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Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Blackburrow23, Apr 28, 2020.

  1. Corwyhn Lionheart Augur

    I definitely like the idea of people showing they are at the keyboard more then just answering a tell or say.

    The pet merc thing would likely be more for TLP servers where they seem to complain about it more.
  2. Corwyhn Lionheart Augur

    Probably not many times after it happens once or twice. But if they ever did something like that they could make it slightly longer then any regular mobs respawn time.

    I am just not sure people are unhappy because they are afk killing placeholders or that they might have to remember each time they arent doing anything for a while to make sure their merc isnt on passive.

    But it's just discussion to me. Good for Daybreak to hear all sides of it so thank you for making your points.
  3. Laronk Augur

    Nah I gotta press the buttons to kill the stuff, I'm just saying the idea that I afk for 5 minutes and come back and my pet or merc is suspended is dumb. Lets say you don't notice, you go pull a mob and bam you die. It's a solution looking for a problem that doesn't exist.

    The problem is people who afk farm where something is controlling their characters to afk kill the stuff without interaction from them, auto suspending those peoples pets wont happen because they're getting keypresses from their something.

    While technically against the rules and risking suspension, mages AFK killing or people afk killing with mercs based on things that agro them aren't really a problem; you can just KS those people if you want something. You can't easily KS a 6 boxer who is afk killing who has 2 zerkers + support if you're going around questing. The proposed solution would be over come by a macro keyboard that just presses 1 every 10 seconds.

    Again in my example I am just killing PHs and then going invis and afk till respawn because I don't need the exp. Have you never lazy camped something only killing the required PH?
  4. Laronk Augur

    I die at least once a week because I try to shield flash with a 2hander

    Just sayin
  5. seber Augur

    kick them off EQ for ever no need any cheat app like ilsboxer or any thing
  6. Duder Augur

    What about GINA users? You've said GINA is cheating too...
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  7. Corwyhn Lionheart Augur

    Well I did say 20 minutes. And I think I mentioned its more of a TLP issue. And like I said... daybreak is going to do whatever they do.
  8. koook Elder

    I remember during the first TLP's mages would run key automation for bone chips, which would level up chars 1-15 pretty fast and chips would sell for a lot because of this.

    They'd have mages parked at spawn points (4 would spawn there like every 5 seconds if all skeletons were cleared) and just repeat pet attack really fast.

    What they did , after a while, since it was mostly in the Paineel? zone, was have a Guide zone in from time to time and translocate the bots somewhere else in the zone.

    Mouse key automation cant be dealt with (in pretty much any mmo) unless there's some attached to the client I think, .. Key/mouse automation (software) generally just does what your mouse would do, in your OS environment, and would do the same thing as those MMO mice and keyboards would do.

    Unless you're doing the bone chip thing I don't see a purpose. An afk merc team isnt going to gain much of an advantage over a real player. The only other instance I could think of is an afk mage farming some rare static spawn, in which case I remember other players just training and killing the afk team and lol'ing.

    Is this to prevent boxing? I think most boxers use software designed for boxing ([Unmentioned 3rd Party Software] example), so I guess DB would be trying to prevent broadcast signals to all instances? If boxes are allowed on one computer, how else would you box? Unless it's a 2-3 utility box server? Confused not trying to say the whole thing is dum
  9. Bigstomp Augur

    It's pretty easy to notice.
    We just need GM's that will actually ban people.
    Right now reporting them is useless, nothing ever happens.

    Darkpaw is happy to have the cheaters apparently.
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  10. Kurage_of_Luclin Augur

    How is kiting considered unintended game play?
  11. Celephane Augur

    How do you even play any more? No clue about anything... I guess you are surrounded by rainbows and butterflies and things without any "r"s
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  12. kroag New Member

    Oh boy this makes no sense, whats wrong with is box er??
  13. Swiss Elder

    I don't know why you keep saying that and then keep repeating and defending the same idea, either own it or give it up.

    Suspending pets/mercs on a timer will hurt real players and only stop people afk killing that can't figure out how to hit a key within the timer, most afk killing is not without a program or macro running.
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  14. Corwyhn Lionheart Augur

    And I think it is a very fair case that this might not be considered an issue by daybreak. So why get so upset? I see lots of suggestions I don't think are good ideas. I make my comment and move on unless folks engage me in discussion and if they do well then I.... wait for it.. wait for it... I discuss it. Surprising I know. :) I look forward to continuing our discussion for as long as you want to keep it going.

    Also not sure what I am not owning at this point. Again one more time let's remember. Daybreak doesn't implement things just because someone suggests it. They actually think for themselves.
  15. Laronk Augur

    People will get upset with anything that changes core gameplay, having my character change the way he acts because I went invis and stood in a corner for 20 minutes waiting on respawns is dumb because now I have to make another hotkey i spam at the start of fights just to make sure my merc/pet is active. To the why this is useless, people can just use a keyboard macro or autohotkeys that just presses i every 60 seconds so they're never "afk" and their pet or merc wouldn't go into I'm an idiot mode.

    When people suggest changes like this; it only negatively effects players who are playing the game "legit". When you do something to someone's "legit" playstyle some of those players are just going to turn to the "tools" so they can have the gameplay experience they originally had anyways.
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  16. svann Augur

    Others have noted the issues with that, but the idea could be built on. How about if merc or pet kills something while the player is afk more than 15 minutes then the merc gets suspended?
  17. Kurage_of_Luclin Augur

    can you just make mercs auto passive after 15 minutes un attended player , then they can be auto active again when player comes back , for someone waiting on spawn, but no need to suspend mercs. Then , those people who want to afk can without detriment and those who are afk killing are less likely to be successful. But really I have seen quite a few player groups afk killing in pathing spots in current content, their toons spamming spells and other stuff the whole time with no mobs near them, while they are afk , soon as mob engages all the toons do that automated thingy that is pretty apparent. They are not even using mercs, just things that must not be named.
  18. dreadlord Augur

    A question please?
    (Our local botters are back tonight after a few days away - very pleasant it's been too - not seen so many real players around for many many months)
    I'd not noticed this before (as in, it didn't happen when I targetted them), but others have mentioned this to me.
    So the botters are a group of 6
    I click on 'Fred'* and I can target Fred in the usual way. I can also see his fellow 'groupmembers' Tom, and Harry, Mary and Jane. If I target any of them their name appears in my target window for a split second then fades off. Repeat. The only one that can be targetted is Fred. Been like that for an hour or two. Friend tells me that's evidence of warping - ie they look there but aren't really

    (*obviously not the real names as we know what happens to those posts...)
  19. Yinla Augur

    Someone said this was a bug with IVU, not sure how true that is.
  20. dreadlord Augur

    Well I got 10 whole minutes in EW without the killstealers there, in between the 2 mass disconnect and 'log out immediately' message. Every dark cloud.., as they say

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