No Changes to VP Key

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Gheed, Jul 23, 2022.

  1. Minalia New Member

    I know my guild has about 100 raiders. Assuming 25 medallions in SoNH were picked up daily that would still take 4 days.
  2. ooViixoo New Member

    The only thing that can be remotely considered "rewarding" about this quest is that the no-trade flags keep the box armies from making Krono off this "quest".

    Feels really lazy in design, but yeah... it was an artificial blocker anyway so... meh.
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  3. Midnitewolf Augur

    I have to agree with many other posters. Between leveling, raiding and my epic I have only been able to devote a few hours here or there to try to get keyed. It is pretty suck to spending many a free hour in Swap looking for a ground spawn that never seems to be there while competing against at least half a dozen people looking for the same thing. Also in all the sweeps I have made of FV I have never seen the Arisen guy or managed to find a live Bloodgill Marauder in LOIO. Only part I have managed to acquire in 2 weeks is the Burnished Staff. At this rate, guess I am not going to be able to raid VP, in era before Velious comes out. Damn shame.
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  4. Kalibr03 New Member

    Please DBG fix the VP quest so we can actually enjoy raising the zone with our guild.
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  5. Minalia New Member

    Watched AJ die twice today, LR sold for 11kpp and 1kr... you're not quite right sadly
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  6. Yendys New Member

    This is the kind of content that we all came back for, I thought? Engaging and compelling! /s
  7. Vileborg33 Lorekeeper

    The ground spawns are cancer. You walk through at all hours of the day in SONH and there are people splayed all over the hill side AFK. If you walk up and drop something they immediately snatch it up. Makes it difficult for those people trying to play an honest game AKA suckers.

    Using sense dead, I detected an AJ spawn a quarter of the zone away. I saw a monk, beeline straight to it, the mob he was fighting in tow and KS me.

    This quest line is straight cancer. It's made worse by the fact that more people are keying for VP then i've noticed on the other TLPs I was on. We have about 1/5th of the time of original Kunark so I say make it a 1/5 of the farm.

    Ground Spawns 18mins, Goblin 18mins, Make AJ piece 3 or 5% drop rate from all roving drolvargs in zone, Rott Skel/PS 25% chance to spawn. Remains a 40% chance to spawn.

    I think it's important to thank Daybreak. This problem was created by Daybreak giving us filthy casuals access to raids we wouldn't likely have had access too before. The DZs have given us opportunities we never had before and allowed us to relive our nostalgia in ways never thought possible. So, thank you! We filthy casuals come to you, hat in hand, once more. Give us the experiences we never had, lighten the load on these keys for us filthy casuals.

    A random filthy casual
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  8. MelodyMox New Member

    i signed up just to comment on this. this is both my first TLP, and my first experience with everquest.

    i was okay with the insane spawn timers on my epic quest; i understood it as sort of an end-all-be-all quest. i'm going to use my weapon for a very long time. however, in order to see all the content the game has to offer at current level when it's still a challenge, i have to fight every other player on the server for some insane timed spawns? by the time a reasonable raid force has powered through and we can clear the entire raid zone, i'm level 70.

    it's just a real feels bad moment in what is otherwise a fun romp in a fantasy land with a bunch of new friends. this first expansion has left me with little downtime, between my own epic and helping others with theirs, and the amount of group content that can be done on top of the content from classic. i'm really disappointed that this keying process has been allowed to stay in the state that it currently is for as long as it has.

    i don't have a fix, i don't have any ideas, i just wanted to voice my discontent. i'm sorry if the avalanche of upset players has caused undue stress on the GMs and dev team.
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  9. wade_watts Augur

    If you want mischief loot pinatas, play on mischief. If not, enjoy the server and stop complaining.
  10. Midnitewolf Augur

    I came back for the social interaction and because I got tried of having my hand held as I was walked through a never ending quest chain that automatically gave me everything I needed to play the game.

    The issue with the VP key quest isn't really the quest. If I had a year to do it all before Velious came out, it might be perfectly fine. The issue is that I have two months to do it along with leveling and getting my epic and a host of other things. There is just to damn much to do in such a short window that the quest isn't even remotely engaging and compelling at this point, rather it is just a major roadblock in being able to enjoy the game.

    Again I don't mind the quest, don't even mind having to go to virtually every kunark zone to do it, but I also don't want to spend hours upon hours camping a single piece while having to compete against half the server to get it. No go to zone, spend 10-30 mins, get piece, go to next zone. That is more like it should be.
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  11. fptackle New Member

    My opinion that nobody asked for: this key obviously needs changed. I really like the idea of adding the pieces to the dragons. It still requires some effort. It gives you a reason to actually kill Gore. It still requires some "effort".

    Maybe this key made some sense back when it was like 1-4 guilds a server that were going to raid VP over the course of 6 months (or whatever it was).

    But now, we're talking easily 10+ guilds capable of raiding VP looking at an 8 week window. It's just downright stupid to have this key such a roadblock. Most of us have jobs and a life now days.

    Do something with this key.
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  12. Vileborg33 Lorekeeper

    Gore is a worse block. Just cut the time sink.
  13. Yendys New Member

    Current status of Dreadlands piece - two picks open, each has a 6 player line for the medallion. one pick has not seen anything other then a placeholder for 4 hours.
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  14. nallchan Frooak! You Ruined Your Lands,You wont ruin mine!

    @devs - Up the Ground spawn Rate and Mob to spawn 100% of the time.
    Most people wont get to experience the zone before its rendered obsolete by to the next expansion release.
  15. yelidruid New Member

    with a shortened kunark time, this really needs to be change, you did it for VT key parts, the same needs to be done with this. We want to experience this zone!
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  16. Dizdemona Lorekeeper

    agreed, we want to experience this zone, we know you can do it because you change VT keying!
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  17. LastFive New Member

    Pained soul camp, 13 hours, countless dozens of people KSing PH's, arguments, stress.

    Thanks for the enjoyable experience. Fix this key so people can enjoy the content before it's obsolete in 2 months.
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  18. Modulus New Member

    As someone with an anxiety disorder doing these DPS races and having camps being stolen all the time feels absolutely terrible. Its hard to stay motivated to do this key.
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  19. Collector New Member

    The pursuit of this key is deserves to be revamped to accommodate the many people who would like to see the content in its current era. The current setup is a psyche breaking yank off, of the lowest denominator.

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  20. Dumps New Member

    Add the key to the DB store. Any other brain busters?!