Norrath's Pauper Dragons

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Brontus, Jun 19, 2019.

  1. DeseanJackson Augur

    So? Can’t it be lighthearted, fun, and also an issue to him? This is by far the least threatening or impactful request change I’ve seen lately. The defensive nature of the replies is humorous, as bumping his cash drops to say 100pp would literally impact nothing. Some people really hate change, even the smallest and most insignificant.
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  2. Brontus Elder

    Thank you for this considerate and thoughtful reply!

    One day I noticed how little coin dropped from a signature dragon and it occurred to me that something was amiss. I thought I must have been mistaken so I resolved to take screen shots of future dragon kills and I found the same results.

    Somehow it just didn't seem right that an all powerful dragons who are the boss of the two hardest dungeons in EQ classic. Both Lord Nagafen and Lady Vox are iconic fantasy MMORPG dragons.

    As EQ players and citizens of Norrath, we're all proud of our dragons. I know the EQ devs are as well and I hope they do the right thing and bump up the coin that they drop to a respectable level.

    On a personal note, what has amazed me is the level of negativity and obstinacy on these forums leveled against players who have the temerity to make suggestions. I feel sorry for the Daybreak Games developers that have to expose themselves to the endless supply of needless toxicity on these forums.
  3. taliefer Augur

    i feel sorry for them having to wade through nonsensical stuff like this thread to sort out real issues
  4. Brontus Elder

    Who made you the arbiter of what a "real" issue is for the EverQuest community?

    You've posted on the Necro DOT revamp threads which is great. But you don't see me on those threads disparaging that issue or you for doing so. How about showing me some equal consideration and fairness?

    Ensuring that NPCs have appropriate item and coin drops that are commensurate with their statue, their level of difficulty, their importance in Norrath is indeed a legitimate and appropriate topic of discussion for these forums.
  5. That0neguy Augur

    I think the dudes name was Common Sense that granted Tali this authority.
  6. Herf Augur

    No no, the shroom king GROWS new tunics, so they never run out. ;)

    The Hill Giants...well...umm..they go on raids themselves to get plat.. yep, that's the ticket!
  7. Password1234 Elder

    In all seriousness, what is the deal with airline peanuts? I mean, who are they trying to keep out of these things?
  8. Zanarnar Augur

    I'm still waiting for the EQ lore to back this up. Until you provide some, I'm now asking the GM's to make all dragons in game summonable by collecting orbs, and instead of fighting them they grant wishes. That's how they're described in Dragon Ball lore so the dev's must have overlooked that when they designed the game.

    Wish granting dragons in 2019!! Who's with me?

    (PS: In all honesty the ONLY in-game dragon that should drop lots of plat is
    Phara Dar
    .. actually he should drop lots of GOLD since that's what is piled up around his room. (Maybe instead of dropping it, each pile should be a loot bag full of gold and jewels instead?). There isn't another dragon in game that has treasure piles anywhere near it. I'm kind-of disappointed in you, Brontus, that you didn't counter with him as an example. Very disappointed.)
  9. taliefer Augur

    these forums did, as much as they made you an arbiter for bringing up this non issue.

    by all means, if you think the necro dot revamp, for example, would be a waste of time, speak up. the devs read these forums, and are a big source of feedback.

    i am pretty sure you have effectively trolled the forums tho, as i cant imagine this being a real issue considering the value of the items the dragons drop. noone kills dragons for coin, at any stage of the game, in any game. they kill em for the loot items
  10. HoodenShuklak Augur

    That's exactly his point.

    Nobody kills dragons for coin because they drop no coin.

    You're both right.
  11. Brontus Elder

    A non-answer. I never claimed to be the arbiter of anything. I don't go around to people's threads and tell them that what they've posted is not important. Yet, that's exactly what you did to me.

    I never expressed an opinion either for or against on a possible necro dot revamp. I asked you as a fellow human being to put yourself in my shoes and show me the same courtesy as I and others have shown you.

    My purpose was to bring this issue to the attention of the EQ community. That is my right as an EQ subscriber. I didn't troll anyone. You on the other hand have been trolling me the entire time with a constant stream of negativity and obtuseness.

    As HoodenShulak has pointed out, people don't kill dragons in EverQuest for coin because they don't drop substantive amounts of coin. There is no reason why EQ dragons -- the hardest bosses in both classic, Kunark and Velious -- can't drop great loot *and* lots of coin at the same time.

    Fantasy dragons are well known for dropping vast amounts of gold, so I stand my original thesis that EQ dragons should drop more coin (see my previous posts and rationale.)

    This is the last time I'm going to reply to you on this thread because you shown that you are not here in good faith to engage in a productive discussion. I will continue to shed more light on this issue undeterred by trolls, contrarians and forumquesters.

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