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  1. Neverquesta New Member

    Sitting mindlessly for hours in zones and and in general chat looking for a group. At 110 and over 27k AAs i can easily solo. Tired of soloing i like company. I really don't want to pay for something when i'm idle looking for group most of the time. I know a new expansion is coming out soon and some say these experiences will change, i doubt it myself. I loved this game so much i stayed around for the long haul and now i'm just plain disappointed. i'm just not sure putting more money into this is worth it anymore. Please exclude those in guilds as a exception but even then there can be a lot of waiting. Understand places i wanna go it's not your average groups at my level. Pickings are very slim or none.
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  2. Zamiam Augur

    I'm sorry but finding groups at 110 is easy depending on what times you play and what server your on ... sure you may have to solo/molo for a bit but picking up peeps from general who want to group is not difficult .. im on bertox and I see peeps all the time (high lvl peeps )in general chat LFG .. also if your bored and you see a lowbie LFG why not create/use an alt yourself and group with them or shroud down to their level I mean if your just sitting mindlessly for hours anyways ..
  3. lancelove Augur

    Yes ive been saying for years there needs to be a group bonus-for some type of group aa's or...
    Devs dont get that part. I remember when PoP came out and grouping was insane to grind aa in Torden, killing bees. LFG was easy and grinding all night! I feel you though. I gave up lfg long ago for the same reason.
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  4. xcitng Augur

    Hmmm, i see high levels looking for more in a group a lot, must be your server.
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  5. Tucoh Augur

    I know you've probably tried a lot of this, but finding a group reliably is a lot more involved than just sitting in a place asking for a group in channels. It's all about cultivate friendships and building a reputation.

    • Find a guild - the more activity the better in terms of being able to find a group, but a smaller guild can work just fine too.
    • Find friends by reaching out to folks who need help, even if it doesn't accomplish your objectives. Maybe you see some dude who is solo-farming Tears of Alaris mobs. Tagging up with him could dramatically increase his kill-speed but won't help you get much of any XP. But maybe later when he's looking for a group he'll know you'd have his back. Maybe you want to farm in Overthere but you see someone looking for more for a Dead Hills run. Or Frontier Mountains, or help doing Into the Temple in TBM. In today's cynical EQ where everyone has a long list of things they still need to do to improve their character it's rare for someone to selflessly help a stranger, so those acts can make friends easily.
    • Treat every random pick up group like a job interview. If you show up prepared, give it all your effort, do your job properly and act cordially with the group they'll regard you as a friend. If you're a top-player, carry the team and go out of your way to be a great group member they'll throw you on their friends list and look you up when they need to run a new group.
    • Start a list of all the voice chat servers (Discord, teamspeak, whatever) on your server and get used to joining them. Just about all the top players use voice chat and if you want to really get to know people and integrate with them, you'll need it.
    If you make an effort to do all of this on an active server like Bristlebane, Xegony and others, it won't be too long before you can't log in without getting spammed with group requests.
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  6. Gundolin Augur

    Which specific zones are you trying to find groups in? Just curious if you are maybe working through some back-flagging in old expansions or something like that.
  7. Laronk Augur

    In Everquest you need to be proactive if you want a group. What's that mean Laronk?

    Well I'm glad you asked!

    1. You need to be the group leader, invite those lfg plebs don't be one
    2. You need to have a plan figure out what you need
    3. You need to make friends, in general chat the people saying I need help for this quest can anyone help me! Those people also need friends talk to them, help them
    4. You should join a guild
    5. If you're in a guild try to organize people to do the EOK quest line to get the aa buff that you need for some nameds.
    6. Another good goal to set is to get all of the achievements that give those little hp and ac rewards and invite anyone to come along, if you're doing the cotf ones bring level 95 people
    7. Inspect your friends, some or all of them wont have BIS augs organize a group for them to farm those augs
    It takes a bit of time but if you're always helping people do quests in general and you're the guy that forms groups in guilds to get achievements done soon you'll have other people pounding on your door whenever you log in.

