No new HH this year?!

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Greggorr, Jun 28, 2014.

  1. Greggorr New Member

    Seriously? You guys have been killing us with this lack of new content... Honestly, releasing one zone at a time for the expansion? It's pathetic. The least you could do is give us some new HH content this year. Hell, I'd even settle for a new prog server. Is it me or is SoE really starting to show that they are just trying to milk this game for the last few measly dollars they can get out of it while driving their customer base away so they can kill it off once and for all?
  2. Zahrym Augur

    Have you not been to PoWar? doesn't get much more 'hard core'.
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  3. Wayylon Augur

    PoWar? doesn't get much more pointless.
  4. Bardy Elder

    They need to make the HH zones 90-100. The level 100 people are the ones looking for new content, there's tons for the lower levels. Just kinda makes me feel like the devs aren't thinking about what's best for the game and just copying old stuff from last year.
  5. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    Where does the op say he wan'ts 'hard core'? He is complaining about the lack of content nothing about difficulty.

    6 zones for a yearly expansion is pitiful, especially as 2 of those are hub zones. Ykesha had 6 zones and that was only a 6 month expansion.
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  6. Apex Elder

    Well it is called "Hardcore Heritage" j/s and PoWar is only pointless if you want lolezmode.
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  7. The Drood Elder

    We got two new HH zones last year so nothing new till next year. This has been the trend for past couple years with the new release of HH new zones.
  8. Vlerg Augur

    Certainly wouldn't hurt PR to add 2 new HH zone this year, even if there's no raid linked to them.
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  9. Benito EQ player since 2001.

    The HH zones you are looking for are the "revamped zones" for the next expansion.
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  10. Vlerg Augur

    on a slightly related subject, we are running kinda low on classic zone to revamp, right? Sol A and upper guk are still viable I guess... Warrens wasn't there in classic. i'd hate to see kedge keep, najena or befallen as HH...

    droga-nurga-seb-chardok anyone?
  11. silku Augur

    Was kinda shifty to ask us if we wanted 'new content' every week while meaning 'should we justrelease old content every week throughout the year'.
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  12. Brohg Augur

    No one said new content every week.
  13. ptah Augur

    God I would love to see KC or Chardok revamped to HH level or similar to PoW levels. Offer an instance request NPC for regular zone for people questing etc.. But use the Gobal zone for revamp. While a no merc within the zone maybe too much.. I selfishly would vote for it.

    You know Seb or Befallen would be interesting. But those are the zones I love. I want to stress, sweat, and fear again.
  14. Vlerg Augur

    pretty sure SoE stated they'd release new stuff every wednesday... can't find the exact post.. but most of that ''new stuff'' is actually old stuff... like the 5-6-7-8-9-10-11-12-13 anniv stuff ( who don't open up all the same week) or the heritage raids who came out years ago...

    but that's beside the point.
  15. SaderakhBertox Augur

    They're just warming up ;)
  16. Zahrym Augur

    I don't understand the sentiment PoWar is pointless's yet another aug/rare gear (circle 4's) that everyone can use. The mission aug and the reward for killing the final guy (in the raid & the final group area) is separate from that.
  17. Elricvonclief Augur

    Folks, the Public Relations team is who piped up about the every week release. Not literally, but the dev who said it was parroting what they said.

    Now we're waiting for more content, and they're trying to feed us old zones, and saying they're new.

    Remember, the dev team got cut hard back when CotF was released, the devs are working hard. I just can't see a small team building what we want.

    How do we convince the decision makers in SOE to allocate more resources to this game we love/enjoy and spend money on?
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  18. Fendy Augur

    Here's the link

    and here's what it said about weekly/monthly input. Note the words feature refinements and holiday events.

    Here’s a bit more detail:
    ·What sorts of things will come out weekly?
    oThese will be things like straight-up feature refinements, holiday events, short adventures, or pretty much anything that doesn’t merit being in the expansion or being a big monthly highlight. But something of this sort comes every week.
    ·What sorts of things will you deliver monthly?
    oEach month, we’re going to do something interesting and fun, like aging a cool existing dungeon up to end-game levels and itemization, or adding a series of quests for players to find and explore. Maybe even a new zone sweeper or random world event, or that sort of thing. Something new and fun to experience with friends and guildies.