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  1. Lisard Augur

    Think its time we create a backpack that has stats associated with it.
    Since your Top left level inventory slot attributes stats from items (i.e food) adding some heroics or passive stats to a backpack would be a logical step up in backpacks. we are currently in a place where even new players no longer need a 32-44 slot bag from hunter achievements / named / raids, so giving something worthwhile for players to chase ever expansion would be nice going forward. (i currently have a 44 slot bag full of various slot bags in my shared bank, on an account i dont play alts on lol).

    Think its also time we are able to assign loot to particular bags. maybe via a right click options window. so we can assign where stuff goes into our inventory versus making individual bags like collection only bags or tradeskill only bags.

    just a thought maybe for you to expand on. thanks for reading. <3
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  2. I_Love_My_Bandwidth Mercslayer

    We need stat squish, not expansion.
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  3. Szilent Augur

    I feel like stats on bags would make them un-upgradable.

    Alternative to bag rewards might be Horde expansion, though? looking forward to that going to, like, 5k slots once it's judged stable enough
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  4. Skuz Berserker Logic: Kill everything.

    As in what WoW did?

    We don't play a billions of dollars per year game we have a 1 billion over 21 years game and we have nowhere remotely near the staff numbers WoW has.

    Completely impractical & implausible for EQ to pull off anything remotely similar.
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  5. KrakenReality Augur

    I’d be down for an item squish. How many different versions of spider silk, do we actually need?
  6. Skuz Berserker Logic: Kill everything.

    With how the technology Dragon Hoard works I think a bunch of Hoards beats one single huge hoard.
    What would a sensible max-Hoard size be? Hard to judge at this point but I would say about what you could store in one tradeskill mule character's bank would be where it should top out at, maybe a bit more but certainly not loads more than that.

    Would love the Hoard tech if it was also useable from tradeskill containers so I could have one hoard per tradeskill or something, the functionality to drop an entire bag into a hoard would be invaluable too, would be nice to spend less time on inventory management & more in game.

    Macro-managing across multiple characters & houses bores the crap out of me.
  7. I_Love_My_Bandwidth Mercslayer

    WoW did a level squish. Not stats.
  8. Szilent Augur

    I have a "deep" main character, one of those whose thorough development (known trade recipes, loot filters, piled up possessions) impacts game performance. I would love to alleviate that impact via Dragon's Horde.

    I currently use 300 house + up to 200 crate slots on each of my character's three properties, just for storing stuff that I don't need immediate access to. 80+ suits of Hero's Forge, old augs & quest items, etc. I'd like the Horde to absorb all of that, 1.5k slots.

    I use several alts' sets of three properties each to store collection items. That's presently seven properties, 2.1k slots. But if I were better organized or a more dedicated collections farmer it would be nine, 2.7k slots. This year. Another property (+300 slots) each year to accommodate these.

    I would further appreciate if the Horde rendered obsolete at least one of the trade skill mule characters you call out, currently outfitted with 24 bank & 9 inventory Extraplanar Trade Satchels ~1k slots there.

    Sensible? If we're making wishes, I'm'a shoot for way more than "sensible"
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  9. KrakenReality Augur

    No, they’ve done both. They did the stat/item level squish in 2018 and level squish in 2020.
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  10. Skuz Berserker Logic: Kill everything.

    Yeah I think depth & breadth would help on Hoards, I know its still nascent tech for EQ but I can see the potential being very good for dispensing with that dozen houses across many characters/accounts macro-warehousing game many of us waste far too much time having to do.
  11. Kedra Leafwalker Journeyman

  12. Moege Augur

    You made me laugh. 1.5k slots is a fraction of what you claim you have
    300 (houses)* 250 (slots per house) = 75 000
    This is not even counting all the crates.
  13. Szilent Augur

    houses have 300 non-furniture storage slots. crates have up to 200.

    I made no mistakes in the arithmetic.
  14. Lisard Augur

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  15. Moege Augur

    Maybe you mean across all the accounts/character you have, as written it makes no sense to me

    300 (houses)* 300 (slots per house) = 90 000
    200 (crates) * 200 = 40 000

    Giving a grand total of 130 000 unique item slots
    Maybe not understanding your reasoning for mentioning 1.5k (1500) slots, it falls short of the 130k (130 000) slots that you claim to use.

    There is 71 plots per neighborhood, using the trick of storing a house in a house you are using 2+ neighborhoods. Sir you may have a hoarding problem.
  16. Aanuvane Augur

    I think you've misread that post. I read this as 1-300 item storage house and 1-200 slot crate per plot and a character can have up to 3 plots. That's 500 items per plot X 3 plots per character = 1500 items per character. Then repeat that for as many characters as you need to meet your storage requirements.
  17. Moege Augur

    That make more sense to me, still need to add the 200 crate per house so 2.1k slots per character.
  18. roth Augur

    300 items for the house, 200 for the crate = 500 for the entire plot. 3 plots = 1500 for the character.

    Where do you get 2100 per character from? That would be 700 per plot.
  19. Angahran Augur

    I've suggested before being able to buy a 'warehouse' to place on a housing slot (or even create a new warehouse neighborhood zone).
    It's not pretty, it has no ((or very limited) 'placeable' slots, but has a large number of storage slots, at least 1000. Plus allow significant expansion, at a cost, e.g. 'warehouse crate', adds another 1000 storage slots, and allow up to 5 crates per plot.
  20. Triconix Augur

    Why would you keep old augs? Delete stuff.
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