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Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by zenless, Feb 25, 2020.

  1. zenless Journeyman

    Lets face it, there won't be a new TLP announced. It would have been by now.
  2. Zansobar Augur

    They have said they hope to have some sort of announcement by the end of the month. It's not the end of the month.
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  3. weewooweewoo New Member

    Personally I think the way they stay quiet about TLPs until the last minute is actually so annoying. I don't believe that keeping it a secret does anything positive for the game, Instead of having an open discussion with the people running the game we're just left in the dark.
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  4. zenless Journeyman

    Yes this.
    If there’s nothing to be hyped about. I’ve lost interest and will find something else to be excited for, and not check up on eq anymore
  5. jeskola Why no Erudite Female avatar?

    The madness that will be a no-truebox FV loot TLP server has to happen, just as a social experiment or spectator sport for the forumquesters if nothing else. It will make a boatload of money most likely. They can open it alongside a Mangler clone with a twist of some sort. Let's toss in a third server for the PVPers too.
  6. sumnayin Augur

    Hope they do, then I can be more productive with my life not playing EQ, like I have been while waiting for a new TLP
  7. KnightofTruth Journeyman

    It's kinda like how they stay quiet about the malicious mass botter in Sirens Grotto and Chardok, few other zones, while he just happily farms away off his 1 computer that he invested thousands of dollars in to be able to do what he does. Fun stuff. I don't really understand how they can turn a blind eye to someone churning out hundreds of dollars worth of platinum a day, unless they are somehow benefitting (hint: they are)

    There are so, so many threads, and reports about this cheater, and not just him, but a few others, that it's simply amazing nothing has or will ever be done. Not sure how someone literally selling almost every item in the game just gets a pass, and automatically undercuts you on the bazaar if you sell the same item.

    LOL. Playing is pointless with this type of malicious hacking. Dead serious.
  8. Beep Elder

    To be fair, most PC gamers spend thousands on their PC, but you can box 40ish toons on an $800 machine as long as its got 16gb+ of ram. I doubt whomever you're upset with has this bespoke supercomputer you're imagining.
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  9. Dulu Augur

    I used to multibox in Dark Age of Camelot 10 years ago, on a $300 laptop.

    You don't need a good computer to box, you are 100% correct.
  10. Dontez New Member

    I’m a bit surprised there has been no announcement on a new TLP. The longer you give the player base to plan and let the hype build the more players you will have. Announcing it 2 weeks before release hurts DBG the most. PoE realized this years into the release of the game and since the remedy of this error, every league after has drastically increased player base.
    Me: “So this event was just announced and starts next week. I’m going to need Monday - Wednesday off”
    Boss: “Haha, you know we need a month for that kind of time off! Good joke! You really want that off? I’ll replace you.”

    Welt scrap that TLP
  11. Fraggly Augur

    Dreamweaver stated the announcement would allow people time to take off.... so....???? I would wager that the release date will be X time after the announcement, such that a later announcement simply means a later opening date.

    I bet you will still play on the next truebox server that hits though!

    Truebox has created the squeakiest wheels and emptiest cans this world has ever seen. :D
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  12. That0neguy Augur

    DW also stated that he would have "news" and that if you expecting a server announcement you would be disappointed.
  13. Vaxpo Elder

    No Truebox would make it a complete waste of time. It would be nothing but a bunch of solo players running around 6 boxing, exactly what killed the early TLP. One of the biggest draws of TLP is getting to actually group with other players and not have to box to enjoy the game.
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  14. sumnayin Augur

    I just think it is hilarious that this company still has a pre-Miragul headline at the front of the main page. Like, take 2 minutes to update it with something else, like anything. Show some life. Staying dark doesn't entice anyone.
  15. Nolrog Augur

    I am hoping there is a break in TLPs for a bit. We are a bit over saturated with them.

    New blue server, maybe even something never done before is fine, but not another TLP yet.
  16. Updawg New Member

    you do know that this statement makes no sense. If everyone thinks that the biggest draw to a TLP is grouping, then they wouldn't pay for 6 accounts to avoid it. Either grouping isn't nearly as liked as you believe or a new no truebox server will still have plenty of groups going on.
  17. Ninita New Member

    I definitely wont be playing on it, I come and check the forums and every time I do it is just a bunch of lists of cheaters. The only way i would join is if they made a playstation only server, because if you cheat there they ban your entire playstation account, and with the ps5 they will brick it. People tend to cheat less that way.

    I really hate cheaters and how these mmo companies do nothing about it.
  18. sumnayin Augur

  19. Vaxpo Elder

    The one who makes no sense is you.

    I don't even need to argue with you about this since actual evidence exists proving my point. The first TLP crashed and burned entirely due to allowing everyone to run around 6 boxing. They implemented truebox code for that reason. If what you are claiming is true, then that server should have flourished with everyone content running around boxing in their own little isolated worlds.
  20. Updawg New Member

    Tell me what I said that is not correct if it makes no sense. Just like you having no idea what caused the first TLPs to crash. There have been several truebox TLPs since then, are they all doing well?
    I personally couldn;t care less about truebox or not. I'm merely saying, once again, that if the best thing about EQ is the grouping then they shouldn't have to force people to group. If grouping is so great and such an integral part of the game, why introduce mercenaries that act exactly as a class a person can play, just add that person to your group.
    The simple fact is that getting a grouping is awesome, but very time consuming. If you only have 30 minutes or an hour to play, getting a group together of getting into an existing group can be difficult.
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