No money items in new expansion?

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Mezz, Dec 15, 2017.

  1. Ofearl Augur

    Yeah last night I got a few collectibles items natural spices and a new TS silk. Didnt get gems.
  2. Gialana Augur

    Right. I still haven't seen any gems or older pelts/silks/ore.
  3. Thrillho Augur

    Clearly, the only solution is for people to reroll a rogue, as they have the ability to print plat.
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  4. Tronda Journeyman

    lol... tell me how then it gets interesting...
    If you mean the reason in that thread:

    then I wrote a solution... and if that is printing plat... then I better MASS PRINT plat much easier in another way.... because collectibles are crap compared to other methods :p

    If there is another reason - I am awaiting the post...:cool:

    But perhaps you mean the secret chamber in RoS? Which ports you to 4 different mobs not mentioned in the Beta? :eek: Or the secret room for the GMs where they can port into their equipment- room with the ultrarares? :rolleyes: Yep, was there. :p My rogue has SuperSoS since then. You can get this easily, it is a ground spawn you have to activate.:D He can steal with his unique steal ability meanwhile from every named using this SoS-3-skill to get even every RoS-T2-drop. But that is not sellable - nodrops... you know. Or do you mean to steal all the new and superrare ores and dusts and such stuff from the usual trash mobs in RoS zones? You know, take em from behind with SuperSoS and use the "Supersteal" feature. Perhaps if we petition than everybody can upgrade their begging skill to "Beg 3" and they get a drop before they get smacked by a named?

    I got massive drops meanwhile - the typical standard drops of other expansions are sparse but the drops for EoK tradeskill items are plenty after a night (Skyfire).:D

    If you don't get anything then I urge you to post exactly the zones because I have the feeling this could be zone dependent!
  5. Tatanka Augur

    Whatever. You skip that most people's plat store is from game play, not Kronos or RMT sellers.

    You also ignore that spending plat can't buy you skill or knowledge of the game, so no, spending plat on your char does not gain or "cheat" anything. But feel free to enjoy your delusions.
  6. Tronda Journeyman

    oh.. too lazy even to read and one of the Kronos buyers... or the description fits your life..?... I understand, I hurt your feelings. Truly sorry for that :confused:

    Plat can buy you a guy who PL your toon.
    Plat can buy you equipment (ultrarares) to look as good or partly better than EoK raid gear.
    Plat can buy you somebody who pumps you up with tradeskill items to get your artizans prize up.
    Plat can even buy somebody to level that if you are too lazy for that...
    yep... so far for delusions...:confused:
  7. Thrillho Augur

    I was referring to that thread, yes. But not that post. Someone mentioned printing plat in there somewhere, I can't recall which page.

    As for the rest of that post... what? Secret abilities? Secret rooms? GM rooms? Which mob drops tinfoil hats?

    >Tronda, 26 minutes ago
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    >Tatanka, 10 minutes ago

    Probably didn't see your edits. Even this one I'm quoting from you has been edited a couple times. Edit to change a grammatical error or a spelling mistake, don't edit to add information. Or if you do, add in a note for what was actually edited.
  8. Tatanka Augur

    OK, now I understand it, you're just a very sloppy thinker.....

    Yes, you CAN spend plat to do something >you< consider cheating (still maintain that's the wrong word, but whatever, see below).
    But not all plat spending on your char falls in those categories. You said, people who spend plat on their chars are cheaters.

    All poodles are dogs, not all dogs are poodles.

    Getting PL'ed? Not cheating
    Buying ultrarares? Not even remotely cheating. Oh look, I have a whole 1500 more HP than you (out of 200K).
    Buying TS items to pump up your Artisan's Prize? Sorry, this one isn't even possible. YOU have to complete the recipes to increase the stats on the Prize.
    4th one? Sounds like the first one, so not sure what point you're making.

    That's enough for me on this one. Reply or not, I don't care.
  9. Tronda Journeyman

    I say it again - if you don't read then you don't know what I mean with cheating.. repeating that whole boring text which you don't want to read does not make it better... I said that what you in your post are stating... and you care enough to post :p
  10. Lily Augur

    Saying someone who needs plat can just buy a krono with real money to sell is being short sighted. Maybe the reason someone is low on plat is because they used it to buy a krono instead of shelling out real money.
  11. Thrillho Augur

    Vendor fodder isn't going to help them fund krono purchases. At ~3mil a piece, that's a lot of blue diamonds. Best bet to farm plat for krono purchases would be to find bazaar items. Spells, collectibles, TS stuff, etc.
  12. Hiladdar Augur

    End game or not, focus on playing the game how you want to play it. But do not ignore the in-game financial side. You don't need millions and millions of plat on each avatar, but you do need enough to cover the expense of leveling. A simple off line vendor with appropriately priced items should handle this issue when you.

