Night of Shadows is Almost Here

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  1. Accendo Community Manager

    [IMG]We’re locked in and ready to go!

    Night of Shadows, the latest expansion for EverQuest, will be going live on December 6, 2022, at 12:00 p.m. PST. New adventures, new places to explore—so much to do and see so if you haven’t pre-ordered your copy yet, click here. All Access members enjoy a wealth of benefits including the ability to save 10% on expansions, and you can enjoy these benefits too by clicking here.

    Gear you can look forward to earning.

    Be sure to follow us on social media: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Discord.

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  2. Fenthen aka Rath

    Great way to show off the new weapon ornaments by using some crap rusty axe thing. Could have at least posted a photo in one of the new zones.

    How are we doing with all the beta bugs? Are we pushing to Live with some things still completely broken?
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  3. Fanra

    If this is a legitimate question and not a complaint, then the answer is it will be launched on that date unless it literally cannot be. Like every year. Only the most extreme game-breaking issue would prevent or delay the launch.

    Otherwise, they will take two weeks after launch to fix the most problematic bugs and patch them, and then go on vacation. Again, like every year. January and February 2023 will be bug fixing time, and perhaps in February or March some missing things might be added.

    Then it's back to normal with fixing bugs and preparing for new events; and the next expansion (Norrath gods willing).
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  4. Rickoshay Journeyman

    IMHO, I hope they will give the 120 tank mercs their weapons back. They have had no weapons for almost a year. I feel uncomfortable with warriors that have no weapons. Warriors that are supposed to be top of the melee group of mercs are still slapping and punching mobs rather than slicing and dicing the mobs with cool looking weapons.
  5. Stymie Pendragon

    This really needs to be addressed. The lack of attention to detail has become somewhat comical at this point.
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  6. Mossaa Augur

  7. Stymie Pendragon

    Where in my reply did I imply the level of importance in fixing this bug?

    My point was that this is an easily duplicated bug that has been around for quite some time, and that they should fix it.

    Tank mercs slap fighting is the inferred comical part, as well as how it makes the team look for allowing this obvious bug to exist for as long as it has.
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  8. Mossaa Augur

  9. Jumbur Improved Familiar

    The first expansion made for 64bit, and they show us this...:rolleyes:

    That said, the other screenshots from the new zones actually look alright. :)
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  10. MischeviousNomad New Member

    Um, since this is the biggest release of the year, and your biggest money maker... Why is it not added to the in-game calendar?... You post when every server we aren't on is breaking an old expansion, but we don't add the new expansion that will affect everyone to it?
  11. Jumbur Improved Familiar

    We get a tiny popup, when a TLP opens a new expansion.
    We get a new big splash-screen when a live server gets a new expansion.

    Im sure people will notice...:)