banks

Discussion in 'Resolved' started by Palloma, May 21, 2020.

  1. Seanery New Member

    Still Missing plat.

    I got my shared bank items but not the 1.3 million plat.

    I checked parcel on all characters as well.
  2. Aainya New Member

    Still missing Plat. Checked Parcel on all my characters.

    First character alphabetically is Aainya.


  3. Dimek New Member

    Rekimlive - FV server, missing stuff in shared bank still
  4. Kuvasae New Member

    Adding another account to my queue:

    Kuvasae - Firiona Vie - Plat
    Sinaa - Firiona Vie - Shared bank
    Braydan - Firiona Vie - Shared Bank
  5. Ranoel New Member

    I checked parcel on all characters.

    Still missing plat.

    Ranoel on FV server
    or first character alphabetically is Bordaap
  6. Palloma New Member

    Palloma - first character, alphabetically, is Bowjangles
    Hanney - first character, alphabetically, is Aeldra
    Lizzey - first character, alphabetically, is Alodie
  7. RandomXXI New Member

    Kaku - missing about 120mil plat out of shared bank
  8. Elsewhen New Member

    Miaya - shared bank plat missing, unknown amount
  9. Jebar Deors New Member

  10. Jebar Deors New Member

    [UPDATE] Missing full set of crafted Jewelry with augs, level 90-95, can't remember name, full set of dark elf glorious infused with crafted augments, missing weapons.
  11. Gokusan Journeyman

    Lets see hmm so far since this silly merge happened it will be almost a week since ive had no bags in shared at all. Ive done /itemflowover nothing there I petition and they say there still working on it. Looks I can see if your swamped there with stuff but this its a dam 20 year old game and the tech now can spot a freaking dime on a park bench from outer space it doesn't take rocket science to fix this or maybe it does o_O
  12. Meleet New Member

    meleet on FV still missing around 6 mill plat.
  13. Sirkadde New Member

    Ilfarmas on FV missing about 2 million plat. All other items recovered.
  14. Rondor Augur

    Temporary character made to identify the above-mentioned account:

    Name: Altaron - Server: Firiona Vie

    - Pre-merge on FV the shared bank had some bags possibly with items in them but no platinum, so I am not expecting any platinum returned, only the bags and possible items.
    - Pre-merge on Brekt the shared bank was empty already (I think) with no platinum, so nothing is expected from that.
    - Post-merge the shared bank is empty, nothing is in /itemoverflow and nothing new was in parcels on the alphabetically first character or any others on the server.

    Thank you for looking into this.
  15. Exmortis_MT Augur

    Good morning,

    Looks like all of my shared bank items were restored into overflow, or as well as I can figure. However I am still missing the shared bank plat.

    Server: Ragefire
    Character: Exmortis
    Missing: approx 150-200k plat is missing from accounts shared bank, i checked all chars on account and none have a parcel of plat.

    Note: I submitted a ticket and it has been closed, yet I have not received my plat.... Want not to annoy your paying customers? Don't close support tickets when the issue has not been resolved.

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  16. Volka New Member

    Ditto. Mine was closed too. That's just going to force me to open a new one.
  17. vslap New Member

    Vslap - My petition Request #847579 -

    I checked item overflow I have nothing, no symbols or plat. Crappy idea to leave them in shared.

    I`m still missing 35mil plat and 398 warlord's symbols - I did all the trades earlier that day - My buddy doesn't have the symbols or plat, I don't have it - Nothing was parceled. I`m getting worried here....
  18. D-ray New Member

    I am missing 2.5 mil plat from shared bank. No parcel has been sent to my chars.
  19. Qows New Member

    Missing ~8mil plat from shared bank.
    Qows, Firiona Vie.
    Petition 847941
  20. enclee Augur

    This seems like a good thread for anyone attempting to hack any accounts.
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