Not the community i remember.

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Lonis, Jun 21, 2017.

  1. Lonis New Member

    Talking about Agnarr specifically. I have never seen so much camp stealing/kill stealing in my life of gaming. Granted after i quit a long time ago i moved onto games where kill stealing literally cant take place.

    Heck i got into a group last night that wanted to move to the Frenzy camp in Lguk. There was already a 50 necro there yet the group started to head over to steal it from him. What kind of a crummy mentality is that? I left group because i didn't want to deal with that.

    Is Phinny like this? I would assume after a few expansions the Krono farmers would leave and the community would improve a bit. However as it is now, its very toxic.
  2. Gidono

    I didn't experience much of any of that on Phinny when I played there from launch until late Luclin. Camping certain items for progression like emp key pieces and vex thal shards we clashed with some other raiders but other than that it was a rare thing.
  3. MabbuAgnarr Journeyman

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  4. Trevalon Augur

    As those of us who have been plying on TLP servers sine the first ones in 2008, we have been saying these things for months now.

    If you are coming back expecting this to be EQ of 1999 - 2004 then you are going to be sorely disappointed. Yes the game is "similar" to how it was back then, and yes you can get some of those "feels" from the TLP servers, but on the flipside the game is just not played in the same way it used to be.

    Over the last 8 years of TLP servers the community has learned to adapt to DBG's new rules because of their lack of oversight in EQ. Because of that we have gotten used to things like Kill Stealing, Camp Stealing, Wild Wild West, and Charm stealing. It is just part of what Eq is in 2017.

    Now you have a choice. Learn to deal with this and enjoy your time playing a close facsimile of EQ or hate it and quit. I hate that this is the choice you have, but it is really the only choice unless you want to brave P99, and that server has its own set of terrible problems.

    P.S. Just wait till you have to do your Veeshan's Peak Key.
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  5. JustACleric New Member

    The latest progression server always serves as the lightning rod for agitators. We had them on Lockjaw and Ragefire, Phinny, and now Agnarr is continuing the tradition. Don't worry, it mostly fizzles out around late Kunark when most raiders have complete VP keys.
  6. Adonhiram Augur

    I almost regret the schoolteacher inflexible attitude of early SoE or even Verant GMs/guides back in the days... At least, when the game was flourishing, they invested resources into law and rules enforcement, and global peace was kept on any server. Things like training, camp stealing, charm dispelling, etc. were not tolerated, but more important, they were investigated when a complaint was made. Now, you have to do the investigation yourself if you expect any reply from DBG who doesn't want to invest human resources, id est time and money, in that kind of issue.

    Side note, it's odd that these issues occur the most on Phinny and Agnarr which are both flagged "true box" but often involve multibotters, is that 'true box' code even enforced or efficient ? Does DBG even care about that rule, like tracking connections attempts by people with computer knowledge trying to bypass it ? I hardly can think of these people having a wall of PC screens and units piling up in front of them in the room they play in ;-)
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  7. Aurastrider Augur

    Another option would be to play on live. Yes not classic EQ but you see far less of these behaviors since the population is smaller and everyone knows everyone. Reputation matters for most people and most still follow the old play nice rules or at least on Tunare they do.
  8. Adonhiram Augur

    And everything is instanced, helps too :p
  9. Rauven Augur

    The Everquest Community of 1999-2004 was ugly and nasty. Jealousy, Envy, Greed, and Control was paramount in those days. At least on Agnarr the majority of players just want to hang out in a camp somewhere, drink a beverage, talk over VOIP about some cool stuff, and get a bit of exp here and there.

    The majority back in the day was judgmental and demanding. If you didn't fit the exact standards you were discarded and forgotten. I'm not even talking about raiders (many of the raiding groups were actually pretty cool to be around). I'm talking about normal groups. You made one mistake, made one quip someone didn't like and you were ignored and slandered. Even winning a piece of gear before someone else or out damaging them on a parse would land you in hot water.

