NoS quests - Zero XP, Zero Platinum, Zero Anything - Intended?

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Fanra, Dec 6, 2022.

  1. Fanra

    I've just done two partisan quests in Shar Vahl, Divided: Just a Delivery and A Little Goodwill and got zero XP, Zero Platinum, Zero Anything.

    Is this intended?
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  2. demi Augur

    did you get AA's ? usually the quests in CoV had no xp just AA reward .. as far as the pp not sure .. i would think you would get some pp for them ..

    I'm gonna say its working as intended ;)
  3. KushallaFV Playing EverQuest

    I’m so baffled by their design choices for Part 2 expansions. They want people to level by doing the quest and mission content, but only contained within a specific expansion. Ignoring that the community moves on to the Part 2 expansion.

    Why sabotage yourself?
  4. Raptorjesus5 Augur

    I remember being flabbergasted when CoV didn't offer the high experience gain from quests that ToV did.

    Such a short sighted design. They will ultimately end up having to remove this system from older expansions. As it stands right now, new and returning players have no realistic way to advance after 110 except for begging other players (largely those who automate 6 characters) to run them through the missions or just sit in the guild hall and let overseer take you up.
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  5. Fohpo Augur

    It’d be one thing if the quests were worth doing AND traditional grinding were more viable, but as it stands, I feel sorry for people returning and not boxing like me. I can’t imagine how slow it must be to molo some of these, let alone for someone like a cleric… while I like the quest and mission experience (I wish merc/partisan gave more), I agree that the change to grind experience is probably bad for the game’s overall health.
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  6. Filter Augur

    I'm almost positive you get regular exp for CoV missions but not a lot, not even for the first time completing them.
  7. Evilness Gnome warriors are the best warriors

    The current exp trend the Devs are taking the game on is not sustainable. The current system will be more punishing to returning/new players as time goes on if nothing changes. At this point, I feel like the person who has the final say on all these design decisions needs to be replaced for the long term health of the game.
  8. Heimdall Elder

    On my server, its paying a Krono or two to a Raider who can molo/solo the HA.
  9. Fanra

    No AAs. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing.

    There is also a difference between a tiny amount and zero. I would have put this in the Bug Reports except I wanted some input first to make sure that I didn't miss some statement from Darkpaw in Beta that this is intended.

    So, is this intended that we get zero reward for these quests? Not a small amount, not a tiny amount but nothing at all.

    Yes, after you do all three partisan quests for the first time you are supposed to get some AAs (I can't test this since the third one is currently bugged (Confirmed Shar Vahl, Divided Partisan Task "A Peace Offering")). But for each one of the two that can be completed you get nothing.

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  10. Velisaris_MS Augur

    They don't want new players. Every design decision they've made in the last 4-5 years has screamed "NEW PLAYERS GO AWAY!" They're on copy&paste maintenance mode for the actual game.

    They don't want returning players (people who've been away several years and would be many levels and several expansions behind on Live) to come back to Live servers. They do everything in their power to funnel them to the TLP (i.e. novelty) servers. They want fewer players in the current game and more running the yearly TLP treadmill.

    There's really no other way to look at the decisions they've been making in recent years.
  11. Cicelee Augur

    Maybe this is the minority opinion, but I imagine NOS was designed for the level 120 player who has already obtained a certain amount of AA. There isn't a necessity to give max level players XP, and NOS is probably setup so that if you do all the normal progression and hunter and type 5 mission currency stuff, you will get the AA you need.

    If not? Then there is older content you can use to level up in and get AA to prepare you for NOS.

    As far as the game being unforgiving to new players, maybe that is because there is not enough new players on Live every day/week/month/year to justify catering to that crowd? Maybe the game is on cruise control, but the hardcore audience is getting what they mostly want- a new expansion every year that they can accomplish all the stuff between 3-9 months of play depending on person, and raids to gear your main and alts throughout the year. And as long as that hardcore audience demands this, it is probably easy enough for the company with their limited resources and personnel to adhere to those demands.
  12. Fanra

    This thread has been sidetracked.

