Nobody wants a kunark start

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Ownanat, Apr 7, 2024.

  1. NuffanTuit Nuffan Tuit on Innoruuk Server

    Kunark will spread out the players...not a bad thing...if Kunark Launch still gets to the same date before Velious opens it is not a huge issue.

    For Daybreak it is less money...

    Breeze that early will hurt clarity potion sales...

    At the end of the day Daybreak should be most concerned with what makes them the most money....

    They are about to find out that the current plan for Tormax will not come close to 2020 results.
  2. Kahna Augur

    Because most of us are happy with Teek and we don't care what they do with Tormax.
  3. Sanguine50360 New Member

    Definitely happy about Kunark start! Shaman getting some quality of life (especially some group buffs for raiding happiness) was what I needed to go Shaman main.

    And I'm excited about starting on a fresh server in Kunark. Haven't leveled in the iksar zones since Kunark first came out. Looking forward to it!
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  4. AzzlannOG Elder

    I don't think you're going to find a lot of backing here. I wish it was classic start but it also doesn't bother me enough to complain about it.
  5. Tyranthraxus Grognard

    But at least it has a Kunark start! :D
  6. Agonybot2 New Member

    TBH if it wasn't Kunark start, I probably wouldn't play until Kunark came out... I've played day1 from every TLP and tbh I am very burnt out on classic only. I love Lower Guk, it might be my favorite zone in the game... but it's been tapped for nostalgia juice.
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  7. Search and Rescue Journeyman

    Hell no, classic sucks (Was amazing 25 years ago, now it's an ancient nightmare boring grind)

    Everyone wants a Kunark start, capped at level 50 is super dumb, not to mention other servers I've seen are capped at like level 20 or something insane and they are in GoD what the actual %$&*?
    Dumb dumb dumb.

    Kunark start is desired by almost 99% of players.
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  8. GnomeGnomeGnome Elder

    I definitely prefer a classic start.
    But there seems to be a lot of excitement and enthusiasm about Teek just as it is. So for me the best outcome is a server that proves successful for a big community. If that means Kunark start, I can live with it, because I am hoping to stay on the server for 2-3 years anyway.
  9. Search and Rescue Journeyman

    No to literally everything you said.

    Hell no even.

    Baz should have been in original EQ and offline in Kunark.

    I spent enough of my life in a lame tunnel trying to sell stuff for a game instead of enjoying playing the game I paid for.

    Spells are already stupid and hard/expensive to get in higher levels when they should be cheap and readily available.
    They are a BASIC necessity for casters, no spells, can't play.
    Making spells hard to get, and player sellable for absurd amounts of money is something that always irked the crap out of me about this game.

    Vendor ALL spells (Except Ancient) and make them cost real, fair plat amounts, not the tiny amount they charge now. PoP/Ldon spells should be like 5-10k each on vendor, maybe slightly more.
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  10. Bard2019 Elder

    I always thought it would be cool to have a 2 week Kunark unlock where only Iksar can level up on Kunark for the first 2 weeks while everyone else is on the mainland. Then everyone on the mainlands can start going to Kunark after those 2 weeks.
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  11. NuffanTuit Nuffan Tuit on Innoruuk Server

    Only there was never a bazaar before is offline immediately now it took years before it went offline originally.

    IF we are going to have tradeskills they should be useful.

    Including research...I agree with the premise of three expansion out put them on a vendor....but also agree make them cost some plat...need more ways to get plat off servers.

    In 25 years of EQ casters have always gotten their it obviously was not a
  12. CdeezNotes Augur

    Hence the "player made solution to a deficiency in original EQ" statement. Do try to keep up.

    And your statement is wrong about casters. Ranked spells came out TSS (?) and made latest in-era spells immediately available. You were able to then upgrade them via groups/raids (rk 2 or 3). Casters didnt need to go out and get their spells for 25 years besides going to a vendor and clicking purchase. This has been the norm for the last 18 years.
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  13. Celatusp99 Augur

    kunark start does not bother me.
  14. Doze Augur

    I don't understand the opposition to this.
    Teek and Tormax will literally be the first servers (since Kunark was first launched back in 2000) that opens with Kunark (and only Kunark) available from day one .
    It is a unique chance for many to experience a slightly new way to start out in the world of Norrath that they never had the opportunity to try before.
    For one then FoB, LoIO etc. will be packed for a while and many other lvl 1-45 Kunark zones will probably also be a lot more crowded than normal.
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  15. Breaker Journeyman

    Really disagree here. This is the whole problem with modern gaming! Creators used to focus on building fun games, but somewhere along the way, focus shifted to lucrative games, and they are not the same.
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  16. OldTimeEQ1 Augur

    I am really looking forward to KUNARK start.

    After many TLPs doing classic for 2 to 3 months, it is now as much fun as stubbing my toe!

    I just wish bazaar came in earlier.
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  17. Exmortis_MT Augur

    Thank you for speaking for me, and every other EQ player, what would we do with out would be tin-pot dictators telling us what we want.

    I am actually indifferent to it, I wanted a box friendly server.
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  18. **Dragonslayer** Lorekeeper

    in 2024 yes back in 99 no, i'd love for an auto trader in ec, but tbh u can buy everything in general chat now as the bot armies farm the good loot and spam it over and over everywhere
  19. Risiko Augur

    I want Kunark start, so does that mean I am not part of "nobody" or... hmmm does that make me somebody since I am not part of nobody. I'm confused. How does this work again?
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  20. Raytheon Augur

    Kunark start is an absolute win. They should have started doing this way back when they started the 3/2 expansion unlock cadence. Now all they need to do is compress some expansions together into on 3-month unlock down the road too, like LDoN and PoP and some of the level 70 slog.