Ninja Removed Marble Prowler Saddle on Selo

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by PVPme, Aug 9, 2019.

  1. PVPme New Member

    I wanted it! Put it back please. I wanna be cool like my friends that got it . Thx.
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  2. jeskola Augur

    Sorry, no 120AC and 500hp for you.
  3. Hursay New Member

    Glad i bought them day one LUL
  4. Jalarm New Member

    I hope this is added in so that I can spend money on it. I was scraping together pennies to be able to afford the mount, but it was taken out before I had a chance. If I had known that I would never be able to get the 500 hp buff and would just be permanently behind, I would have foregone food. Please put the mount back in.
  5. qweasy Augur

    Ya this is ********. No reason a small portion of the server should get such an advantage over everyone else because they heard these mounts were on sale before they were removed from the store. Either remove those mounts from players and give them a refund or put them back in the store. Just like you did on launch day.
  6. Ngreth Thergn Developer

    These will not be back in the store until a much later expansion. I have no comment on people who lucked out on getting it.
  7. Sonyeq Journeyman

    At first glance I read your statement as "I have no comment on people who got ****** out on getting it."
  8. The Hated One Augur

    So this has happened on more than 1 TLP. I think it was Phinny they put the cheap kitty mount up for about 8 hours and while the rest of us were at work, school or whatever a select bunch of folks scooped up the cheap mounts with nice stats. Then they took it down. My personal opinion is that "certain folks" who may "know" people are informed of things like this and are made aware of this "slip" in the works. But that is my rantings and could be completely false. I just find it odd that it keeps happening...
  9. Bobbybick Augur

    It was always common practice in our guild on Ragefire/Phinny/Selo etc that anytime the server was down or an expansion launched we checked the marketplace and the claim window for anything slipping through. Literally the first thing we checked on logging in, then Hadden of course.

    If I learned anything in 20 years of EQ it's that patches and TLP expansion launches break things in very interesting ways.
  10. yerm Augur

    So its too powerful to have but some people can just have it?


    This is a ridiculous response and you have to know it.
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  11. Baldur Augur

    Any idea when that is? Because they were removed on Phinigel as well and we're in HoT.
  12. potatoface Journeyman

    This used too many words to say "Welp"
  13. HoodenShuklak Augur

    These mounts are literally nothing compared to having celestial healing pots day 1 of POP.
  14. yerm Augur

    I don't understand the rationale where the mounts are not so OP as to run a set program to remove them from selo characters, but somehow are still deserving of being cut from the store. Missed them? Oh well don't care.

    Just put them back on the store and stop policing things that didn't need it. Wow classic is 2 weeks away, we don't need even more reasons for people to feel fed up and ready to bail.
  15. sieger Lorekeeper

    I was a little shocked at this turn of events because the 500hp vs 250hp marble prowlers had been a thing on both Lockjaw/Ragefire (the "forgotten" TLPs) for years, it was widely known/discussed by everyone on those servers. Most people bought the 500hp mount, would click it active for the buff, and then use a different mount for travel (the marble prowlers cause horrible screen shake that most people dislike.)

    I don't necessarily disagree that logically, having one 500hp mount and the rest are 250hp is a bit odd, but this was fine on another batch of TLPs for years, and the world didn't spin off its axis. In Omens of War era the difference of +250hp isn't actually that much as to have justified pulling them out. Especially when as noted, we have things like celestial healing pots in during PoP that neutralize all the PoTime AEs in a way out of era fashion.

    I appreciate you guys have been steadily working over the years to make TLPs more and more faithful to the original eras of the old expansions, but I think most serious (i.e. non-forum troll) TLPers don't really expect a 100% faithful reproduction, and are fine with the convenience additions you've made to these eras of the game. In my opinion the 500hp marble prowler mount should be seen in the same vein and not worried about.
  16. Jalarm New Member

    With the recent patch, the Marble Prowler now apparently gives 50 to all resists which is 25 to all resists more than the remaining store bought mounts. No comment has turned into just a further increase in inequality between the haves and have nots. Art does not need to imitate life so please reconsider the decision and bring the Marble Prowler back.
  17. WaitingforMoreEQ Augur

    Make sure to always check /claim too

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