No Changes to VP Key

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  1. Midnitewolf Augur

    We will got around 100 posts and aside from I think 2 comments opposing a change that are mostly just trolling for reactions, everyone seems to agree a change is need. seems we have reached a consensus. Devs, time for you to act.
  2. Flyinmojo New Member

    I'm at this point and have to say it's making me want to quit until Velious. Seriously poor over site on an expansion phase that only lasts 8 weeks. 2 weeks to hit lvl 60, a week for epic. 5 weeks to try to get your entire guild and everyone else on this server a key?
  3. Manian Vineheart Lorekeeper

    Would be nice to see changes to this on future TLPs if Kunark is going to be so short.. I did it on Lockjaw and felt like the experience was much worse this go round on Yelinak. Could just be burnout from doing it again.
  4. Timmyboi Dunning Kruger Award Winner

    I dont play on TLPs anymore and don't plan to for quite a while. But I support improving the quest for 2 reasons. Reason 1 I'm tired of seeing forum threads whining about it. Reason 2 clearly it's what most players want, and would facilitate more players enjoying the content while it's still relevant. Seems like a no-brainer to me.
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  5. Tweakfour17 Augur

    Someone once upon a time suggested having the AoC not require keys and only needing to do the quest for OW. That way anyone who wants to go experience it in era w/o any toxicity can and anyone who wants to do the quest can and go collect the bonus loot. The casuals can be casual and the people who batphone for raid mobs and that think their world records on Phinny 5.0 mean anything can fight amongst themselves to do that. Everybody wins.
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  6. ikarinokamii Elder

    it's not even a casual thing. even if you accept the toxicity as part of the experience and being "hardcore". the quest is too long for an 8-week Kurnark
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  7. Yendys New Member

    The silence on this is deafening. At least tell us why we are wrong, Darkpaw....
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  8. Rcbauer Augur

    VP is less than a speed bump.

    Play EQ past the worst eras (classic-LDoN).


    I will never understand the rush to get into VP. It's one of the worst raids around and the loot is pretty bad.

    DPG should just key everyone so it becomes less 'a thing'.

    Granted there's like no raid content in Kunark but that goes to the above.
  9. Yendys New Member

    Honestly? Its something to do. Trying to keep a guild together and motivated til we get a solid few days a week of content in Velious and beyond is a job. I am just trying to give people stuff to do.
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  10. Rcbauer Augur

    That's why the classic start is so terrible.

    And people just keep doing it over and over.

  11. Yendys New Member

    No disagreement from me. I think they should just launch in Velious. The forum warriors always cry for that classic experience and Yelinak actually got this time period extended from the original plan, from my understanding.
  12. Erekai Journeyman

    If I'm totally honest, Classic is my favorite era, if for no other reason than just nostalgia because I love reliving that world as it was when it first launched. But even despite that, I wouldn't be against a TLP launch that started with Classic through Velious and lasted for a few months before we got Luclin.

    But what would be even better is if they fixed this quest on a launch like that! Even though a lot of people would probably skip this quest, but there are completionists like me that will want the Traveler and Conquerer achievements for the zone haha.
  13. Gheed Is not reading your response

    I'm confused about this post. You may think the worst eras are classic-LDON, however, a lot of the TLP and EQ player base in general seem to disagree.

    Anyone who says these were bad eras is simply lying to themselves. Everquest gained its notoriety through these eras that you proclaim are so terrible. People fell in love with the game and thousands continue to play it for these expansions alone.

    I am sure live and the expansions leading up to it have some great content. I enjoyed quite a lot of later expansions. However for me personally, they lost the feel of the EQ era's that you despise and I enjoy.

    I can agree that most of VP has some bad loot, but I think its a cool zone nonetheless. Players should be able to experience it without keying for weeks when they are already in an accelerated (2 month) Kunark.

    Just because you don't enjoy something doesn't mean other people don't.
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  14. TheAgenda Augur

    And just because lots enjoy something doesn’t make it good. I mean…just look at pop music.

    That aside, VP should be more accessible to people playing in the era and it doesn’t matter that the loot is mostly trash. People just wanna roll through with their homies and kill some dragons. They should be able to do that without enduring absurdly toxic and tedious quests. This shouldn’t be such an issue.
  15. Gheed Is not reading your response

    Just because people show up year after year to play the same expansions with their friends while providing DPG with their biggest revenue source doesn't mean the early expansions are "good".

    In fact, that must mean they are bad! Just look at pop music!

    Got it.
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  16. TheAgenda Augur

    There’s a combination of reasons people keep returning to the same xpacs year after year.

    Reason 1 is nostalgia. It’s an itch I’ve felt compelled to scratch myself

    Reason 2 is kronolording. The itemization of early xpacs is the perfect recipe for it.

    Reason 3 is hype mongers. Usually each group of friends has at least 1 hype monger in it that convinces the group to go to the server that’s new and shiny.

    Reason 4 is familiarity. Many people left the game when WoW and other games came out, or when the hot mess that was GoD was released. So the EQ they’re familiar with is the one that existed before they left. Everything that happened in EQ after that is scary, unfamiliar territory to them.

    Reason 5 is the lvl 70 slog era that exists between OOW and PoR. It’s a really rough patch of the game that causes many that want to stick it out on TLPs to burn out, and by the time they feel like playing again a new server is releasing. This era serves as a major hurdle between classic era and the juicier content beyond TSS.

    This combination of reasons not only breathes life into new servers, but also increases the attrition of older TLPs. It has little to do with the content being “good.” Lots of people say they like it (despite clamoring on ForumQuest to change almost everything about it), and that’s fine. Nobody’s saying you can’t like it. But people liking it (or saying they do) doesn’t make it good.
  17. Gheed Is not reading your response

    Thanks for the breakdown, I learned a lot without even reading!
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  18. TheAgenda Augur

    This response would've irritated me in the past. But dealing with my 13 year old who thinks he's way more clever than he is, on a daily basis, has me pretty well tempered to this type of behavior. Regardless, I still hope you get the changes to the quest that you're advocating for.
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  19. mcpw New Member

    This quest is really stupid for how short Kunark is, not to mention if you don't cheat you have a near zero chance of getting the Ancient Jarsath because people flock to it as soon as it spawns and you don't even get to see it
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  20. Gheed Is not reading your response

    At least he has a cool dad.

    Thanks for advocating for the changes!
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