No $ for you SoE.

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Siddar, Jul 3, 2013.

  1. Tarvas Augur

    Ah, another epic whinefest. Awesome.
  2. Jonny Panic Augur

    It's not an epic whinefest. It's just some customers saying hey SOE, we know you're capable of running double and triple SC events. If you want our money, run another.

    Hyperbole helps nothing but your post count.
  3. Izcurly Augur

    That's because other people live in other places with different tax circumstances.

    We're talking about state tax laws, which vary considerably by state both in amount and applicability to gift cards. Then throw in the in-state purchases (retail store) vs out-of-state purchases (internet) where SOE often isn't required to collect tax. (Technically most states want youu to keep records and pay "use" tax instead to the state at tax time, but in reality almost nobody does.)
  4. Toquillaw Augur

    I know! It's a killer. Even better is when they go on to defend it. Oh, I see, he did that too.

    It's always important to get 100% of the other foot in as well, instead of just 40% of it.
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  5. Toquillaw Augur

    We didn't spend that much but we spent about $50 so far, and will probably add a bit more. My wife is checking her EQ2 accounts for what she needs. Plus, we also spent over $100 on the Gamestop card promotion so we are a bit full on points.

    But we certainly covered the OP's part, and there is no requirement that they take advantage of every deal. But, he is way out of line to assume nobody would buy points at almost half price.
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  6. Trazzlo Elder

    No, but is VERY close to 50% off. Some people call that half price.

    If you don't believe me, I have a bridge to sell you and you will want to buy it since you don't want to be building your own.
  7. Biltene Kingslayer

    I love the assumption that SOE is going to run double or triple station cash in the future. Isn't assuming what they're going to do with Station Cash in the future what got everyone upset when they decided not to let us purchase subscriptions with SC? While it's entirely likely that they will run double or triple again, there's also no guarantee that they will do so. You never know, this may be the best deal you ever see on SC again. So, have fun with your boycott.
  8. Trellium Elder

    Yes, what if there isn't a "50% off sale!" until Christmas? Isn't 40% off fine today then? Certainly not a reason to get bent out of shape over it. 40% is a decent discount, combined with the ability to wait until whatever you want to spend points on is on sale as well. I bought points on several accounts, some to make silver, and other just to have the points for when the merc slots, pet name potions, and exp potions go on sale.
  9. Siddar Augur

    Good to see game is has a large segment of clueless new players that don't know how SC system in game works.

    The normal way SC sales in EQ work is that they are ether double are triple sales. that is the way things have worked with a few exceptions for at least the past three years. That people would not react in a positive way to a change from normal way of doing SC sales isn't surprising.

    As for the charges of whining and excess emotion, I have gone back and reread my original post and see zero of ether. I simply stated the fact that SoE had lost up to $80 from me caused by the nature of the SC sale they had for Fourth of July.

    I will say there is a huge amount of reportable behavior going on in this thread by some of the SoE defenders but I really don't care enough to bother reporting you all for it.
  10. Djinnkitty Augur

    *munches popcorn excitedly*

    Keep going, Netflix' selection has sucked recently. I need another post about how much you don't care about the thread you started and how everyone but you is totally wrong in ways you cannot explain except by repeating already addressed points.
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  11. Toquillaw Augur

    Well, most people are reacting in a very positive way. I know very well how the SC system works. Let me explain it to you. You buy points for a set amount of money. Sometimes there is a sale. The sales take many forms. Sometimes SOE sells the points directly, other times they add points to cards bought in stores, or perhaps they double or triple purchased card points, and yet other times they provide sales on the items that may be purchased. For example, today you can get 40% off on the cost of points, and use them to buy large bags that are also on sale. Or, you can buy a Walmart card for $15 and get 3000 points, and STILL buy the large bags on sale.

    And all of this while we also have 4 days of double exp, which has happened how often before? Hmmmmm? How often did they have points on sale, cards with bonuses, items on sale, and exp all at the same time?

    And, even more astonishing is that they are very close to offering double points! They are not "far off" from double, as others have claimed. Those are people with math issues.

