No FTE on Teek and Tormax

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  1. Ilshade Augur

    I'd really like to know how many of the accounts railing against FTE all went to the same handful of IPs, just alt accounts for the people who miss training and KSing.
    you know it is going to happen then they will all ask for FTE to be added on the next server ROFL
  2. Lejaun Augur

    More likely it was just easiest to copy the ruleset of Mischief and generic TLP then add on FTE . Mischief rules already create a barrier to KSing because people can camp random spawns around the world to get key items, and if you KS something it’s hard to get the normal drop anyways, so it’s of a much lesser benefit to KS specific named.
  3. Ilshade Augur

  4. NuffanTuit Nuffan Tuit on Innoruuk Server

    Oakwynd had more players than Fippy..

    Population on Game Server Status is directly tied to the number of accounts logged in.
  5. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    That isn't necessarily how Daybreak judge things, they can tell how many people are activly playing and not just logged in afk. They also know how many created chars and when they played and when they didn't.

    They also know what effects FTE had on the servers that we may not be aware of. They may have decided Teek doesn't need FTE as there wasn't as many CS issues on Mischief server either.

    There is a lot of info we do now know as to why they didn't put FTE on the new servers. They would have had their reasons.

    Personally I've never had any issues with KSing or camp stealing on any TLP server outside of slowing a mob as a mage puts a pet on in it the newbie zones, which I just switched mobs to another, it is no big deal. I've seen a few trains to zones, derailed a few and died to a few. It is something that happens when you camp a zone in.
  6. NuffanTuit Nuffan Tuit on Innoruuk Server

    For me it is about being able to pull mobs in level appropriate zones and not have them taken away from a higher level player.

    It was true in Rathe Mountains, it was true in Ocean of Tears it was true in Kael, it was true in WL Geonid caves. Maiden's Eye and Umbral Plains also Halls of Honor...Fortunately BoT has always been well divided.

    The effect on trains were simply a bonus.

    And While I am sure Daybreak has access to a LOT more data than we have....

    The Game Server Status has ALWAYS been driven by the accounts logged in, it does not care how many characters are on an account, it does not care if they are in XP zones or EC Tunnel or Nexus or Plane of Knowledge or Guild

    We were told it does not count off line traders.
  7. AzzlannOG Elder

    It's pretty obvious Teek is going to be a banger. Every indication is that it will be extremely populated. Very few people love FTE so much they would not play a ruleset as good as Teek, because there isn't FTE.
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  8. xxar Augur

    I think we all know Teek will have a high population , the argument is to make Tormax a copy of Teek + FTE .......... If you want at POP merge the two servers and drop FTE if needed.
  9. OldTimeEQ1 Augur

    What is to be seen is how bad/long the queues are going to be on Teak, and whether the name reservation does really have any beneficial impact over it.

    Apologies in advance as my posts appear out of sync in the middle of threads due to a delay ( not at my end).

  10. Doze Augur

    Dear oh dear ...
  11. Kahna Augur

    But what about the folks who want it to be Teek + No Truebox. That one would probably have a higher population (or at least more accounts) and it wouldn't draw people away from Oakwynd.
  12. Soriano Augur

    Mass Boxers will be on Teek where they will find customers. Casual Boxers are not going to gravitate to a vanilla server. It will be a replay of Aradune and Rizlona with zero enforcement on Teek...
  13. Kahna Augur

    But I didn't say a vanilla server. I said Teek + No Truebox is what they are calling for, as compared to Teek + FTE that xxar wants. There are two communities pulling for two very different things here and if they can't find a cohesive voice nothing is changing. If the forums haven't made enough of an outcry that DPG responds by friday then 90% chance the servers are going to stay as they are.

    As for no mass boxers on Tormax, eeehh, I dunno about that. Fewer people will need to buy gear on Teek. More access to gear from drops while leveling up means that gear will plummet in price, especially now that we know how plentiful it will be and people are content to wait. Only the true whales will bother paying excessive prices for gear. More people on a server means more raw plat in circulation which means inflation will hit harder and krono prices will go up faster. So on Teek a farmer will have to sell 3 Fungi tunics to get a krono, on Tormax the farmers will be selling them for 3 krono each.

    The smart farmer will go to Tormax where they can lock down Spore King in multiple picks and sell pre-nerf staffs and Fungi BPs to all the folks leveling their personas. Farmers don't care about the server's longevity. I would bet they make 75% of their profits in the first 3 months.
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  14. Weathervane New Member

    If we are interested in preserving Oakwynd and having Tormax be a 'viable' server this would likely be the best option. An Aradune clone without the pandemic or any unique rules seems DoA
  15. Soriano Augur

    There is no preserving Oakwynd...
  16. Lejaun Augur

    Absolutely, but there is always that tiny chance. It would be stupid to bet against it not being popular, but there is always a tiny chance.

    As for the rules, again if Teek had FTE it would still be as popular as it’s likely to be. I’m not saying it needs it, but it wouldn’t hurt it either. And what is that ultimately saying? That free trade / random loot ruleset is far more popular than FTE is hated, and that many who hate FTE would play it for the random loot portion of the rules.

    But that didn’t and isn’t happening, so no point on discussing it more.
  17. Lejaun Augur

    Just like the server is dead before launch, dead within a day, dead within a few days, dead within a week, dead within 2 weeks, dead in a month, dead in 3 months, dead in 6 months, and so on. Yet it keeps going.

    Move on. Save your hate for elsewhere. You got your Mischief clone, so go and enjoy it.
  18. Dre. Altoholic

    Toxic players be toxic. WTB full instancing already.
  19. Bartholomo Journeyman

    Just to let you know, the playerbase is split on the idea. I had problems with people walking into the camp and pretending to be afk, and then tagging the name with a /tar mobname macro. Then after that, there were 3 crews of bots perma camped in guk all of classic that just sat there. You couldnt pull mobs to them to train them out, and they got reported over and over. So this didnt fix anything in my opinion, it made it easier for 1 person to come and screw an entire group over. Before you only had to worry about a huge box army, do the math there.
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  20. Soriano Augur

    I am not playing on Teek or Tormax....I actually like FTE....Oakwynd is my last server and it will not last past June because there will just not be enough players on it.

    The fact Oakwynd has maintained HIGH population even after the Legacy XP exodus and the trade skill depot issue that was allowed to remain WAY TO LONG, is testament to how popular Oakwynd was from the start...

    Problem is I play on Oakwynd and very few that I have talked to are going to stay once Teek opens. Most were leaving even before they knew what the new rule sets were they were just bidding time until the new servers come out...

    It is always the newest server that gets hit the hardest....but I think what is probably a LOT more accurate is the amount of plat from the Nov 15th exploit is 10x higher than they want to uncover.
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