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    ...queuing is removed with a second server. I have limited windows to play and got about 5 mins of in-game time this whole 3 day weekend.

    I'm not giving my money for this type of service and lack of response from DBG. This game was launched on Wed and a second server could have been up and running by COB Friday so DBG staff could also enjoy the weekend. Regardless, Absor could have announced over the weekend that a second server would be released first thing Tuesday; this gives the players hope while still allowing DBG staff off for the long weekend.

    This is just bad business and I do not support it. DBG, you have a great IP and people are really wanting the old content back. You have a great opportunity to bring back and keep players with this type of throwback servers, rulesets, etc. You could channel the money coming in into Developing even more rulesets and reverting old code back. You could also advertise more to get more players and paid subscriptions. I hope you consider this and do what is right by the customer while catering to all players, not just the hardcore, end-gamers; doing so is what alienated so many players back in the golden era of EQ and especially post-PoP.

    You can win my business back, but changes need to be made and more care needs to be shown for the customer.

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