No FTE on Teek and Tormax

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  1. Soriano Augur

    KS means taking a mob already one can Kill Steal on FTE...

    They may take a mob you feel you just deserve, but if you have engaged it is yours and is locked so others can not steal it that was the whole
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  2. Soriano Augur

    The definition never changed it has been the same definition since 1999, the old policy has been linked many times on these forums so you can actually see what Verant Studios position was on it. without the FTE mechanism it requires GM enforcement and that has been gone for over two decades now.

    Read the last sentence under kill stealing it CLEARLY defines what kill stealing is.

    In case you have trouble finding it:

    Kill Stealing is defined as the killing of a mob for any reason that is already fighting or pursuing another player or group.

    Also a level appropriate character could FD in frenzy room and take a mob if they are first to engage. The difference a max level can just KS you and you can not do anything about it...but a max level you can actually race and get aggro first.
  3. SnapVine Augur

    i guess it doesn't really matter what the player definition if KS is or was, right? mob disputes will be settled by DPS race.

    FTE wasn't that bad and some people liked it. it didn't make things more toxic. even if it enabled some already toxic solo players to "steal" your mob when they otherwise would have lost a DPS race, it was offset by other benefits like reduced training.
  4. Khanfu Elder

    I think it is a good thing that the 25th servers are not utilizing FTE. I don't believe the large open world guilds like RI, Faceless, etc.. would even show up for FTE servers, but I guarantee they will be on Teek without FTE. That's a good thing for the 25th anniversary. This server will be populated for the expansions past PoP and the profits should be great for DBG.

    It will be thanks to servers like Teek, mischief, and FV that the TLPs continue for a few more years to come. Don't knock the FT servers.
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  5. Soriano Augur

    All the more reason for Tormax to have same rules with FTE...

    If it stays as is the queues on Teek will be 5+ hours long for 3 or more weeks and a lot of players will give up because they can never get online to play.
  6. Lejaun Augur

    For more unpopular servers / rule sets, they just need to launch one server. For a popular one like Mischief 2.0 they should launch 2 and then merge them after 6 months.
  7. 25thAnniBaby Lorekeeper

    Current Tormax TLP + Free Trade, no random loot would be my request.

    I doubt the queues will be that bad.
  8. Lejaun Augur

    Sure. It’s much easier to copy/paste the servers from the originals than to add in something new. Also, random loot really messes with kill stealing as well. There isn’t much point to KS the Ancient Cyclops when there are less contested mobs to kill that can also drop the J-boots quest ring. Extra random loot is a great alternative to stopping ksers. Also, because the loot can drop elsewhere, there is more incentive to level up in different zones that normally drop trash gear.

    And Tormax will not likely have a huge population. A Mischief clone will greatly outnumber the population of Tormax. The people who go to Tormax will likely be a bit more casual and there will be less drama.

    Finally, Daybreak has been trying to not produce the same exact ruleset each year. It helps protect the previous TLP’s population to have a different ruleset each year. That’s why they went from Mischief to Yelinak to Oakwynd. Oakwynd’s features include FTE, so they may have decided to save that portion of rules for a different TLP release.
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  9. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    I'd expect to see FTE on the server(s) next year.
  10. AzzlannOG Elder

    I hope not because I think its overall a bad change. Ultimately my stake in the fight is over though as long as Teek stays the way it is. The best compromise would be to have one with, one without FTE now, and moving forward. Everyone deserves options.
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  11. SnapVine Augur

    You didn't like FTE? interesting! what didn't you like about it?
  12. Lejaun Augur

    On a different note from FTE, long term I’m worried we have too many options. TLPs only bring in a certain amount of people. Most people just reroll. That makes it more difficult for any TLP to have a chance at making it to live. Teek will likely be a big server. Where are the players coming from? There are just too many servers and too few players to draw from.

    New? Not many new players come to the game, sadly. Just not enough advertisement, and you’ really need to start on a TLP if you are new. Max live characters have too many buttons for most new players. 1-5% max of the population.

    Returners: Been out of game for a few years or even decades. More here than new players, and more likely to stay, but not a massive population. I’m guessing 10% max of the population.

    Re-rollers: The remaining 85-89% of players. Some are just yearly rerollers to make krono. Some here because they love classic or whatever. Most of these players are making the new server their home, reducing the population from their previous home.

    For Teek, we can expect a small portion to come from Mangler. The ones happy to get to live and ready to do it over again. Not a big population.
    Aradune: A bigger portion than Mangler will come here, but not a big one. The players still there are established.
    Mischief: More than Mangler, probably more than Aradune, but not huge. They already have these rules and are established
    Yelinak: A bigger portion. Yelinak was vanilla, and a lot are dying to reroll. The established players won’t leave, but many will.
    Oakwynd: Probably the biggest single source of Teek players. A lot of these will be the people that play on every single TLP. Classic(Kunark)-PoP is their cup of tea. Some will leave because they are afraid of the population crash Oakwynd will take.

    And so on for each following year. The point is that if you have “1,000” players, it makes one solid server. It makes two low population servers, and three very low population servers, and so on as that 1,000 gets split up.

    It just isn’t sustainable unless you want to reroll every year. We need fewer TLP servers. I would suggest a new TLP every two years (2 servers to start that then merge after 6 months) and another server on the off years that is some sort of seasonal / challenge server with awards that can be used on other servers (Vaniki style). Maybe it’s PVP, maybe it’s a Hunter achievement server. Maybe it’s a dragon hunter achievement server.
  13. Celatusp99 Augur

    I would not. I kinda wish they would do one with one with out so that people who want it can go play there but its not going to happen from everything I have heard.
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  14. AzzlannOG Elder

    There have been a few TLP's that have made it to live with strong populations. Selo/Mischief and most of the others usually always have at least a couple guilds that stay for the long haul. I think Teek has a really good chance to go the distance with a strong pop. Tormax not so much.
  15. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    TLPs these days are not just pulling from other servers, they are also pulling from live servers. Many live players are finding their isn't enough content in new expansions and when May comes rolling around again they are more than ready for something else.

    We need to remember that just because players are on a new TLP server it doesn't mean they have left their old one. My intentions this year is to keep playing on AB and Vaniki and start on Teek. Teek will most likely be the server I spend most of my time playing on until December, when it will switch my focus back to AB for the new expansion and then back to Teek from around February. Unless RL throws me a curve ball again I hope to be able to ride Teek until it hits live.

    Unless they come out with something different next year I will remain on Teek. That said Vaniki is due to hit live next year I believe and if that gets merged, I may look at a third server.

    I think they did the right thing in keeping Mischief rules on the 2 servers for 3 (4?) years. I think that maybe what they will do with the Oakwynd ruleset and we may see that repeated in a couple of years. We may also see boxing servers. I'm not sure on a Vaniki type server as from my take on the AMA is they are not happy with the population.

    They also have the option now of a persona server, everyone can only make 1 char per account, but you can be all 16 classes on 1 char.

    I think as long as each year offers a different ruleset to the previous years server(s) released having new servers each year isn't a bad thing, especially if that server attracts players who want something that wasn't on the last one.

    Also need to remember that they have been creating most servers with the same unlock times, so in theory each year there should be a server coming to an end. If those players don't want to carry on with live they will be looking for a new home. Not many will want to start on a server that has been out for 6 months.
  16. Soriano Augur

    I do not think FTE was ever intended to simply be a rule set...

    Not sure why, but the fact it is not on either server tells me DBG is scraping FTE...shame if you ask me, after playing on an FTE server I will never again play on a non FTE.