No FTE on Teek and Tormax

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  1. Lejaun Augur

    The dupe was a completely different issue than FTE.
  2. Celatusp99 Augur

    I know.
  3. Celatusp99 Augur

    Or the reasons I gave about it being highly exploitable for profit and grief. I know for sure as of today and I'm sorry if that does not fit your narrative.
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  4. Lejaun Augur

    You are right, it doesn’t fit my narrative because it has done the exact opposite of what you just said. FTE made griefing more difficult and far rarer. You would know that if you actually stayed on Oakwynd. When people say they hate FTE because it made griefing more common or easier, then I know they are lying or just flat out wrong.
  5. Celatusp99 Augur

    I would show you how but that would be pretty irresponsible, I'm glad you did not have the same experience with it that my friends and I did. I assure you I had to put in more tickets on oakwynd than any sever i have ever played on and I was only there for a month vs 10+ years on some servers. FTE is a nightmare and I have been assured its never coming back.

    Some of the tickets were from exploits that we found not all were griefing just the majority.
  6. Soriano Augur

    He clearly hates FTE...and his post talking about the players had a solution, and you could just pull a bunch of mobs and train them out....all little tell tell signs he is a fan of kill stealing and training others that do not give him his

    FTE makes it a race.... changes the race, certainly ....but a race to engage none the that scenario you have at least a 50/50 chance...without FTE the army has the huge advantage that can not be over come and without FTE it invites bad player behavior of purposely creating a train to mess with another player...and they see this as OKAY and PART OF

    But even if they believe it is okay to handle things that way, it does not change the fact that it was way less of a problem on Oakwynd...anyone saying different either did not play on Oakwynd and are making it up to fit a narrative they want to create...or they are lying to fit a narrative they want to
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  7. Lejaun Augur

    So clearly you don’t have much experience at all with FTE, and what little you do was when they were putting on the finishing touches and fixing bugs.That was actually the period when the FTE haters were out in force and trying to break it and still found it harder to grief others than ever before. That period was a poor example of what FTE ended as, and even then had less griefingthan normal. I also seriously doubt you had to put in a significant amount of tickets. Darkpaw has actually said that FTE significantly lowered the amount of CS issues.

    As someone who actually played on the server since launch, it became abundantly clear the most toxic players were having a hard time with the ruleset. For the others, it became a nice place to play on with fewer griefers per capita than any server so far.

    I’d love to know who assured you that it’s not ever coming back. You either have some secret mole in Darkpaw feeding you confidential information, or you believe someone who doesn’t actually know either, or you are lying and just placing a guess. Which is it?
  8. Sheila Elder

    It’ll get rid of some of the small legitimate boxers that don’t wanna worry about getting petitioned. Won’t save them from the kronolords. From other threads I think that many would consider getting rid of some boxers a win still. And I’d play there, who doesn’t wanna play with me?
  9. AzzlannOG Elder

    I dont know why they would bring it back. It's not needed in any way. I kind of wish they had done Tormax with same ruleset but have FTE just to finally put this argument to rest. Since its not though we can just go off what we know so far. The only server that ever had FTE was not a success. You can say its for other reasons but there are a bunch of us who could not stomach staying on a server with FTE. Why would they bring it back after Teek sets records for players (which it will). Maybe on some obscure future TLP it will make a return, but I wouldnt bet on it. I'm glad we won this battle because Teek wouldn't be as successful as its going to be with it.
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  10. xxar Augur

    Why do you keep trying to compare Teek to FTE ? FTE is a mechanic change that we want , no one is arguing that Teek will have a high population . That has nothing to do with FTE at all. If you don't like the concept thats fine , play on Teek . The argument was to have Tormax as a copy of Teek , with FTE enabled , you keep trying to skip over that.
  11. AzzlannOG Elder

    You replied to me saying that I wish they did that.
  12. xxar Augur

    Sorry ..

    It does need to happen otherwise one server is dead and the other will be 12 + hours :/
  13. Lejaun Augur

    It would not have put the argument to rest. There are too many variables and certain reasons why people choose a TLP.

    I guess Mischief was the better ruleset over Thorneblade because it was more popular, right? Oh...they were the same. When two servers get released, there will almost never be equality, even if the rules are exactly the same. Everyone wants to go to the "main" one.

