Fixed Internally Nothing in shared banks

Discussion in 'Resolved' started by Palloma, May 21, 2020.

  1. Kuvasae New Member

    I never post, same for two of my accounts. 47ish mil in plat no clue of the value of items in the bags that proofed. Hindsight, shoulda checked my accounts on Brekt, I totally forgot I made a couple when the sever came out. Also, maybe even create a mule to hold shared storage. Ahh, well lesson learned. I petitioned with screen shots on both accounts. Hopefully sorted before bonus weekend. Would be bitter sweet if not.
  2. Moege Augur

    would not have helped to check Brekt. I had none left on there still got hit. The mule option would have being the only real option.
  3. Nadisia Augur

    One more day, and 2 accounts are still missing everything related to shared banks (no items, no bags, and nothing in overflow).
    2 other accounts are starting so get some items in overflow, but A LOT are still missing.

    Messy? Yeah, that's the bare minimum I could say ... :(
  4. Palloma New Member

    I still have nothing :(
  5. lockjaws Augur

    At this point we need to just flood their ticketing system with each account that has a problem. Should give them a spike of 500k new tickets to triage...
  6. Reapsoul New Member

    i was wondering this my self should we put in a ticket cause i have yet to get anything in overflow i had stuff i wanted to make new chars over exp weekend and now im just stuck not being able to lvl a new char
  7. MasterMooCow New Member

    Everything is still gone for me. Itemoverflow is still empty as well.
  8. Kuvasae New Member

    Got both of my petitions answered this morning. Unfortunately, it was pretty much what I expected to receive. It was stated they are working on it with no ETA and to monitor the Forum post by Dreamweaver. I haven’t even logged into my other 4 accounts because I just don’t want to know (they had no Brekt characters, but hearing it affects all, I don’t want to know). I’ll log into my main two accounts in a bit to see if anything showed up in item overflow. It’s not the end of the world, but I had a desire to upgrade my Druid from lvl 65 raid gear to lvl 80 raid gear the lazy way, with plat. Looks like I will just farm some in my mains. Hopefully this hasn’t impacted anyone too severely, I know losing a ton of mils sucks.
  9. Kuvasae New Member

    Quick update, 4 out of the 6 are affected for me. Nothing in overflow yet either.
  10. lockjaws Augur

    25 hours later, no resolution. =/
  11. MasterMooCow New Member

    Still nothing.
  12. cayendar New Member

    Same here. Petitioned. Got a response without much in terms of details. Has anyone actually gotten their shared bank items/money/etc. back?
  13. MasterMooCow New Member

    Still nothing. I understand that the devs are still working on this, but I would feel better if we had an update on the situation. Sounds like this still affects quite a few people.
  14. Kuvasae New Member

    Still nothing here either. No itemoverflow or update
  15. Kuvasae New Member

    Main account just got a message while zoning, there were items in overflow. It appears my entire shared bank items were returned. No plat however, which is my life's savings. No other account has anything else yet either. Once the plat is back, will feel much better, but I think things are getting closer to being fixed.
  16. No-Logic-Here New Member

    I dont know if this helps at all, but I just got my items and no plat.. may be a 2 stage process?
  17. MasterMooCow New Member

    Got my items back. Plat is still missing, but I feel much better now.
  18. Moege Augur

    HAHAHAHAHA yeah right. Nothing in my itemoverflow. Can only parcel 2mil at at time too so yeah grats on losing plat

    Parceled to a character that may not even be accessible so subscribe / delete another character to get it back. So well thought out. Suffer peasants you are worthless to the company.
  19. Schadenfreude Augur

    One account has their items back but my main account has nothing. Haven't been able to find anyone who has had their plat back so far.
  20. EQ Dev Developer

    We apologize sincerely for the loss of items and platinum from your shared banks. It's an incredibly large amount of lost items, especially as multiple servers were involved. I realize getting them now, or still missing them, is not a great experience from a player perspective, but we have been working day (and night) to get the servers up, and everything back to you as soon as possible.

    The lost items were definitely not intended, and was one of many problems that occurred during the server merges that we attempted to solve as quickly as possible to get the servers open again. Shared banks in particular have already had corrupted data in the past, which worsened the problem. It is no excuse for the damage that was done. We have plans to improve the server merge process so something like this doesn't happen again.

    We will be taking another look at shared banks via backup DB tables next week. If you are still missing things, please let us know your character name and server in this thread. Thanks for your patience.