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  2. Gheed Augur

    Please quote the post where I said VP was "trash that most people don't want to go into". Seems to me you haven't read anything I posted and just want to argue while being misinformed.

    I don't want anything "completely removed". You are exaggerating because you don't seem to be able to control yourself.

    I enjoy VP, I think its a cool zone even if most of the loot sucks. Items like PD robe make me want to go there. However, I think the current keying process is not cool. Perhaps read through the thread before making assumptions.

    My main point is that Yelinak has accelerated Kunark, so the Kunark keying process should be accelerated as well. It is evident they have the means to easily do this, see TB/Mischief. Removing the ridiculous bottlenecks of an outdated quest would just be a massive plus.

    The funny thing is, it seems like the EQ devs share my viewpoint, not yours. They have already made changed to it 6 years ago. They recently removed all bottlenecks from the VT key, which was another "fun and competitive" thing by your standards.
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  3. Vlorg Augur

    SEQ being basically mandatory for AJ is yet another reason that it should be nuked to the ground.

    and yes, a ridiculously high % of the population, especially raider, use SEQ. nobody pretending anymore.
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  4. HekkHekkHekk Augur

    No you wouldn't
  5. Dailor Augur

    As an avid SEQ user, I can tell you that other players use SEQ for AJ.
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  6. LeetKronolord Journeyman

    That's why you don't do it and you don't raid VP, because it's useless like classic raiding is useless. You do it because you have the time to do it and you're having fun doing it. If not you treat Kunark like Classic, you level, get your spells, farm Kronos for later use and buy some small cheap upgrades the day before Velious open, only difference is finish your epic. If you wear any piece worth more than 1000pp when Velious unlock you're doing something wrong.

    That's also why DBG must launch TLPs with Kunark opened and make it 2 months (at most 3) before Velious unlock.

    And please people be serious for a minute, stop talking about competition in Classic/Kunark, there is no achievement in being the first downing X in Classic/Kunark because it require absolutely no skill whatsoever. People bragging about it are the ones that needed 4 iterations of TLP to finally master Classic and Kunark and are now proud of themselves while there is nothing to be proud of. If you want some challenge do some DZ raid with 36/42 people.
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  7. Master Kahleem Augur

    This is satire, by the way. :cool:
  8. Vlorg Augur

    great. so make it fun.

    AE'ing zone like you do for VT key is somewhat fun. sitting in TT waiting for the pained soul is never fun...doesnt matter if there's competition or not.
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  9. Gheed Augur

  10. Gheed Augur

    I will never allow this to end
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  11. ttvenc New Member

    imo - put full medallions on the dragons, done. You kill all the dragons and you basically get your key. The broken medallions then become more of an alternate access quest where if you miss a raid event you can do some off-night solo/group content to catch up. If you're in a racing guild you can still try to force it through group keys the old fashion way, but general raid progression guilds have a raid path to take. Or if you are new to the server, you can actually do the group stuff when its not grey con and be keyed by the time you're raid level naturally working through level appropriate content. This could be similar for the VT key.
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  12. Yova New Member

    Not sure what kind of "Shared experience" people are getting over the VP key other than wanting to blow their own brains out, and reporting cheaters that actively cheat that the devs refuse to perma-ban.
    Not sure what Shenanigans I am missing out on as I sit in swamp for 12 hours and compete with a vast majority of players over some stupid 50minute timer that spawns in random locations that cheaters can instantly teleport to or gotta compete against 6+ box group with a selo-speed bard in the group. Or how you sit on Pained Soul for hours just for some mage box army to come in and set all their pets on the spawn and all cast their spells within MERE MILLISECONDS OF EACH OTHER.

    "You will miss out on the drama" I play the game to have fun, not to have drama over some stupid digital loot in a 20+ year old game. If I wanted to batphone, I wouldn't be playing a 20+ year old game that has been beaten countless times over.
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  13. Vlorg Augur

    This also work, and would give us a reason to kill gorenaire more than once for the achievement.
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  14. Gheed Augur

    Hello, this need some looking at.
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  15. Midnitewolf Augur

    What guild are you in so I don't ever mistakenly join it. Honestly it seems like your method would result in not having anyone to raid with. I have missed exactly 2 raids since the first week the Yelinak server opened and I know without a shadow of a doubt that if my guild wasted my time doing something like this, I wouldn't be able to find that guild quit button fast enough. One dedicated, core raider lost due to stupidity.
  16. ikarinokamii Elder

    The zone is good; however, the keying process is toxic. I personally don't find the toxicity worth it, but others do, to each their own.
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  17. Yendys New Member

    Encouraging guild members to get keyed for VP is like trying to sprint through mud. No one wants to engage in the toxicity that is bred by the the keying for this zone. It is damn near impossible to beat players with all seeing eyes / warps. Even with the changes - this key is ridiculous on a server that spends 8 weeks in Kunark. With the changes to POP/VT keying, I expected better of the devs then this iteration of the quest.
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  18. Minalia New Member

    The keying process isn't just toxic but too slow for the speed of content. 8 weeks to key a raid force when you compete against 500 other people? Not happening with these slow spawn timers! Even if you get keyed up by the end of the expansion you have no time to raid it. It becomes OBSOLETE. Velious raids are far superior.
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  19. Soenous332200 New Member

    Agreed with everyone here. If you want people to continue to join TLPs and enjoy the content don't force such a horrid quest on the VP key. Ground spawns should be continuous or 5 mins max and mob spawns at 5 mins max. There are far too many people trying to do these keys and far too much hate, cheating, and farming for anyone to enjoy the quest.

    Make me run around and get everything sure!

    DON'T make me fight 1-6 hour spawns and then 20 people for one small part over and over again for each piece in an expansion that only lasts 8 weeks!!
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  20. BlueberryWerewolf Augur

    The Swamp of No Hope medallion piece, for example, now pops 28-29 times a day if every single spawn is picked up immediately. There are at least four Yelniak guilds that could reasonably be expected to raid in VP, meaning if -only- their main raid forces key up, it would take almost 20% of the entire expansion just to get that step done if they do absolutely nothing else the whole time.

    That doesn't even factor in the other highly-contested steps in completing the key, much less the fact that they would not be the only people competing for these pieces.

    It is absurd to gate content like this when the entire point of these servers is being able to experience that content in-era.
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