Non-Raiding Necromancers

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by fransisco, Sep 28, 2013.

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  1. fransisco Augur

    Math is way off.
    Necros get mod rods just like everyone else
    Also, your leaving out your lich spells for necros

    Mages also can only use 1 single mod rod. They all share the same cool down.
    As well, all harvests have other issues. A 10-15 second cast with several seconds of full bar cooldown.
  2. Marton Augur

    I think OP is mostly concerned about solo players which means no mod rods if they don't box a mage.
  3. Artemis-Entreri Augur

    This is about solo / group necromancers.
    Please show me where my "Math is way off".
    Mages don't have any self buffs / AA's for mana regen? (Mag) Phantasmal Guardian 46/tic, (Mag) Phantasmal Symbiosis 48/tic, Elemental Form Water 36/tic
    Wand of Phantasmal Modulation "Recast Timer 40", and Large Modulation Shard "Recast Timer 19" These are in the above list, and stack just fine.
    So your "harvests" don't work? You can't use it between pulls?

    Standing mana regen:
    1.) Magician standing mana regen (Phantasmal Guardian +46 + Phantasmal Symbiosis +48 + Elemental Form Water +36 + clarity pot +37 + bst crack pot +17) = 184 mana / tic = 31 mana/sec, which you can add to the magicians already 85 mana/sec = 116 mana/sec

    2.) Necromancer standing mana regen (Lich +222 + bst crack pot +17) = 239 / tic = 40 mana/sec, which you can add to the necromancers already 28 mana/sec = 68 mana/sec

    So all told: Mage still beats Necro, even counting Lich.
    Magician - +116 mana / second
    Necromancer - +68 mana / second

    This is what it's going to look like in the group / solo game for us Necromancers soon as the Deathbloom nerf hits us.

    1.) 48 mana / second differance between Mage / Necro
    2.) 3600 seconds in an hour, 3600*48 = 172,800

    Mages produce 172,800 more mana, than necromancers in an hour. And, your spells are DD, your not wasting any mana. Us necromancers, when the mob dies, all those dots on the mobs are wasted mana, (never got to do their damage).

    We don't have the luxury to have a mage in our group all the time, or to keep feeding us rods when we solo.

  4. Artemis-Entreri Augur

    Just to let future readers know. This isn't calling for nerfs on any other class. This is to show our relation to other casters in the form of mana production, which allows us to do our job. Reference material above is for Elidroth, and other Devs to look over, to see where "we" necromancers are in the scheme of things.

    Again, this is for group / solo play. This is nothing to do with raiding. We are loosing a huge chunk of our mana regen capabilities, this will kill us in the group / solo environment. So please don't get offended, this is just reference material, and feedback, nothing more.
  5. Artemis-Entreri Augur

    If Death Bloom isn't going to be reverted back to it's normal state. Then something Needs to be given when a necromancer isn't in a raiding environment, to replenish mana. Soon as DB nerf hits live, we will be a broken mess.
  6. Gragas Augur

    OOC regen?
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  7. --Voodoo-- Augur

    OOC pretty much trumps everything, and is readily available.

    [edit: Gragas beat me to it]
  8. Artemis-Entreri Augur

    So you wont mind necromancers being in your group, and making use of ooc regen every 10 mins? Because in a fast pulling group, with only using DB every 10 mins, is where I end up currently.
    Swarm Pet (100)>>Swift DoT #1>>Swarm Pet (95)>>Swift DoT #2>>Swift DoT #3
  9. Gragas Augur

    Necros group?
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  10. Kylo Elder

    why is necro lich not included in the list? wizard are the weakest caster out of all caster except chanter. no one play chanter anymore lol. by far necro have the best of everything so far and yall keep wanting more
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  11. Artemis-Entreri Augur

    Not everyone who plays the game is a Min / Maxer. It doesn't matter if I get better xp soloing. I can't group / hang out with friends if I play a necromancer? What kind of nonsense is this?
  12. Artemis-Entreri Augur

    You can see a few posts down, what necro lich is like, compared to a magician. Guess what, we still lost in comparison by 48 mana / second.
  13. Gragas Augur

    Naw, totally sympathize you on being nerfed, just normally see necros kiting a lot. Does Blood Magic factor into being used if you run low on mana and in a group or suck away your hit points too fast?
  14. Artemis-Entreri Augur

    I haven't bought blood magic yet, but a fellow necro on the necrotalk forums had this to say.

