Fixed Internally Nothing in shared banks

Discussion in 'Resolved' started by Palloma, May 21, 2020.

  1. drusis New Member

    FV Server

    Got my items back thankfully, still missing over 100mil+ plat from shared bank from this debacle
  2. Gorben New Member

    Got some pointless items back that were left on toons on Lockjaw. Still missing a substantial amount of plat though...So much for doing my raid armor combines anytime soon.
  3. Stillgar New Member

    Alberic plat missing on FV server
  4. Monomachus New Member

    Monomachus missing Plat on FV
  5. Stumpz New Member

    Pavlo on FV -- missing everything from shared bank and plat
  6. Borm_of_fv Apprentice

    Borm on FV missing all shared bank items still.
  7. EQ4ever New Member

    Tailslash on FV, missing PP and all shared bank items
  8. Pawtato Augur

    So, we have to post here to get our stuff back or is it something that will be resolved eventually?
  9. serrin New Member

    Antijin FV 103 Warrior got my items back but still missing my 15mil plat from my bank done checked every char i have nothing in parcel on my first or any other char i have
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  10. Kuvasae New Member

    Both my petitions just got updated and was told to reply here. So for sanity’s sake, I will.

    Kuvasae - Firiona Vie: missing 47ish mil plat
    Sinaa- Firiona Vie: missing shared bank

    Sure hope this gets resolved soon. Can hardly make enough money for spells on my alt. Slightly frustrating being able to play but not have access to stuff you’ve worked for.

    Side note: has anyone here actually received plat back yet? I asked general and no one there that responded has. Seems like it’s affecting quite a few people.
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  11. Palloma New Member

    I have items back (including items in individual bank, not shared) on 2 accounts but no plat and nothing back on third account.
  12. Meleet New Member

    lost all platnium on fv server about 6million. not a lot but all i had
  13. No-Logic-Here New Member

    First toon alphabetically is Bazinga on FV, and as I have received all items still missing the plat and email i got this morning said to post here again..
  14. Sinyari New Member

    I have received item in /itemoverflow, but still missing plat. DB told me it would be parceled to the first alphabetical character on my account. Nada!!!
  15. Volka New Member

    I have 3 accounts that did not receive their platinum back. I have checked parcels on all characters on those accounts (Both on Ragefire AND Vox), as well as their shared banks. My petition update asked me to post here, so I'll repost the same thing I put in the petition:
    Note: I did receive my items back on Ragefire, but not on Vox.
    This is missing platinum:
    Account Name: . Ragefire is missing almost 1 million plat. Vox is fine.
    Account Name: . Ragefire is missing nearly 100K plat. Vox is missing over 1 million plat.
    Account Name: . Ragefire is missing over 100K plat. Vox is missing nearly 1 million plat.

    I'm not sure why it's necessary to copy that from my petition to a forum, but I've done it now, so I'd appreciate an update on fixing this issue.
  16. Encantada New Member

    I got the items back from the shared bank, but not the plat. The first character on my account is Bigblast and I am on Firiona Vie.
  17. Reciprocity New Member

    Updating this post - received an email from my petition stating missing PP was sent to the first character name on the account. Nothing was found - no parcel of the missing PP is present on the first alphabetical character or any other on the account.

  18. Jebar Deors New Member

    I was directed here by a GM Emwon through a petition (Request #848557). I still have not received any items in my shared bank through the /itemoverflow. I know for certain I had less than 10K plat in there however I can't name every item that was in my shared bank as it was items being placed on a trader mule.

    I know for certain there was glorious SK armor for darkelves with augments and some weapons.
    If you can check into this for me that would be appreciated.

    Artain on Firona Vie.
    Request #848557
  19. vslap New Member

    Vslap - My petition Request #847579 -

    I`m still missing 35mil plat and 398 warlord's symbols - I did all the trades earlier that day - My buddy doesn't have the symbols or plat, I don't have it - Nothing was parceled. I`m getting worried here....
  20. Aegnew New Member

    Replying here because my shared bank plat is still missing.

    Missing plat from shared bank on my account(s) Had just sold a Krono and traded plat to main account. Items were in /itemoverflow but not the 2.8 million I traded to main. I a not recall how much more if any plat I had in shared bank. The plat was traded to my main account from an account I own if that helps. I can provide the name of the character I sold the Krono to as well if needed.

    I just checked my top alphabetical character as instructed on all accounts and the plat is not in the parcel either. Thanks, Aegnew FV