No Krono. No daybreak cash. Truebox. Fabled. Sub Only TLP

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  1. coltongrundy Augur

    Dead on launch.
  2. Deathcomestoall Lorekeeper

    LOL seeing how daybreak would make no money they would never do it.... Everquest is about making money then the community even if they do not openly say it they are a company.
  3. Hirbow Augur

    Do you realize the name of the OP made for this thread, read it again. No krono, no daybreak cash, Sub only.
    And plat does take long to farm. On the last few true box servers, you don't see any Pl services until at least 2 -3 weeks into it. Are you new to TLP's? Everyone has to level up , including the PLER.
  4. Digler Elder

    The problem is the PL services on this 'krono free server' could charge krono that can easily be paid/delivered on a server that has Krono. Or they can just charge cash to be paid via paypal.

    You're point about this taking a few weeks to get set up? The PLers would have max level characters by the end of the first weekend, easily, if the server launches on a Wed afternoon. They could easily box a crew of Ench, Ench, Mag, Mag, Wiz, Cle to max level in that time. Then AE power level a couple of other classes (likely 3-4 more wizards for better AOE), in under a day. Then be selling power leveling by the end of the day on Monday.

    The challenge/issue with this is that it creates the opportunity for 'fraud'. Someone pays of server for the PL service, and they never get it. That's not good for the game, because it drives away customers.

    The best aspect of Krono is that it creates a way, in game, to help eliminate that. Also, it lets Day Break get a piece of the action, because they are the source for all the Krono at $15 each.

    Eliminating RMT cannot be done, so long as the game exists. People have been selling plat, items, characters for real money since the game has been around (or shortly after it launched).

    Where people doing it on e-bay from day one? Most likely not. However, I'm sure there were a group of friends playing, and one of them got something (manastone maybe), and his buddy said "I'll give you $5 tomorrow at school, for your manastone".
  5. rangerous Elder

    You dont seem to understand how any of this works.

    If someone offers to pay a few hundred USD a piece for a L50 delivered 48 hours after launch. They gonna have as many L50s 48 hours after launch as they want.

    These leveling services are offered before the server even opens. Not 2-3 weeks after.
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  6. c313 Augur

    Whats the point of having non-traddeable Krono if server bound?
  7. Corydon Augur

    Point is people can get game time with plat instead of sub money.
  8. c313 Augur

    How would we get it though with plat if non tradable?
  9. Vlahkmaak Augur

    Add hardcore perma death to this and I'm in.
  10. Corydon Augur

    You go to an NPC that sells krono for X plat. Eat that non-tradeable krono to get game time. Price will vary and is supervised by DPG based on plat available on the server. (Similar to WoW token.)
  11. error Augur

    RMT happens regardless of game time tokens and like others have pointed out, the krono exchanges could still happen off-server (at an increased risk of getting scammed, of course). I also doubt DBG has the metrics in place to put a reasonable price on tokens the way WoW does, and even if they did such a system would just provide an automated method for the bot groups (that control the majority of plat generation on any early TLP) to buy up all the krono as they become available. It'd be making their job even easier.
  12. code-zero Augur

    What would really happen on such a server is soandso farms a quantity of platinum, sells it on the 3rd party site and then takes the money earned to buy the krono that suchandsuch sold to the same 3rd party site for platinum on the server of their choice.
  13. cybertoothlion Journeyman

    Everyone thinks Krono makes tons of money, which it does, but don't realize how many players would come back for a normal server. My dad included. It isn't the same anymore. The amount of SUBS a normal server would generate might actually make them more money than Krono on that server.

    Just my 2c.
  14. rangerous Elder

    They just RMT the platinum for straight cash homie how do so many people not understand this. You guys forgot the pages and pages of ebay listings selling plat and high quality items in 99-02?

    They just sell the best drops for straight cash

    They just level the characters for straight cash

    They just sell plat for straight cash.

    As is it even when you pay krono for an item or exchange plat for krono a percentage of those people dont actually want the krono they just goto a 3 party website and flip the krono for cash.

    Why do people think not seeing green circles on their inventory screen will stop RMT?

    Why do people believe before those green circles showed up this wasnt happening every single day?
  15. Skuz I am become Wrath, the Destroyer of Worlds.

    You do not have to use Krono if you do not want to, it is an entirely optional thing, you can sub & only do that if you want to.

    JChan is not going to come to your Dad's house the minute he logs in & start putting JuJitsu arm locks on him to force him to buy Krono.
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  16. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    The very concept of krono is to subscribe to all the games and all the servers making it impossible to have a server that doesn't user krono. All removing krono would is change where the transactions take place and increase the number of people who get scammed from them.
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  17. Triconix Augur

    I'm not understanding the point of this. I use a regular yearly sub on my accounts. Sure I can eat kronos and farm plat/items to flip for krono in game. Here's the the thing: I hate mindless farming. It's a waste of time for me just to save $100 a year per sub. I have absolutely no need or desire to farm krono. I have krono and millions upon millions of plat scattered on my characters that has gone unused for literal years.

    How would a server without krono change things? You can play the game completely uninhibited by krono. Outside of regular expenses, even platinum is pretty much unneeded. Why is there such an obsession with krono on TLP? Buy a sub, play the game, ignore krono, enjoy.
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  18. Overcast451 Augur

    Certainly a part of it is revenue. Which really, is good if a person likes playing EQ. Without a profit all that would be out there are emulated servers. Done that before, but those could come and go like the wind. Heck, any of those servers could suffer from the people supporting it getting tired of the upkeep or whatever and go away without warning.

    I've always loved EQ, so I play on the official servers and don't mind paying if it helps the game stay around.

    Years ago I was always adamantly opposed to any type of RMT at all. But it was there as far back as I can remember. It was third party sites. Instead of selling PLs as much - they just sold characters. Items could be bought for cash and they would give it to you in game.

    I mean - how do you stop that without some type of penalty to legit players. People decide to quit or move servers and sometimes give gear away. Nothing wrong with that, but who's to say if it's a person giving an item out for that reason, or giving an item to a family member (I give my wife, friends, and guildies free junk all the time) or if that person is doing a RMT over the web? You can't really. You could look for patterns with specific players and all - but that would probably be crazy man-power intensive to avoid 'false negatives'.

    I mean - what's worse than RMT and Krono? Accusing legit players of stuff they aren't doing.

    If you prevent items trades - that would devastate the economy of the game and be far more detrimental to the game as a whole than RMT to be fair, so that's no answer either.

    So I'm sure a good part of it is revenue, but I'm sure another part of it is that they can at least have a modicum of control over some of the RMT action.

    Like the debate on weed legalization. It's still illegal in a lot of places, but that does little, if anything to stop the trade and use of it. Most agree - government is better taxing it and regulating some aspects of it. Even with that - people will still buy and sell private party. I'm sure you can still pay cash for items on these servers on websites out there.

    Yeah, it's changed. I'm a long time player - 50 years old, so fairly grumpy too. While Krono has brought some evils to the game, as a more mature player - it brings some benefit too. Basically - I just outsource my PP farming. Want to Jewelcraft? Want to spend 1200 hours farming mats and coin? Or 18 bucks on a Krono that can feed your tradeskills for quite some time.

    Should tell dad to give it a try. At worst, he can cancel and say he was right. But personally - I changed my opinion ;)
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  19. Gheed Is not reading your response

    D O A
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  20. c313 Augur

    Krono is something that will always be around. It is too much of a money generator for DPG. Long gone are the times of surviving off of only Subs.

    What I would love to see is server bound Krono. Same functionality and price, but only tradable on that particular server.