Next TLP: PvP (a potential solution to rampant issues)

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Phinius, Jan 29, 2020.

  1. Risiko Augur

    You couldn't wipe anyone that has the power to warp, go under the world, etc. You play by the rules of the game. They do not. Why do you think the /pick system taking you to zone in had no affect on the cheaters? Do you really think they run back to the camp each time?
  2. taliefer Augur

    give the handful of people who want TLP PVP what they want this year, so it can crash and burn and we can be done with it.

    it would also have the added benefit of not killing Mangler off shortly after PoP. I'd love to go through the GoD and omens with a healthy server again, was really fun on phinigel.
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  3. Meridian Augur

    You have to admit the ragequit threads that would pop up here would be very entertaining.
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  4. Fraggly Augur

    There are at least two handfuls of people who would like a standard server. The warp killing would happen, if the server had enough krono demand, and make the place a ghost town faster than DoN unlocking on a truebox server.

    Can we try a standard server w/ AoC, picks, that doesn't require beating the expansion and a voting period?

    I would like to see this though. :D
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  5. LeftClyde New Member




    Thank you for that, I needed that epic laugh.
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  6. Machen Augur

    Err, we did pbae groups on the zeks. All except Rallos Zek. PBAE didn't hit your own team.
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  7. code-zero Augur

    I really don't know why the PvP advocates get mad at those of us who point out what the devs have told everyone about what was required for them to make a PvP TLP. We are only telling you what's been given to us and being insulting here isn't going to make them suddenly think, "WOW!!! I PvP TLP is a GREAT idea!"

    How about you keep an eye out for any possible AMA's on places like the FoH forums and address the devs directly there instead? If they change their mind you'd be the first to know.

    As for asking for anything, proving it is better than asking. There's a thread addressing a possible non-truebox TLP that apparently was inspired by the very modest rollout of Miragul. Prior to that people had said that they did not want truebox on the HoT start server so that inspired the devs to get feedback. If Zek were to hit medium population for a few hours a day I suspect that it would change dev minds just as they'd said it would.
  8. PVPme Augur

    I think its time for a PVP server. #saveMangler
  9. wade_watts Elder

    Yeah, do a pvp server to stop these folks from complaining so much. Also, make it non-truebox so the other group of folks can not army massacre each other until they reach completion.
  10. Fraggly Augur

    Hey now, please don't lump standard server rules in to anything PvP server related. What is the problem with ONE additional standard server to you? Is it personal if you don't get a new truebox each year, just to abandon your current one, along with all the BOTs?

    I'm so lost by how much people protest ONE standard TLP server with modern amenities after.... so many years now. Don't play on it, stay on your truebox server.
  11. wade_watts Elder

    It's PTSD after DBG released some miserably terribly servers at the end of last year. Based on the rulesets they rolled out, it seems pretty likely that they get confused easily about what type of server people are looking for.

    If it was an additive server I don't care, but when they only release one classically aligned server a year and most people sub for the first 3-6 month experience, I don't want them to think a bunch of folks want a terrible ruleset server.
  12. PVPme Augur

    Why are people so anti-pvp. Just give it a try ;)
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  13. johnnie Journeyman

    so make 2 guilds on the next tlp if its not pvp and make red charecters advertise it and if you get enough players darkpaw might make a pvp tlp next.
  14. Zanarnar Augur

    Because its unbalanced and not why most of us are here. There are plenty of games centered around PvP that do it right. This one is PvE. What your asking is akin to just wanting to play single player in Destiny 2. You can, but that's not where the fun is.
  15. johnnie Journeyman

    so make 2 red guilds on the next tlp and have at each other.
  16. johnnie Journeyman

    i used to play a paladin and used to destroy necros at pvp in eq but against a ranger i had no chance in hell.
  17. PVPme Augur

    PvP is pretty balanced in terms of group PvP. Every class brings something useful. This game isnt PvE balanced around each class being able to solo mobs well so why should solo PvP be a reason on how the game is "unbalanced".
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  18. code-zero Augur

    Why do you think anyone is anti-pvp?

    People are just pointing out a couple of things, you're living in fantasy land if you think that an 80 boxer wouldn't have zone in camped and they'd have you dead before you were in world and that the devs very clearly said what had to happen before they'd consider a PvP TLP
  19. Vexn Elder

    **One dev said what he thinks should be done. There are a lot more devs on the project. A few months after that AMA daybreak had a lot of layoffs too right? Who knows if that guy is still even working on EQ /wink
  20. code-zero Augur

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