    Lots of players are lazy, they turn on lfg and they do gribbles. These lazy players often will follow you anywhere even if its just so you can do your things. Make a list of all the things you don't have that you should have. The best part of having such a list is it meets point #2 have a plan, that way you're a some class lfg and you only see one other 110 lfg you can be like oo we can do these things.
    I do see that you say
    If the only thing left on your list is farming x named in VP then you need to make friends because it's not pickup group stuff anymore
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  8. Endaar Augur

    I wonder how much of the OP's issue is this...I'm recently back playing on The Rathe, and there is very little guild activity if you're not prepared to commit to a raid schedule. Seriously thinking of a server transfer.
  9. eqgamer Augur

    op is right no matter how much some of you try and spin this. I got 5 says more who lfg are left lfg until they succumb to soloing or camping. You can BARELY argue that it takes guilding. Thats not happening on a regular lfg basis. MAYBE the occasional here and there. Op is right. Is state of game.
  10. Tatanka Augur

    Well, I hate to say it, but the old "if those looking for a group would just join up, viola! you have a group".

    Unless there's only one of you LFG/server at any given time. And with mercs, ANY two chars can have a functioning group.
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  11. Laronk Augur

    It is the state of the game but the steps I listed are the steps that we as community members need to do to make the community a better place and make people want to lfg more. If the OP doesn't want to try to make the community better and just go to the zone turn on lfg and hope for the best than whatever good luck MR OP same thing with you eqgamer.

    The main thing is people who are lfg normally don't want to form the group and they want a "classic" group. You might see a 110 beastlord and a 110 berserker lfg, do they join each other pop out 2 mercs and go find something to do? No more often than not they sit and wait for something like a tank because they'd rather sit there lfg than do something "sub par". These same players likely have 0 to little ranks in hero's resolution fortitude and vitality and could be missing out on a bunch of raw hp ac and stats
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  12. Gnomeland Augur

    For people to want to pick up group, there has to be a reason behind it. What's the reason, right now? It's the end of an expansion, and most people are only looking for very specific drops or achievements. In which case, why would you want to share rare drops with random people? And why would you expect other people to need the same achievements as you?

    The game doesn't itself create enough opportunities to bring random groups together; and that is a game design problem, for which there is no easy answer. It used to be that inviting a random person of the right class could change what you could do. Now, you can no longer expect that unless you know the guy, because having a bad player in the group creates more problems than opportunities.

    Think about it this way: it used to be that, even when the player's bad, all he needed to do was cast a simple slow, or complete heal, or even just attack, and that would contribute so much to your access to content. Now, though, the requirement is so much higher. Having a player who barely performs above a mercenary is not useful. They just eat experience and drops, and create down time when they need a break or leave. So unless it's a friend, why would you group them?

    I don't know how to fix it, but I can definitely see why it's harder to justify inviting a random player to your group today.

    This is even ignoring the fact that many people think they have better social skills than they do, and end up being poor company that ruin the feeling.

    To this end, it's funny watching online games evolve: in the beginning, it was all about bringing people together. While now, it's all about keeping them and their worst behaviors as far away from each other as possible. It's gotten to the stage where, in new online card games as an example, your social interaction with another player is now limited to just pressing one of six conversation buttons. Talking is now banned.
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  13. Ksenija Elder

    Get rid of mercenaries and limit boxing, but, anything we say just fall on deaf ears with dev's
  14. Zamiam Augur

    If they did that I guarantee EQ would close its doors within 2 years..
    I box and I use mercs if they got rid of 1 or the other i would not be spending anymore $ on this game and I prolly would not play at all ..
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  15. segap Augur

    That will drive more people away than it will bring people together.

    Being in a guild, any guild will improve your odds of getting groups. People are more likely to help someone out with doing stuff if there's some sort of connection. And as others have said, if you're making the effort to create a group and recruit people to do something, you'll have far better luck. Don't say "looking for group", but "who wants to join me to do X?". Those that just look for others to do the work of putting a group together and deciding where to go will just be left sitting there looking. Someone has to take the initiative.

    When you do get a group, be useful, don't be dead weight, don't be greedy, contribute to getting stuff done. People will remember you and seek you out in the future (or avoid you if you're dead weight).
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  16. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    I think a lot of this has to do with the point we are at in the expanion.

    A new expansion is due next month, so a lot are busy in beta testing things and exploring. Those still on live servers are either only logging in to raid or group with friends in already arranged groups to finish up old content or are doing tradeskills.

    Give it a month and the world and his wife will be LFG looking to get things done in TBL.
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  17. BadPallyGuildLeader Augur

    Expand boxing. This guy just needs to make his own group.
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