    I started it with just one simple question, is it intended that the quests give nothing? Not even 0.00001% xp and 1 copper piece.

    Or is it a bug?
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  13. Gialana Augur

    Hopefully this is an oversight. But maybe they don't want people doing the same quests more than once even though they give only a 30 minute lockout? Strange.
  14. Tucoh Augur

    Put me on team "CoV / NoS progression should dump out experience". It won't do me a bit of good but it'll help folks in the future.
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  15. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    Then there is no point in adding them at all.

    No EXP, No AA, no coin, nothing.

    Why are they there?

    I miss quests that gave meaningful rewards, take a look at the many quests in older expansions before we had the stupid achievement stuff. Lots of fun rewards. None of them gave nothing at all.
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  16. FyrasDrinal Journeyman

    This year's xp bonus week truly highlighted how ridiculous the system is.
    Level 100 joins ToV mission and instantly made 108. 2nd ToV mission takes you to 110, then it slowed down.

    XP grinding should be a reasonable substitute. Perhaps make the first half expansions mission based xp and the 2nd half expansions (CoV and the latest expansion) xp grind based.

    After 110, xp grinding is so unbalanced relative to missions that it is beyond stupid. 60 second taskadd vs 1 month of xp grinding...

    I actually did xp grind from 110 to 115 without missions. It took a full calendar year for me.

    In the xp bonus week, I ran at least 20 toons from 100 to 115+ mainly limited by replay timers.

    IMHO, the game is extremely unbalanced and under-utilized. The few zones we get each expansion are mostly unused with the exception of the few missions needed to merc/partisan each zone. It's such a waste... Why would I spend any time in Velks, even at the appropriate level? I do repeated missions for guaranteed loot and more xp than grinding.
  17. Fanra

    [Wed Dec 07 20:38:53 2022] Your task 'Eyeing a Snack' has been updated.
    [Wed Dec 07 20:38:53 2022] The eye-popping snack has been successfully delivered. Khala Dun Bokh tosses a few into his mouth with a satisfying gristly crunch. Tossing that same hand into a pouch, he produces a reward of eye-juiced coin for the trouble.
    [Wed Dec 07 20:38:53 2022] Khala Dun Bokh says, 'This eye is perfect, thank you!'
    [Wed Dec 07 20:38:53 2022] You complete the trade with Khala Dun Bokh.

    The quest says we get, "a reward of eye-juiced coin for the trouble.", yet we got nothing.
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  18. Tappin Augur

    Here we go again. The evidence was there during ToV...

    There are only two reasons for the current leveling system:

    1) to avoid having to make any major corrections to exp curve for new and old content,
    2) An attempt to charge for leveling your characters.

    This has nothing to do with returning players. And I disagree with TLP servers attracting new players. Most people who return, return to their characters they have already worked on (and they are not on TLP).

    In my opinion, Everquest is just a money source for other games... they put no effort into this game anymore.
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  19. demi Augur

    I agree with you.

    things they did with no effort

    TS Depot
    100 lvl Heroics
    New TLP's
    New halloween /ach's
    New Anniversary tasks/misions
    new Key rings with each expansion
    speaking of new expansions oh ya 1 new expansion each year with the 2nd year a lvl increase..
    plus many more things in the back end .. 64 bit , NEW UI in the works ..


    bonus experiences , rare spawns, reduced lockouts, faction ..

    just my 2cp
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  20. phattoni Augur

    i havent bought expansions since i discovered grinding mobs was no longer a thing, i dont do missions, and i dont really group so all i have is grinding mobs lol.

    new/returning players are going to hit this wall and quit. its not good for the longevity of the game, and peoples solution is to pump out krono for a pl.

    its taken me 1.5 years to get from 110-114.

    i dont even log in to play any more, i log in for the 5 minutes it takes to do overseer then log out again, the game just isnt fun in its current state.