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Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by MaxTheLion, Sep 10, 2019.

  1. Funky Elder

    i VS and then BB every time they are up... alternating between the two... it's great damage.. but it will eat your endurance quick
  2. Trow Journeyman

    Read what I said again =) I already run out of endurance in group and raid settings. I said this would make it even more of a challenge!
  3. Bobbybick Augur

    He agreed with you.
  4. Funky Elder

    lol i hit reply on yours and wasn't meant to be a reply to you
  5. Ghubuk Augur

    Which is why it probably has a lesser number of targets it can hit.
  6. Funky Elder

    i really dont think that is the reasoning behind making it less targets than that of a mage/wiz.... honestly the mage/wiz spells prolly weren't even considered.... not to mention. a bard can't just run around and spam VS like mages cast beam.. bard hits VS, and you wait about 15sec for the debuff to wear off for it to really do damage. (the initial DD isn't that exciting).. plus it has about a 10sec reuse.

    my timers aren't exact.. just going with estimates, but it is around that time frame
  7. Skuz Augur

    Blaming the ones who were seriously adversely affected is truly missing the point & laying blame at the wrong door.

    Zones were all but unplayable due to the amount of lag these players created for others who were unable to progress on the quests they wanted to due to the players who were swarming & the complaints were wholly justified.

    Blame the few who were doing it for the loss to the whole class, had they been more considerate once the complaints started and thought about either swarming fewer mobs or swarming elsewhere, like in instances, then they wouldn't have garnered so much adverse reaction, this is a classic case of a handful of a class shooting itself in the foot to the cost of all in that class, not the first time, won't be the last.
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  8. Machen Augur

    It doesn't matter if they kept it in empty zones only. Swarm kiting affects more than just the zone in which it is happening.
  9. WaitingforMoreEQ Augur

    Bobby please i'm gonna go Bard when the TLP PvP server comes out never.
  10. Nessirfiti Augur

    I do blame the people who were causing an issue, but the people who whined about it are equally guilty in my eyes.
  11. Accipiter Augur

    I hadn't really been affected by this on Phinny. However, it was particularly bad in Erillion this weekend. I was ambivalent towards this change before. Now that I'm personally affected, I'm all for it. ;)
  12. Skuz Augur

    So If I scratched your car with my keys & as a good citizen you "whined about it" to the Police then is it okay for them to charge you as well as me with the crime since we are in your eyes "equally guilty"?
  13. MaxTheLion Augur

    Have you ever gone to a grocery store after the mention of an impending hurricane? I'm guessing it was a similar situation where all Bards were out in force to squeeze out whatever they could before nerf impact.
  14. Nessirfiti Augur

    Unless I'm calling for all keys to be made into foam rubber and rendered entirely useless, your analogy is terrible.
  15. Funky Elder

    i just hate the fact that it is something being a problem on TLP.... then the fix for the TLP, hinders live servers also.... cause i sure as heck dont see any bards running around "beam/swarm/VS kiting" mobs
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  16. Accipiter Augur

    Yeah, there's something to that.
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  17. Accipiter Augur

    So what's the problem? The tree fell in the forest. You weren't there to hear it. The end.
  18. Skuz Augur

    Entirely useless? Oh that's not over-dramatic at all. The analogy was about your daft idea of false equivalence, see how that worked yet?
  19. Nessirfiti Augur

    Yes, entirely useless, an AoE ability that uses endurance that has a 18~ second delay before firing, any halfway decent group will have killed the mob they're fighting before it goes off.

    With a 6 target limit It's no longer useful in the one raid I can remember using it in. Instead of this they should have gone the whole way and just removed it.

    :rolleyes: Being upset at the people who called for an entire class to be nerfed because of the combination of a few bad actors and terrible coding is not false equivalence, It's a symptom of being totally fed up with people demanding that the game be changed to fit their ideals.

    The solution to something annoying you in game is not "dear daybreak I'm annoyed, make this work how I want" it's getting over it and figuring out a workaround, or coming back later.

    I'd ask if people would get upset enough at other groups being in camps they want enough to demand daybreak fix that too, but we have picks and there are people for whom that isn't even enough, they want private picks too.

    Now, what I'm really annoyed at is the nerf to Call hither. They turned one of the most unique and entertaining AAs in the game into a stupid shadowstep.
  20. Skuz Augur

    So to sum up your view "If you don't like it then get lost, and stop crying about it" which is both ignorant & arrogant. Unless of course players deciding to come up with a workaround like train some summoning mobs on top of the Bards swarm kiting dozens of mobs & see how much fun they have then? I mean that's not crying that's positive action by players to do something about it right?

    Your position is entirely unreasonable, players should not have to accept a few people impacting on their game experience so negatively by way of impacting upon server / zone performance, that's pure drivel. The only acceptable ways to impact other players are by way of confrontational means such as either PvP or DPS races, nobody should ever have to tolerate the server performance sucking because of a few selfish players.
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