Next Expansion Speculations

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Coughforme, Apr 21, 2020.

  1. Deux Augur

    Another Kunark expansion part 4 or 6 or what is it up to now? Iksars are the master race
  2. Treygolas Apprentice

    They were so happy with the ice shader in ToV... I'm definitely expecting more ice. :cool:
  3. Tenken Augur

    Maybe the restless ice will spread to kunark and revive everything once again!
  4. svann Augur

    I had not seen indication that Velketor did it or an admission by him. Maybe I missed it during loot? Not finding it in log. Do you have text by any chance?
  5. bortage Augur

    I just finished spying on the developer meeting and apparently next expansion is The Frozen Mirror, someone's ToV aug fell off in Sul Vius and iced everything, the expansion contains classic TBM features such as "the weapon vendor has a knight 1h but no knight 2h" and "explaining vendor gear to people is the hardest part of the expansion"
  6. Skuz Augur

    Here's my idea (written during a bout of intense boredom).

    Fall of Skythia

    Word of odd beings exploring the lands of Norrathians has caused great concern, some have been questioned about why they are here & they speak of a vast battle taking place, a battle being waged against a deadly foe, so they must search for a place for their people should their war for their home be lost.

    These creatures refer to themselves as the Skyth, and they claim to be natives of Norrath that have existed for millennia beneath the waves of the ocean depths, in a city fashioned from the very bedrock of the world, those few who have encountered the Skyth tell how unsettled it made them feel, these are not weak or timid beings, they are powerfully physical and likely well versed in the arcane but something about them is deeply troubling.

    The Skyth say that they are battling an enemy that threatens their existence, their home, once deep beneath the waves, has been thrust up out of the inky depths creating the new continent of Cytus a hot desert land with mountains and a huge coral reef around it's coast, and within it the vast city of the Skyth an empire created over thousands of years.
    This has forced the Skyth to adapt, and through terrible magics the Skyth Magi have transformed their race of deep-ocean dwellers into a new & strange land species that bears little resemblance to their old selves, their existence threatened they have sent out scouts to look for other places they might call home on land even as they battle an overwhelming menace to try and save their once mightly empire.

    From the deep recesses of the world ......something has emerged, a swarm unlike any the world or even the Skyth has ever seen are slaughtering Skyth in their thousands & destroying much of the home of the Skyth, but worse is to come behind these things that existed long before Veeshan ever claimed this world.

    Travel to Cytus, find out more about the Skyth & their enemies & what threat they pose to the rest of Norrath.
  7. Kittyzerk Lorekeeper

    I am game for Velious Part 2 if they remake Sleeper to roam the world and destroy innocent groups =)
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  8. bortage Augur

    honestly regardless of what it is, I kind of hope we get one or two open world "ffa everyone just dogpile it who cares if you're grouped" bosses that just randomly spawn once in awhile and you get some boss-specific currency sort of like the Odin FATE in Final Fantasy XIV except instead of an anime boss it's a 30 foot tall doug
  9. svann Augur

    New bestest earring will require maxxed overseer.
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  10. Chopin.Xegony Elder

    Thanks for my next several weeks of nightmares Svann =P
  11. Yinla Augur

    Works for me, mine are mostly at 3 with research and recruitment being maxed :p
  12. Nadisia Augur

    No Svann !!! Just no !!! Do not give them bad ideas :p

    Alert ! We really need to silence this bard and put him in the right place.
    Just ... here :


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