    What really happens when two servers get released at the same time is one is typically designated as the "main" one by the population, and that is where everyone goes. I would have strongly taken a wager that if Teek had the free trade / random drops AND FTE, it would be more popular than Tormax with vanilla ruleset and no FTE. I would strongly wager that if there was only one server and it had free trade / random drops and FTE it would be just as wildly popular as if it didn't have FTE.

    In a battle of two servers released at the same time, one FTE and one not FTE, yeah I'd guess the non-FTE would be more popular. Why? Would it be because it's a better server? I don't think so. I think it would be because the ones who hate FTE for whatever reason are so full of venom, so determined to make it fail, and so vocal that it influences so many others. The ones that are indifferent, only mildly irritated, or like FTE tend to be the more quiet ones.

    It's interesting that you say you could not stomach Oakwynd. Why? Because you couldn't plant a necro or wizard at a named and KS people anymore? Because training was no longer a tactic that could be easily used to get the camp you wanted? What caused such stomach pains? I can't imagine that someone tagging a creature for you was such a pain. If it was, then I suspect you used some very unfriendly tactics to get the spawns you wanted on other servers.

    Or was it because guild DPS races didn't happen on OW targets as easily anymore? That is such a tiny portion of the game. Few guilds ever compete for OW targets, as they prefer to spend their time raiding exactly at certain times in DZs.
  14. Jojogo New Member

    Dps races didn't happen because the server was dead due to FTE. FTE is broken and not fit for eq. Sure a one off dead server. One and done. Let it go.
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  15. Lejaun Augur

    Except it wasn't and currently isn't dead. Will it lose a lot to Teek? For sure. Free trade / random loot is ultra popular. However, for FTE, I've yet to see a single actual argument against FTE other than "It sucks, man" and "it's not EQ". No actual reasons other than people mad because they can't kill steal and train others as easy any more.
  16. OldTimeEQ1 Augur

    Any thoughts on why FTE is not in either of the upcoming TLPs?
  17. Kahna Augur

    I mean, I find the 6 second delay after the mobs spawn and before you can pull it to be super annoying.
  18. Larsen Augur

    I got KSed more on Oakwynd than any other server. On a normal server, people just don't really KS much outside of select camps like efreeti. On Oakwynd, it was pretty common to have someone show up and spend a minute or two trying to contest a named spawn, then move on if they didn't get it. It cost nothing for them to try.

    On a server without FTE, the only ones who can really KS are the ones boxing a whole group of mages or whatever, and despite what people around here love to claim, those players make up an insignificantly tiny portion of a truebox server. Unless you insisted on trying to hold one of the very few camps that RMTers tend to contest, KSing was just not something that took place much because almost nobody is mathematically able to do it.

    With FTE, absolutely anyone can KS anybody. The feature increased the list of "players who are realistically capable of showing up and KSing a group" from like 0.5% of a server to essentially 100% of a server. And it costs nothing to try, unlike a DPS race where you have to invest resources and waste a lot of your time if you fail because you spent all your mana.

    I also saw numerous cases of people showing up to an occupied camp and basically going "I'm gonna fight for every tag, so it isn't worth it for you to stay because you're gonna lose at least 30% of the mobs. Move somewhere else." I guess we can call it camp-stealing. That pretty much doesn't happen on other servers.

    In my experience, FTE was a net negative for the game. The only thing it really helped with was training, but it also made it possible for absolutely everyone to KS anybody, whereas prior to FTE, it was really only mass-boxers who could do that.
  19. SnapVine Augur

    Its not "KS'ing" if you haven't engaged the mobs, you're just slow and leaving desirable mobs up. if you can't keep your camp clear, you'll also lose in a DPS race situation.

    the idea that FTE enabled players to be MORE toxic is pretty much ridiculous. I was there and played in public areas / PUGs through PoP.

    why can't you guys take the W and stop making up lies about FTE? It wasn't that bad.
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  20. Fizon Augur

    I like how the definition of KS changed with the introduction of FTE lol. Ur telling me I'm camping something for hours and a dude shows up to take the named as it spawns isn't ksing now? Lol

    Lvl 60 entering lguk laying fd in frenzy room yoinkin frenzy every pop from a lvling group? That's obviously ok too haha I really don't understand the appeal of FTE
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