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Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by fransisco, Sep 28, 2013.

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  1. Nenton Augur

    The case has already been made and it's incredibly simple. Death Bloom could be completely removed and raid necros wouldn't feel it because of all the mana synergy on raids. Or DB could be given a 1 minute recast for that matter and a raid necro's mana situation wouldn't change nor would their dps increase. DB is essentially meaningless on raids except as a way to return mana after a death.

    Groupers on the other hand rely on and were tuned around a 3 minute Death Bloom to be relevant in the group game.

    So instead of giving groupers an OOC requirement punishment (which no other class has to deal with for their mana return abilities) just so the devs can continue down this ineffective raid necro nerf crusade they could just roll everything back. Groupers wouldn't get unnecessarily nerfed and raiders would still be in the same position they've been in all along (due to raid synergy, not DB).

    This should happen but is guaranteed to not.
  2. Pyemia Elder

    I'm not saying you're wrong in your logic, but your example is a bit over-simplified. Druids haven't been designed for the last 3 years (including spell costs) with Death Bloom in mind. Necromancers have. We're talking about a bit of a different situation than what you're suggesting.
  3. Necromonious Augur

    I agree that having to stop for 30 seconds is really dumb. As it stands my 95 necro will oom after dps'ing hard after 15 or so dark blues (with some raid gear and lots of mana regen AA's). If u use the new Deathbloom it'll take him back a little above half, and then once he ooms he's stuck sitting ooc and regenerating mana. If I get lucky, I can use a gift of mana proc on necro's mana regen transfer spell at the end of a pull and be back in business in 30 seconds anyway. So like others have said, having to sit there for 30 seconds to use a mana regen ability is redundant, because a necro is regenerating regardless, and if he got lucky with a gift of mana proc he can put a good mana regen buff up and the AA would be partly wasted then in many situations.

    On the flip side, my 95 Mage can stretch his mana far better than the 95 necro with conservative mana use (just bolts and gargs) and doing good dps. This is partly due to benefitting from the necro mana regen buff without having to spend mana to cast it, but also because mage's mana recuperation spell is not an AA so u can use it again with hastened forceful rejuv. I am really surprised to see this because for his entire existence my Mage has struggled with mana but now with these nerfs the tables are turned....
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  4. Loratex Augur

    Can still use the original one too. From what Eli said its on a seperate timer. Suck you have to hit ooc to use it but it is better then nothing, as soon as it fades use the original one, should hold you off for a few. Though 33k mana isn't all that special either.
  5. pk76 Augur

    i don't play a necro and i don't like that nerf , specially for grouping players , don't put groupers and raid in the same boat.
  6. Badname0553. Elder

    Eli why can't you just set the recast timer for deathbloom to be 5 minutes and boost the mana returned so that its equivalent to about where it was? So 28,000 mana returned over the 42 seconds on a 300 second recast vs the old 16,800 returned over 42 seconds on a 180 second recast. Even if you boosted up the hps drained per tick some or reduced the mana slighty it would still be a better fix to fix the nerf for groupers.

    This puts Deathbloom at about the same refresh timer as the other abilities like harvest, self mod rods and the spell mana tools that other classes have. This doesn't force grouping necros to mend before burst classes do. This stops raiding necros from jumping right back into battle with minimal down time as their get up and go ability timer basically doubled in recast time but the overall mana regen provided remains for groupers. Its basically a win for everyone. Raiders don't get to use it as often. But it totally reverts groupers back to where they need to be as the sustained class.
  7. pk76 Augur

    @ sancrotis ->>> Well said ;) , but i don't think they will listen anyway.
    stop the dam nerf ( s ) in group game , if i am jealous at a class, i just have to make one and enjoy it....
  8. Piestro Augur

    Hey folks,

    As the resolution to this issue has been decided I'm going to go ahead and lock this thread. If you'd like to give feedback on the new ability please use its thread.
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