No Krono. No daybreak cash. Truebox. Fabled. Sub Only TLP

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Grtoski, Mar 27, 2022.

  1. Grtoski New Member

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  2. Hirbow Augur

    Yes yes yes yes.. but get ready for all the EQaccountants and Finance experts that will tell you how much money Daybreak is going to lose
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  3. Vicious EQ Elder

    How about just no when I crush everyone the cheaters will finally be exposed for not being able to play with their trash programs.
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  4. Ponter Elder


    Or even have a server launch where only "fresh" krono can be used and you can't bring the ones from old servers in.
  5. Corydon Augur

    Fresh krono seems fine. Also make them non-tradeable. But I'd personally rather not have them at all.

    Also get rid of copper and silver, make them x100 instead of x10 and introduce one level above platinum.
  6. Vindar Augur

    It will never happen.
  7. rangerous Elder

    No krono wont happen and wouldnt even give you what you want if it ever did...
  8. Hirbow Augur

    In a way, this server kinda makes sense if you think about it.
    Specially after a Free-trade server in which most of us have experienced an increased in Kronos, how is that fair for a Fresh start on a TLP server for those that have not had a chance to play on it, and accumulate a nice wealth.
    How is it a fresh start when people are carrying hundreds of Kronos from day one? Then why not let everyone start with 10,000 PP just an example if you don't have xxx$ kronos on your account.

    It kinda ruins the economy from day one; and yes people can and will RMT etc.. but the fact is that is really not a Fresh Start is it ..?
  9. rangerous Elder

    We dont give everyone 10kpp because EQ isnt pro communism.

    All krono does is represent RMT in game like you said theres no way around it.

    It allows daybreak to get a cut of this and people to get scammed less that it all.

    There is no fresh start or economic equality IRL and EQ as immersive as it is ultimately just a program that is running on your computer IRL.

    Krono does not cause RMT. It doesnt cause imbalance. RMT simply exists. Imbalance simply exists.

    It doesnt matter if krono are allowed or not RMT will be the same over the lifespan of the server.
  10. mark Augur

    the solution would be to only allow the use of old krono for subs and only the use of kronos to trade on the tlp bought from charecters on that new tlp from daybreak.
  11. rangerous Elder

    This does not stop RMT at all.
  12. Hekkthebank Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds

  13. code-zero Augur

    What possible motivation does Darkpaw have to create a guaranteed loss leader? Has it never occurred to you that the reason for the "Krono farming" is that there are a huge number, possibly a majority, of players who aren't going to play on a server where they can't buy Krono from DBG to trade for stuff in the game? That's not even touching the marketplace and all the bags and potions sold.

    This is a server that would be populated by people who buy a monthly subscription with a credit card and who'd be inclined to do a charge back if things didn't go their way
  14. Tweakfour17 Augur

    Right, because anyone who realizes a nokrono server is a bad idea and won't happen is a farmer. I forgot.
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  15. Truetotheblue Augur

    I don't know why anyone that throws this "no krono" out automatically assumes it will fix server economies or RMT. RMT and buying LR existed before Krono, it will exist after if Krono ever goes away, it will (and does) exist in other MMOs that you play, and it will still be a thing in other games when EQ dies. Hell, even P99 has RMT.
  16. Triconix Augur

    You're with OP in being of equal ignorance, perhaps. It's literally impossible to have a no krono server. The company would face legal issues if they even attempted to do so as it would break their own TOS.
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  17. Chyron Lorekeeper

    I love this reply. Let's not consider a business and its economic revenue, lets just have that business make a server that I want to play!

    It's a 20-year-old game. Krono is keeping it profitable. In a genre where the trend is free-to-play and subscription-based game are dinosaurs, Darkpaw has to continue to consider how to generate revenue. With TLP's, this means bag sales, krono, experience potions and marketplace sales.

    Each new TLP launch avoids niche experiences because their revenue model is depending on a huge spike in May-July. Having that launch be something that specifically caps revenue makes zero sense.

    That said, I'd love a server like that, I agree with the premise, but it made sense 20 years ago, not today.
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  18. Zygone Journeyman

    1. No tradeable Krono. 2. Limit 1 character online at a time from an ip address. 3. No tradeable items, must be in party to loot. 4. Give an allowance of x amount if platinum per ip address/account per expansion to buy spells with etc. If someone wants to waste their limited amount buying loot rights they can at the risk of not being able to afford the necessities (spells etc). All this = EQ the way it's meant to be played. The people that play with spouses etc. can make their way over to the other TLP server.
  19. Zygone Journeyman

    I forgot to add other than allowance nothing sells for or drops any currency (cp, sp, gp, pp).
  20. Hirbow Augur

    But It does solve everyone starting with $0? which is the point.
    And no, you can't RMT the plat, since time is needed to farm RMT plat and its not ready to be tradeable at the start. Hence: a Fresh TLP. Not a tlp and your baggage from your last 7 Tlp's