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  1. Cuuthbert Augur

    Uh I believe they will program something, and we will play what they intended. Then whine and snivel about some content or how the progression works.. Usually the MO of the forum speculators
  2. quseio Augur

    sleepers would fit perfectly though just schlep in some lore about the magic barrier restraining the sleeper is starting to weaken and boom undead crystalline dracolich, just the idea is scary, also id like to see a new Thurgadin perhaps off of western wastes, im sure the dain had a emergency escape tunnel, .. or maybe a tov pom lol
  3. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    Merc Quests - please don't waste your time or ours by adding these if you are not going to have exp as the reward for completing them.

    Also T1 gear needs to be cheaper to create, or T2 gear needs the option to use T1 gear to create for less cost.

    Raid chests should be rewarding more plat, that hasn't gone up in Years, it was originally added to help with the cost of raids and creating raid gear and has not increased to keep up with the costs of raid expenses.
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  4. Angahran Augur

    raid trash that quad hits for 130k+ is SOO MUCH FUN!!!!
  5. Celephane Augur

    What's your point? A post isn't even remotely the same as the amount of programming and design that has gone into game zones.
    There's no need for you to be an a** because you can't see the obvious.
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  6. Angahran Augur

    Having option to use our group level TS gear as a component to creating the raid level gear would be nice. It sucks that we make all the group gear then get the raid drop and basically throw away the existing gear, make the same exact thing and add the raid part.

    I know, you love plat sinks (you seem to think everyone has billions of plat) and time sinks (noone has jobs ? family ? a life ?) but would be nice to not feel like we are wasting our time/plat.

    e.g. 2 options to create raid level TS gear.
    1. exactly how it is currently, create the 'faded' item, add Diamondized Velium Ore Nugget and one pile of Velium Powder.
    2. take the 'velium infused' item, add Diamondized Velium Ore Nugget and one pile of Velium Powder and some other item just because you love those plat sinks.
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  7. Whulfgar Augur

    Nay.. not all of us brutha..

    TBL was thee best expansion in a very long time.
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  8. Iven Augur

    It would be a good idea to not realease an expansion this year (2020) and to change to a 18-24 month release cycle as expansions did get smaller and smaller in average in the past seven years and this year the devs even worked at home which might had lowered the productivity even more. Take a look HERE for an overview ! Bigger expansions with more quality and variety would make EverQuest more attractive in medium-term and long-term.
  9. Skuz I am become Wrath, the Destroyer of Worlds.

    2 years?

    No, it would be bad for the game, annual fresh content is absolutely necessary in my view.

    Number of zones is not a good measure of an expansion's quality or density of content, even number of quests would not be, number of raids again even that isn't necessarily a good measure.

    Of course you do need "enough" new Raids, Zones and Quests before any expansion really feels like it has approximately met expectations of what an expansion should contain and the history of EverQuest has ample examples of where that somewhat fuzzy definition should be.

    I think any really great expansion first should start off as some well-written story, for example the depth that Kunark had stems from it having been crafted by someone who had spent years developing the back-story & characters for a D&D type campaign & it provided a massive amount of material for the artists and designers to work from/with that all translated into one of the richest & most evocative expansions ever made for any game.

    Reality is the game has now got a much smaller dev team than it had for Kunark and they are all doing a way more varied job than they had then too. ToV may be seen as small, but it looks like it will get a part 2, I don't have anything against that kind of expansion building so long as the backstory & the events being conveyed are compelling enough.

    So after ToV part 2 I'm fine with a TBL 2 or a *new Luclin 1 & 2 expansions, hell lets go TO the actual Discord realm of immense demonic overlords & their massive armies and kick their butts in their own backyard.
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  10. svann Augur

    If no expac this year EQ will be gone by next year.
  11. Iven Augur

    I don´t think so because not every player is wanting a new expansion every year or has the time to grind through most of its content and a huge amount of the players are concentrated on the progression servers anyways where new expansions do not matter much at all.
  12. Zamiam Augur

    if there was no expansion this year EQ would still be here next year and when the next expansion comes out it had better be a big expansion im talking 10 new zones , quests , spells, lvl increase , 10 new Raids and some evolving items ..

    I would be ok cause I still have a tone of stuff to go thru from TBM on up .. so whats that like 5 expansions.. so ya id be fine and id still be here for EQ next year .. how's that for supporting them .. how you like them onions :p
  13. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    Many of those players are only playing on TLPs while waiting for the next expansion to come out.

    What they need to do is stop messing around with TLPs, and do what they said they would do when we switched to smaller expansion packs and release bonus content through out the years instead of just the old stuff. We get very little these days for the anniversary and nothing else new for the rest of the year. When they switched to less content initially we had new hardcore heritage and legacy content added plus other quests/mission during the year for other celebrations.

    We don't need huge expansions where half the zones don't get used, but we do need more new things during the year to keep us ocupied and playing.
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  14. Elskidor Augur

    I wish they'd move on to a TLP every other year, same with expansions. It would give time needed to make expansions better and TLP lands time to progress, but they're both big annual money makers so I guess it's not feasible.
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  15. Zamiam Augur

    cant help with the TLP's , but if they would open up the marketplace with certain items that have been discussed in previous threads like past expansions items .. I would be buying more stuff in market if they had that stuff to offer .. also IF expansions went every other year they could release maybe 1 or 2 zones a year calling it a I dont know what but similiar to GMM ..

    I'm just saying I'd be more than ok with 1 expansion every 18 to 24 mo if it meant bigger and better expansions and I would pay for it ..

    they could charge $100 bucks for the standard edition as long as they added the personal zone port clicky to it and a familiar or something..
    and I would pay in upwards of $200 for the premium if they had a ton of stuff in it .. alas I do not think we will ever get another big expansion ..
  16. smash Augur

    Well I think they already given hint to what expansion about

    You will zone in from north ro
    Main villian probably ct

    Reason is new statue at dwarf/griffon. Think it appeared in july patch.
  17. Riou EQResource

    Think that is for the Level 35 version of Only the Blind Will See which is part of the Stone Cold Summer event going on
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