    This is the perfect example of "people who do not react in a positive way" to something that is entirely in their favor, because they fail math, history, and social studies all in one brief post.
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  12. Cacafuego Journeyman

    Changing the way they "pitch" SC from double / triple to %discount is their business.

    My business is I wait for double / triple.

    Want my money? See line above.
  13. Toquillaw Augur

    ... it's the sales pitch that is the issue?

    Wow. That is mind boggling.

    But, suit yourself. You just wait til you get what you want. In the mean time, I will take the new system over the old since it is, of course, more flexible. You can buy 500 points for $3, which is awesome when all you need is a few extra points for something. Instead of being forced to buy $5 worth and getting 1000 points, 500 of which you don't want or need, you can mix and match $3 amounts and up.

    I like it, and I spent money on it. Way better for my needs, almost as good as double points, plus stuff on sale, and double exp. If that doesn't open your wallet, then frankly there is a terrific chance that nothing would.

    At some point, why should they even bother?
  14. Cacafuego Journeyman

    I do suit myself .. that was the point of my post.

    Explain to me why instead of offering double SC like they have ALWAYS done, they have gone to a different formula (which by the way was bound to drive the "lets do math" thread). Their are multiple possible reasons. My theory is they have decided to kill double / triple cause they want to wring more $$ out of the ol` sock.

    I'll wait for double / triple thank you SOE. If I wait till lights out .. that's ok with me. I vote with my pocket book every day.
  15. gnomeboss Augur

    you people would complain about finding a $20 bill on the sidewalk because there was one time, way back when, when you found a $50. go ahead, keep leaving the $20 waiting for a $50. someone will pick it up.
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  16. Khat_Nip Meow

    This whole thread is seriously ridiculous. SOE didn't HAVE to have a sale on anything at all but they did. Because it wasn't enough of a sale you thought you'd come here and complain about it?
    Do you react this same way at your local retailers and to online companies you deal with when they offer you something for nothing?
  17. Djinnkitty Augur

    That's the best part about all this, people are trying to claim they are being charged too much... with a sale. Here's the thing: The cost of SC and SC goods is what they're priced at when there's no sale going on. Therefore anything below this price is a bonus to the consumer. A 40% discount isn't a 10% overcharge of a 50% discount, it's a 40% sale on a 100% standard price. Please stop complaining about getting things below the going price, for the sake of your dignity if nothing else.
  18. Jonny Panic Augur

    I'm sorry, are we in China or North Korea or something?

    Am I somehow not allowed to give my feedback on the quality of sale SOE presents?

    And if I'm surrounded by such geniuses, then in what world in 40% equal to 50%? You toss around terms like "almost" and "just about", but that doesn't have the slightest impact on the fact that, mathematically, 40% off is not the same as double SC.

    When there's a double SC event, I buy four cards (two per account), for $60 total. During today's event, were I to buy the same amount of SC, it'd cost me $72.

    We're not talking hypothetical mathematics, here. This is neither as complex as theoretical physics nor as nebulous as determining the time it'd take to get to OGLE-2005-BLG-390L b; this is real cash in hand.

    Is twelve bucks going to break me? No. Am I frugal enough to notice the difference? Yes.

    Am I allowed to express my feedback as a customer on a sale I find unsatisfactory in agreement with another person giving such feedback without being called a racist, told it's okay I was called a racist because it was "funny", dragged out behind the chemical sheds and summarily executed via firing squad? I am uncertain.
  19. EverChanter Augur

    I'll help move this along!

  20. Djinnkitty Augur

    *chokes on his popcorn*

    Oh god, oh god this is glorious. So now apparently someone saying, "Hey, you're being silly with these demands," is literally analogous to government repression and brutal dictatorships. That's right, you better not question SC sales or it's off to the gulags with you! Well... either that or some people on a forum will call you silly, but that's almost as bad!

    You're totally free to say whatever you want, as long as it's within the forum rules. Likewise, the rest of us are totally free to point out how silly it is, again so long as it's within the rules.
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