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Discussion in 'Melee' started by Lisard, Jun 5, 2019.

  1. Ambiien New Member

    Lisard. Can i ask what your parse looks like clicking off things compared to just letting it play out after hitting DMS with Zan-Fi's. I am not sure it would be entirely worth it to spend that much time, as you stated, searching your windows in order to remove these.
  2. Lisard Augur

    dont have parses showing the difference between min/maxing of micro managing buffs. but i can tell you its an additional 3174 - 4761 damage every 30 seconds of clicking to the tiger claw boost if you are trying to squeeze everything you possibly can out lol. wont ultimately change where your parse falls, sure you can spam it and just /shrug but again...min/maxing just like with everything about EQ the difference of coming in 2nd or 3rd in some scenarios hah =P

    while we are on the topic of whats worth using, another ability thats adds next to nothing in 99% of all scenarios, but you can find small peep holes of opportunity for, vehement rage.
  3. Deathstroke Journeyman

    I'm pushing for the weapon stances for monks also. Can make 1handers viable as dps again, plus give us more survivability with the 2hb.
  4. Fintank Augur

    You guys should push for them to "fix" or I guess "add on to" Master's Synergy. I can't think of an actual reason for it to not include Archery based on the spell data. Would be super cool to not immediately enrage when a monk is in my raid group!

    Current Master's Synergy 2:
    Max Hits: 60 Outgoing Hits Affected By Buff
    1: Increase Base 1H Blunt Damage by 28%
    2: Increase Base 1H Slash Damage by 28%
    3: Increase Base 2H Blunt Damage by 28%
    4: Increase Base 2H Slash Damage by 28%
    5: Increase Base Hand to Hand Damage by 28%
    6: Increase Base 1H Pierce Damage by 28%
    7: Increase Base 2H Pierce Damage by 28%

    Add these to it (It may not be as simple as these):
    8: Increase Base Archery Damage by 28%
    9: Increase Base Throwing Damage by 28%

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  5. Brohg Augur

    sad, that, since grouping with a (good) ranger is so very salutary for monk burns
  6. RangerGuy Elder

    Similar to last year.

    Heel down to 12 minute reuse, 60 second duration.
    Speed focus 60 second duration.
    Fists of Wu amplified with something like 10% chance to twinproc a combat ability.
    Amplify earthforce dps boost.
    Zan fi extended and increase hit damage to 40%.
    Tiger's Poise down to 10 or 15 minutes.
    Shaded step to -1 timer.
  7. gnomeboss Augur

    don't hold out on us!
  8. Belkar_OotS Augur

    So a few items that I would like, that are following mostly in line with increasing sustained dps since that is usually in line with what the developers are willing to give us DPS wise while also improving our sync with support classes.

    Wish list items for sustained DPS:
    Zan Fi - Make it a permanent buff please, or make it innate (even better!)
    Speedfocus - reduce reuse from 13 to 12.
    Heel of Zagali - reduce reuse from 15 minutes to 12.
    Terrorpalm - reduce reuse 21 minutes to 15.
    Ironfist Discipline -
    reduce reuse from 15 minutes to 12.
    Crane Stance - reduce reuse from 4.5 minutes to 3 minutes.
    Five Point Palm - reduce from 5 minutes to 3 minutes.
    Dicho/Diss form - reduce reuse from 5 minutes to 3 minutes.
    Focused Destructive Force/Destructive Force - reduce reuse from 15 minutes to 12 minutes.
    Eye of the Storm - Replacement, increase its base damage increase significantly as it was a little lack luster to start.

    Group Support for survival/recovery:
    Consider Giving Mend a % chance of doing a % health group heal (0 aggro/won't put us on agro, so like a healers proc or cleric Divine Arbitration with only the heal component)
    Consider Giving Purify Body a % chance of providing our cure to the group (
    same as the mend suggestion).

    General Improvement:
    Vehement Rage: Add rogues, give it a Lifetap Proc, remove the -25% healing, reduce reuse to 3 minutes, improve its base stats. Adds some survivability to the pure melee classes in an area where we could use it.

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  9. Lisard Augur

    if they do this PLEASE add a Enable/Disable could seriously mess with raid/group mechanics
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  10. Lisard Augur

    More Combat Fury AA bringing us up to or over 200%

    Monks are only at Combat Fury 8/8 which is only 160%

    Pure Melee Classes %'s currently

    Berserkers combat fury is 19/19 (255%)
    Warriors combat fury is 7/7 (200%)
    Rogues combat fury is 8/8 (230%)
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  11. Lisard Augur

    some more idears

    -unlock more special abilities to be used independently. Currently we can use one kick and one strike independent of each other, allow us a third special ability of our choosing that can be swapped around at any time like the first two. We are martial artists after all =P

    -Fist of Fury AA, this is an RNG proc off our auto attacks, currently it only reduces base weapon delay by 34% for 12 seconds @ Rank 16/16. Suggest adding increase accuracy by 25% rank 17/20, Increase accuracy by 50% 18/20, increase accuracy by 75% 19/20, Increase accuracy by 100% 20/20
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  12. Lisard Augur

    Dreamwalk Discipline - Omens of War Expansions Discipline, we have had zero upgrades to it since then. propose giving us a new one that gives us a Song Window Buff instead of a Discipline timer, make it last 30 seconds with possibility of AA's to increase duration. currently it gives 125%(10 velocity) movement speed buff and 100% chance to resist spells, I suggest adding an absorb melee damage by 10-15% until it has absorb 600000 damage and increasing the movement speed to 150-200% to be more in line with current run/mount speeds

    Spam Ability consolidation idears

    can we combine Sting of the Scorpikis + Vigorous Shuriken lines of abilities, and move it to the -1 time, unlinking the sting of the scorpikis line from our synergy line finally and allowing us to finally put it to use on a more consistent basis, the trade off being it would have the same restriction vigorous shuriken has in that the closer to the mob the less dmg it will do, but further from the mob the more dmg potential it will have.

    can we add intimidation to the /auto skill feature, this is more of a general request for all classes.
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  13. Jeffv New Member

    Change how Alliance for Monks works so other classes can help trigger it. How many guilds have more than 1 or 2 Monks that raid? We have one token Monk and 1 app atm. There's by and large none to recruit.

    A suggestion would be to have Monks and Zerkers trigger each other's Ally as they both work so similarly. Berserkers aren't really out in force, either. Would aid both classes performance on raids. Both classes have one job in modern raids: do damage. This would help them do just that.

    on my server monks are not seen as desirable for the raiding guilds, when i ask why i am told we do not synergize well. when i asked them to0 explain i was told we only do our dps but do not provide any adps to other classes.
    a change like this to alliance would go a small way towards solving that problem.
    would also like to see a few more levels to staff block.
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