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Discussion in 'Melee' started by Lisard, Jun 5, 2019.

  1. Fintank Augur

    I think he just means they don't *Fully* stack

    Fierce Eye - 13: Increase Hit Damage by 13%
    Infusion of Thunder - 8: Increase Hit Damage by 100%

    Partial stacking DPS mods give me sadboi tears
  2. Sancus Augur

    Well, if you have a Bard, Fierce Eye's Hit Damage modifier is irrelevant anyhow (not to mention it generally being irrelevant given Zan-Fi's uptime...).
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  3. Lisard Augur

    the values on Terrorpalm are actually really decent...better the Brutal discipline (zerkers). i think the problem to why this falls behind the other discs is because for monks is we dont really have the AA/self ADPS to boost terrorpalm. and the only real gains we can add to it come from shaman epic / Glyph of Destruction (crit chance / critical hit dmg), Ruuabri / Quicktime / Dicho Fury (HHE's). Personally i have no idea what to recommend or add to this line without making it broken in one way or another. maybe someone here can suggest something for the devs to ponder =P
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  4. Fintank Augur

    Why must you point this out and not even give me Sancus like!? Lisard already slew me with a meme today I didn't need another :(
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  5. DaciksBB Augur

    It was ever sadder when FE was getting overwritten by IoT because of that. Thankfully that no longer seems to happen

    Good point, at least it's not Brutal or worse, Executioner (where Knifeplay is far better in basically every way). What if a crit chance component (since our crit chance is still pretty awful compared to the other melee) or something like reduce strikes cooldown by 2 seconds was added?

    Mostly just want to see an upgrade to Eye of the Storm, preferably something that scales better 5 years down the line
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  6. Monkman Augur

    Not to spin off on a tangent but I’ve been curious about how luck affects our dps, I checked out Sancus’ chart a few months ago in regards to the buckets of luck and the associated dps gains but that was based on a mage at 100% crit chance iirc. Due to monks innately having a lower crit rate than most other classes.. do we get “less” out of the luck gains than others?
  7. Ownlei Journeyman

    For monks there are a two areas that I think would be cool to be improved upon to add some spice to the class, Namely AE Damage and long term tanking. One way I have I daydreamed about going about this is similar to warriors weapon stances (Monk Mixed Martial Arts.)

    Stance of the Tonfa:
    By using two weapons, you are able to split your focus to attack the two closest nearby enemies (within melee range). While this stance is active, your damage is reduced by 40%.

    Currently monks only form of multi target DPS is through destructive force which, at least in my experience, rarely gets used over focused destructive force. By giving us the option to have a net DPS gain vs 2 opponents, monks would get some cool raid/group utility. Fights that have multiple bosses that are usually tanked separate might make raid leaders consider tanking them together for the bump in DPS that monks would do. Groups might consider trying to kill two mobs at once for the same reason. An alternative/additional mechanic to add to the stance might be to require the enemies to be under the effect of a short term debuff IE: the monk must swap between targets and maintain a debuff that enables the enemy to receive the AE damage.

    Stance of the Angry Turtle:
    By using a shield in your offhand, you are able to mitigate a great deal of damage (incoming and outgoing damage is reduced by a flat appropriate %) The hate generated by your attacks is increased by (flat %)

    Monks currently have a couple tricks to do some tanking (earthforce, shaded step, third spire, counterstrike, papers, blood drinkers coating) but having recently gone through the leveling process, they aren't enough for someone who isn't well geared and or max AA'ed to do recent content. It would be silly for monks to become a full on tank class, but as much as we get brought up as an alternative tank, it would be nice to be able to do it more consistently than our current abilities allow. This could be an excellent tool for people in the leveling process who would currently be limited to tanks and pet tanks to have an additional tanking alternative. This stance could also have an associated debuff limiting the effect to one target at a time (no AE tanking) that the monk must maintain and force us to use our current tools for any adds. An alternative mechanic might be something like "One with the earth" - You plant your feet against the onslaught of attacks rendering you unable to move but enabling stance of the angry turtle.

    Stance of the Katori:
    By using a two-handed weapon, you are able to unleash your full fury.

    Just added this for completeness. I could see this working the same way we currently do. Someone else might be more creative than me and come up with a cool mechanic for this(increased incoming and outgoing damage like a warrior?)

    A separate idea I had stems from the frustrations of pulling with a bard in the group.
    Complete focus:
    Your years of meditation and focus training allow you to block out all outside distractions and focus on the task at hand. While active, your more musically inclined companions songs will have no effect but generate no hate until you disable this effect or it wears off.