    "Jebasiz - The 10min recast is too much. 5 seemed long when bloodmagic was down."
  15. Artemis-Entreri Augur

    Just so everyone knows what Blood Magic is... With Max Hasten AA's it's only usable every 18 mins.

    This ability allows you to fuel your spells directly from your health instead of from your mana. Blood magic is dangerous, though. Spells will drain more health than they would use mana and every time you cast a spell while Blood Magic is in effect, there's a chance that the penalty will grow. Once you have started using Blood Magic, you cannot stop until it wears off by itself or you die. Additional ranks increase the duration of each stage of the effect.
  16. Kylo Elder

    well to put it this way . I am a group base wizard and when you put those # up that got me interested so I decide to investigate and lol you necro got it made. your lich plus DB combine give a total of 130 mana/sec while wizard only get 94 mana/sec. that is so unfair lol.
    I use rk 2 necro lich = 222 mana
    wizard rk 2 harvest = 20688 mana
    I did not include claw or force aa because claws cost mana to cast and it is base on luck sometime casting 10-20 claw and my spell wont refresh. and the force refresh aa is 1 hours and I don't want to do 1 hours because lol it look worse for necro class.
    o yea when you talk about solo you mean busting up name in t1,t2, and I am pretty sure some t3 rof name. when wizard solo we cant even kill any name in rof t1
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  17. Bauer Augur

    Artemis is talking to other nonraiding necros.
    If you want to discuss wizard mana regen, you should make another thread and stay out of his.
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  18. Apato New Member

    At first I thought you were just comparing all the AA mana buttons, seeing the AA canni on top, but going down, you include the AA and spell wizard harvests, and it seems odd not to include lich when you include the canni, as they're more or less the same thing, one being instant, the other a duration. Lets adjust those numbers.
    Really, you could add another dozen "lines" to that list to try and make it comprehensive, I'm sure.

    And then you point at how it could be higher with 'claw procs', so I guess this means you're looking at a situation in combat. Don't necros have a mana tap at level 99? I'll admit I have no idea how well it works, but it would be a tool if necros are truly having mana problems. Or they could just ooc regen with the rest of us, unless sitting down is beneath you. Heh.

    Also how you included every self mana-regen known to magician kind, but left out necro spell rune (granted its only a meager 2 mana a sec) but it comes off as skewing your data.
  19. Artemis-Entreri Augur

    (Lich +222 + bst crack pot +17) = 239 / tic = 40 mana/sec
    (Death Bloom) = 28 mana/sec
    Total = 68 mana / second

    (Bucolic Harvest) - (depending on claw procs) = infinite to 50.28 mana/sec
    (Harvest of Druzzil) - 45.36 mana/sec
    (bst crack pot +17, + crack pot +37, + Mount +40, + Stonescale +11) = 18 mana/sec
    (Familiar no idea here) No idea how much you get from Flappy...
    (Arcane Overkill) Maybe a good thing I don't know how that works lol...
    Total = 113 mana / second

    1.) 45 mana / second differance between Wiz / Necro
    2.) 3600 seconds in an hour, 3600*45 = 162,000

    Wizards produce 162,000 more mana, than necromancers in an hour. And, your spells are DD, your not wasting any mana. Us necromancers, when the mob dies, all those dots on the mobs are wasted mana, (never got to do their damage).
  20. Apato New Member

    And now you're comparing a mounted wizard against a non-mounted necro? Really? Really?? At least try to be fair.
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