no of ores in raid loot

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  1. Stephen51 Augur

    We raided Sunday the 5th and say no increase in currency or ores (or anything).

    However I did the group missions on Monday and the ores on all events had increased from 1 to 2.

    As memory serves back in TOV where I think Darkpaw started this, group missions, only had their ores increased once through out the lifetime of the expansion from 1 to 2, where as raids increased, eventually to 4 and currency 4 times, from 10 to 40. Group currency never increased. Did Darkpaw put out an official post about this system? I'm not sure. Did someone complain about the group currency not increasing? I'd bet real money on it. I'll see if I can dredge up an old post later.
  2. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    I wasn't paying full attention, just saw a shed load of items and went and made a cuppa while loot was done. Other half is saying normal visables, rings, range and other stuff looked to be double
  3. Nilwean Elder

    Looked like only 1 extra piece of t1 to me.
    The ore, spells and ornaments all doubled.
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  4. The real Sandaormo Augur

    Coincidence we also had our best night of Luck Aug farming too after ores/spells got doubled? killed trash in Obliette instance and Aten and pulled out 16ish augs. not bad
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  5. Kaenneth [You require Gold access to view this title]

    On this topic I was thinking about how I don't like the 10-20-30-40 curve. I wish it was more like 20-26-34-40; and ores were 1+33% chance/1+66% chace-2-2 or something.

    It's really painful raiding after the initial race knowing you're only getting a small fraction of the reward you'll be getting in a few months.
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  6. 0rion New Member

    It's now past the 9 month (270 day) mark. Did the loot chests double again? Did raid currency increase? I'm sort of curious....
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  7. Zunnoab Augur

    Raid currency yes as per someone telling me as such Sunday, but I'm not sure on the other stuff.

    As for ores, the problem is one of design as well. Either the CoV ores were too good or the ToL normal gear is too small of a difference, making it a side-grade.

    I like the Seeds of Discord mechanic of upgrading raid visible gear with the group gear. Maybe ores should require the raid piece and a group gear piece to use. I'm not sure what to think of the ores; I just know they made ores the only worthwhile upgrade to most CoV ore gear.

    The normal gear being in low demand sure does make it great gearing apps and returning players though. (and alts)

    I tended to bid on items with names I liked knowing ores would replace them.
  8. Galamann New Member

    As of tonight (9/6) coins are up to 40.
  9. Koutarou_E'ci Elder

    I think the mark was finally hit with ToL such that a raid force that beats the expansion roughly halfway through will _just_ be finishing ores for all members around the start of the next expansion.

    Last couple years with ore going to alts caused a lot of problems keeping people logging in and motivated in the september-december timeframe. Last year I was full CoV ore by September. This year I currently have 13 pieces and probably will just finish up around the next expansion raids start, just in time to hop back on the hamster wheel.
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