    You walked on eggshells when you did pick up groups. Players used the fact that they played a needed class to their personal advantage, causing the healer pedestal to be problem for a decade afterwards.
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  10. Tachya Elder

    Sadly, a new TLP is primarily a Kronos farm for the boxers. And yeah there were some bad apples back in the day of course, but it wasn't really that bad. People for the most part were pretty decent. I think it's mostly Kronos and changing player attitudes that make the experience very different today, well and the fact that everyone already knows everything.
  11. oldkracow Augur

    Thank the Krono.
  12. nostalgicfool Augur

    Back 2 year ago i don t remember anything like that, but lot of picking ;-)

    LGuk really annoyed me but made most of low 30 to 41 there, i don't remember any amazing loot but some focus with affiction efficiency and another with improved range, and yes a crap 20% haste item ;-)
  13. Xianzu_Monk_Tunare Augur

    Back 2 years ago, Krono were not selling for 2 mill a pop, and idiots weren't trying to sell items for 30+ Krono each (and acting like that is cheap).
  14. Boosi Lorekeeper

    Maybe the problem is all the little babies that threaten to ban other players just because they ran a mob past them or for any other non issue. Tattle tale culture.
  15. Urshulgi Augur

    Eh, I absolutely don't agree with people trying to steal camp spots from other xp groups, but when it comes to some level 50 necro camping the mercy. Take it from him. If he trains you, document it and report him.
  16. Stigmas Elder

    This is exactly why botting hurts the community. When phinnigal first came out, botters were few and fare in between due to true box code being new and people not knowing how to get around it. Hence the community was much more co-operative and camps were given much more respect. But once the the botters come in, start stealing camps and Kill stealing rares, this sets up a competitive attitude for the server ,and jaded solo players begin to do the same things.
  17. Rhodz Augur

    If people in general have degraded in the last 15 years why on earth would you expect different on a game with people in it?
    I as well as most of the people that enjoy this game prefer a sandbox to theme park, EQ to WoW.
    Sandboxes have a tenancy to allow people to kick sand, just a trait of the genre. They also allow you to play the game as you wish not as the devs wish.
    So either go theme park or deal with the sandbox.
  18. malaki Augur

    There's also the chance that the community you remember really wasn't the community you remember.
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  19. daffie999 Augur

    Comments like this pop up often enough... however, it was not the way I experienced the game as both an end game raider and casual player on multiple servers. The evolution of the internet has drastically changed over the years. Now, I would think that I may have just had rose colored glasses on, but seeing how the majority of people contend that today's internet is MUCH worse... I'm going to believe that those who had bad experiences back in the day were either unlucky or they were to blame.
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  20. Finchy Augur

    another point to have a bunch of returning players who say "I don't remember the community being this bad back in the day." Here is why.

    Majority of players returning to the game were casual players back then, they were not the ones pushing as hard as possible to max level and min/maxing everything. Leveling was slower, killing was slower, everything about the game was a slower pace. Therefore if you were not a hardcore player, you did not see end game in era. You probably raided Naggy and Vox, but not until Kunark released when the hardcore players were 60 and couldn't touch naggy/vox.

    This did a few things. 1. the population was spread out and 2. the hardcore players were trying to beat end game raiding, while the majority were still leveling in the 20s and 30s.

    Those casual players in the 20s and 30s were sharing places and things with other 20s and 30s.

    This is not how EQ is done today. Today everything is at an accelerated rate over what it used to be, so it's easier for the casual players to level up faster, putting them into the 30s and 40s while even the hardcore players are only 50. Since those hardcore players have nothing to do until Kunark, they go farm gear for alts and (yeah i won't say it) which leaves less room for the casual players to grind exp camps and have a good time. It basically puts people against each other to try and fight for a camp, which leads to the hostile environment that is Classic EQ (at an accelerated rate).

    On every TLP from Combine to the end of EQ existence, this is how classic will be played out. Kunark will allow for a little less crap, and velious will as well. But as more and more attempt to play these TLPs, it will take several expansions before the player base spreads out enough to put a lot of the crap to rest.

    Once people realize this, it'll help understand how TLPs are really played, and allow people to decide how/when they want to start a TLP.

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