No Changes to VP Key

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Gheed, Jul 23, 2022.

  1. Gheed Augur

    Looking for some reasoning behind why the VT key was made drastically better yet the VP key which is worse to complete (IMO) remained untouched?

    The VP key has multiple pieces dropped from a singular spawn point rare mob. The VT key has NONE of these.

    Were the extra VP key pieces strictly for Mischief/TB due to their extra loot?

    What was the reasoning behind not also making the VP key better while devs were already looking at key bottlenecks?

    Yelinak has shortened expansions as it is... Maybe flip on that extra medallion loot switch.

    I would appreciate no responses about how there isn't developer time to make these changes. I have read enough of those excuses for a lifetime.
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  2. Brazy Augur

    So its not nerfed and we have reduced time in Kunark now!? ...... Cmon Darkpaw...
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  3. dargoth New Member

    Yeah i agree, this is absurd, it should be made the same as the vt key, where it can drop from anything in the zone, almost every piece is from a single source, minus chardok - burning wooden staff. We dont have much time in kunark let alone enough time to play, ontop of that to farm and fight other people for the keys, please change for the better pls ty!
  4. Triconix Augur

    Imagine leaving Aradune's TSS release to do Kunark (again).
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  5. Protocol Dragon Defender

    VP keying is fine. The quest is very fulfilling and rewarding, please don’t change it.
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  6. Shakara Augur

    Even if the VP didn't have a key I wouldn't raid that zone.
  7. Gheed Augur

    I would've liked to play it but lost all interest in PoR. Figured you would rejoice at our departure.

    Please no troll Zaide
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  8. Oakenblade Former ForumQuest Champion

    Sucks that the lvl 70 slog is so bad that it deters people from enjoying the awesome content from TSS onward. But glad to see more discussion about that here on ForumQuest
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  9. dargoth New Member

    I dont know what your issues with this person is, but he has a point that others agree with, dont let emotion get in the way of something good that can benefit others, even if it seems to benefit him aswell. This key is long overdue to make it easier to get, some of us like to experience older content but not being able to actually do it, and to be locked behind a tedious quest on a tlp where we dont have much time before velious is released makes the whole experience for some that DO want to experience it, miss out. Please help the majority and not punish all for the mistakes of a few.
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  10. Triconix Augur

    I thought they changed it already? I guess I'm mistaking it with the loot pinata server.

    It should mimic Shards, Signets, and Storms key. Chance to drop off trash and additional from named.

    Fortunately VP is almost entirely worthless anyways.
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  11. Vlorg Augur

    this entire key chain need to be nuked to the ground.

    There is no mystery about it anymore. VP is a tedious raid zone. the key chain , ground spawn and the 3 BS camp just breed toxicity.

    the VT key has , thanksfully, been completly revamped and AoE'ing an entire zone as a guild is kind of fun... but camping the pained soul for 4 hours .. or worse, the AJ which, let's admit it, is basically impossible to contest without bard speed + magic eyes, is just a relic of the past... there's no reason we should have this today because 23 years ago the devs couldnt quite imagine how degenerate the MMO playerbase would become.
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  12. Brazy Augur

    Agreed. They reduced the amount of time in Kunark so the quest needs to drop more than 1 medallion or drop from trash throughout the zone.
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  13. Xyroff-cazic. Director of Sarcasm

    All quest pieces are now NO DESTROY and no longer multi-questable to prevent griefing/farming.

    Ancient Jarsath spawns MUCH more frequently.

    Bloodgill marauder spawns twice as fast.

    Swamp of No Hope groundspawn doubled in spawn frequency and also has multiple locations so it cannot be easily auto-clicked.

    Verix Kylong remains spawns almost twice as frequently.

    Kaesora groundspawn almost doubled in spawn frequency.

    Rotting skeleton spawn frequency was increased relative to its PH.

    Pained soul spawn frequency was increased.


    This quest is a complete joke compared to how it was on Phinigel and all servers prior. Can complete the whole thing in a few hours easily. What are you asking for here exactly?
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  14. Triconix Augur

    What exactly is "slightly increased" spawn rates now? I stood at PS for 16 combined hours in two days while working from home (2nd day 11 straight) waiting in line for it, in one of the many picks with the same kind of line, when Aradune was in Kunark. I sat at RS for a breezy 9 hours straight on Aradune.

    Think of the absurdity of what this key requires. Now consider they have 50% less time to do it compared to Aradune.

    Just because it was stupid on Phinny it doesn't mean it should remain stupid. Thats just a lazy, uncompelling reason why it should remain status quo. The quest still requires an ungodly amount of time to complete. It took myself roughly 30 game hours to complete a quest to get the privilege of raiding a zone of 98% worthless, terribly itemized gear.
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  15. Ranari Journeyman

    Purely opinion here, but my firm belief is that the best solution for the VP key quest is to reward the key upon completion of a player's epic. As you described, VP has remained a mostly unused source of content for the last 22 years because of the overly complex nature of the key quest. Even on TLP's, VP remains largely unused. It's too much work to acquire the key, and once Velious launches, VP is a moot point.

    In addition, the itemization in VP is largely unrewarding. Most of the itemization in VP, save for Phara Dar, is inferior weaponry to the epics, of which players just spent a large amount of time acquiring. A rework of the itemization in VP, along with granting the key upon completion of a player's epic, would entirely solve Kunark's #1 most glaring issue.

    The VP key quest can then be utilized to reward something else.
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  16. LeetKronolord Journeyman

    Kunark is the time to weed out guild members and preping for the real things and asking them to finish the VP Key Questline in a timely manner is perfect for that. When enough people have it and you can muster a decent raid force announcing to them that you will not raid VP because it's utter garbage and watching how most of them react is another one and you should be left with a solid core of dedicated raiders.
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  17. Gheed Augur

    These changes were made in 2016. I have done the quest many times since then and I promise you do not finish it in a "few hours". Saying something used to be worse is not an argument that has any substance, but nice try.

    The quest is extremely outdated with unnecessary bottlenecks, much like the VT key. Super weird that they made that one even better because it used to be so much worse!

    If the Yelinak is going to have an even shorter Kunark than servers before it did, the key process should be accelerated.

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  18. Vlorg Augur

    nuked to the ground.

    1 min respawn time on the ground spawn. make Ancient jarsath as common as the froglock forager in TT. make BGM-PS-Rotting skeleton- VKR medaillon drop from random trash mob in the zone like VT key.

    make the thing fun. not a " go camp random low-level crap for 30 hour " just to have the privilege of spending hours in VP watching nearly all loot go to rot.

    because the VP key was a disaster back then doesnt mean it have to be a disaster now. this isn't 1999 anymore
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  19. jeskola pheerie

    I read your posts and considered your arguments throughout this thread, and you are absolutely right. They really should do something about this quest. Unfortunately I feel like they just don't have the staffing level to dedicate time and resources to this change.
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  20. Branntick Augur

    I don't understand why people say this. They spend a ton of dev time making weird ruleset servers like Vaniki but they can't do something as simple as change a mob's loot table?

    It's not that they can't do it, it's that they don't think it's worthwhile to change. For some reason the devs seem to have a policy of making like 3 quality of life changes per year.

    Maybe when 2025's TLP launches VP keying won't be a nightmare.
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