    Regarding drops, there should be sufficient vendor junk drops to accommodate merc and tribute costs. If there is not, that is a design fault with the expansion.

    Regarding inflation of krono value in terms of plat. That is based on the influx of plat into the game. The more plat on the server, the more folks are willing to pay for a krono. This is a simple supply and demand issue. Decrease the how much DBG sells a krono for, and the plat value of a krono on all servers will drop. Increase the amount of plat on a server and the what a krono sells for will increase. Currently kronos mostly used as a hedge against devaluation of plat due to oversupply of plat on the server. Used for high value trades, and used to pay for 30 days gold play on an account.

    Finally, regarding cheating. Any one who deals with a third party outside of the game to either buy or sell leveling services, krono, gear, or accounts is cheating. I believe that such interaction are in violation of the ELUA and should be aggressively addressed. I think the issue is how DGB can only target accounts own by the third parties and not the legitimate player base.
  13. Feznik Elder

    If you can't make 200k in about 2-3 hours by selling the tradeskill drops to afford your new spells, then you are doing something wrong. There's no need for vendor fonder, the Dev's finally got something slightly right this time.

    And if its that much of an issue, any level 95+ can slaughter an old zone for a 1-2 hours and make 200k between tradeskill items and vendor sellable loot.
  14. Toomba Elder

    im broke and i can afford maintenance, if i have super zero plat it takes a relaxing day to get a mil...all is well as is. Hiladdar your aa count is nice, but as i’ve found by surpassing 80k myself....rather pointless. I’d love to see endless aa lines so that hardcore grinders can benefit from them.
  15. Niskin Augur

    If this is a scheme to drain plat out of the EQ economy then I can at least support the intent. Yes, I will be sad that simply playing in RoS won't be enough to pay for my merc. That's my main concern anyway. But I have no problem farming old zones for plat, I've been doing that anyway to pay for Type 5 Augments.

    A good plat sink is something that people with plat will want to burn it on, but not something that those who are broke can't live without. So the people with millions can burn that and get something they want for it, and I can ignore it completely and even maybe make something on it by selling the TS items. Realistically I'm not going to do that unless it's real easy to find a buyer and offload the stuff, but I digress.

    The point is that even for a player with minimal playtime like myself, plat is easy to come by in this game. Since I can level to 110 outside of RoS, there is nothing stopping me from advancing and making plat at the same time.
  16. Dahaman Augur

    Just a low/mid state-of-the-game anecdote for comparison:

    I'm playing a level 73 Shadowknight thru the Hero's Tome quests. I just completed the Sunderock Springs portion last night (i.e. adventuring in level appropriate zones). I do not use a merc, nor have I auto-granted AAs. I'm moreorless experimenting with seeing how the AA line consolidations work out there days on a from-scratch character. I'm up to 800 AAs for posterity.

    I get most of my cash via tradeskill drops from mobs and selling them using /barter while adventuring. I'm sporting around 40k platinum at the moment (first and only character on a new-to-me live server). I give a personal shout out of thanks to Miktiny (or spelling close to that) the buyer of Stale Larkspur! You are great!

    Vendor item drops barely keep up with RK I spell costs (if they actually do) and do pretty much nothing for buying equipment via /bazaar. Defiant armor can be bought at decent prices (1k-5k). Non-visibles in the 65-75 variety were available around 5k average. Level 71-76 item upgrades are running 25k to 40k, if they are available (pretty rare actually), so a career investment for one piece. Ouch!

    In short, I'm having to rely on tradeskill component drops in the TSS era zones to be able to afford equipment for the character (or having to wait to earn it via questing). And this is with a decent amount of grinding (800 AAs by level 73). ROS sounds like it is the same.

    If tradeskill drops didn't sell, the low/mid game would be harsh from a loot view point. Currently though, the game plays as a pretty good adventure!
  17. Gundolin Augur

    Yeah, that's about the average I see on the Rathe also. 2.0 is about as low as I've seen and 2.4 about as high as it goes.
  18. segap Augur

    What if the person needs those tradeskill drops? What happens in two months if the market becomes over saturated with the tradeskill items?

    Then there are people like me. To "feed" all my alts, will take over 5M plat just for essential spells and type 3 augs. That doesn't even get to making armor. I enjoy actively playing the game and playing different classes. I don't enjoy tedium like slaughtering trivial zones, inventory management and playing the bazaar game.

    I don't care if I amass heaps of plat. I just want to be able to maintain enough to stay even. I'd at least appreciate getting enough vendor loot to keep a merc up and running.
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  19. Ngreth Thergn Developer

    No comment other than I plan to expand the Empires of Kunark cash loot to Ring of Scale.
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  20. Goodn Augur

    Thank you for your response.
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