    This one is pretty self explanatory I think, maybe mech it so we have an instant cast ~10 second buff that can only be used out of combat or fades when we have been in combat for 3-5 seconds. Limited short term duration buff window.

    There is definitely some silliness to the above, but maybe it can spark some conversation.
  8. Ezbro Elder

    1. I'd also like to see 1hb be as good as 2hb for all situations.

    2. What'd be super cool is a 2hb that can split into two 1hb's by clicking on it , like for instance the Vibrating gauntles of infuse, like a transmute. This way an item called, say, To Po's bo stick of versatility, can be clicked to gain two 1hb weapons.

    3. Give a good ADPS to monks, for group and raid desirability. There must be something you can think of? For instance, here are some suggestions :

    • "Grand Master Tynn's enhanced combat agility" (building on the ca aa's name and effect)
    • "Swifttail Caste's retracting blow technique" (occasional extra main hand attack as you withdraw your weapon from your opponent after an attack)
    • "Peaceful Strikes of Brother Qwinn". Lower the hate of your groupmate's strikes.
    • "Hateful force of Vorash". Increase the hate of your groupmate's strikes.
  9. Lisard Augur

    some neat ideas guys! keep em coming!

    as for Luck stat, me personally i havent put much thought into it, its kinda something thats just there, what ever its doing meh.
  10. Korbazz New Member

    I do agree that the monks h2h and 2hb need a buff to be more in line with the staff/2hb. I am thinking they could add some aa's that can make the h2h and 1hb more viable. I am still trying to get my monk to see what else i think this class needs but as of right now this is the main thing i want changed.
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  11. Lisard Augur

    this goes back to my original post on this topic. if they raised our skill caps on weapons (h2h, 1hb, 2hb), lets say if they only took h2h from 450 skill cap and made it 600 skill cap, feel like that would start to turn the table making dual-wield useful again without overly breaking us.
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  12. DaciksBB Augur

    something to differentiate 2hb and dw would be pretty nice. maybe adding an aa that increases the base damage of 1hb and martial weapons and add some mitigation value to staff block? even just unnerf it?
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  13. Lisard Augur

    what if they added H2H to the Focusing of Brithrax AA line.
  14. Lisard Augur

    auras were brought up during TBL beta, and I seen some chatter about it in some other posts gonna add some ideas for a monk aura upgrade.

    Current Monk Aura: Master's Aura, this was released in the Prophecy of Ro expansion.

    Suggest 2 new Auras:

    Grandmaster's Offensive Aura:
    -makes your combat abilities (Flying Kick, Strikes, Kick, Frenzy, backstab, bash, slam Etc) immune to damage shields.
    -increase accuracy by 100%
    -5% melee Critical hit chance
    -1% chance to twincast each time you activate a combat ability
    -reduces the hate you and your companions melee attacks generate by 50%

    Grandmaster's Defensive Aura:
    -increase chance to Riposte/Parry/Block by 20%
    -Resist Stun/Snare/Root/Charm 1000%
    -Increases the hate generated by you and your companions melee attacks by 10%
  15. Thrillho Augur

    I like the idea of a new aura. I don't think having two would work though. A defensive aura would only be useful for one person - the tank. And they're doing great as it is. The offensive aura would be the winner all the time.

    And any aggro modifications are negated - if everyone gets the same modifier, it's as if no one does.
  16. DaciksBB Augur

    I feel like the immunity to root, snare, stun, and charm would already make that one of the most powerful auras in the game
  17. Lisard Augur

    some more stuff for the devs to ponder...

    More Hastened Crane Stance AA 5/5 currently on a 5 minute reuse (4 minute 30 second reuse if you have a tempus Faycite Shard: Crane Stance equipped). possibly bring it down to 2m reuse (1m 30s with the faycite equipped)

    maybe even an upgrade to crane stance itself?

    if there is no plans to make a new or upgraded disc lines
    could we get more improved speed focus discipline AA's bringing speedfocus discipline down to around a 7m reuse?

    maybe ditto by adding one for terrorpalm line bringing it down from 22m to 13-15m

    perhaps a hastened Dissident AA that brings the monk dissident reuse down from 5m to 1m-3m range?

    just make Zan Fi's whistle / echos a permanent buff alrdy =P its a trade-off for not having to spam DMS and clicking off the Drunken Monkey Kick Boost buff immediately to get to the drunken monkey tiger claw boost buff behind it when Zan fi whistle is on or having to upkeep DMS (drunken Monkey Style) for the 30 seconds Zan Fi Whistle is on cool down....its tedious work and can eliminate 1 button from the spam key and save me from scouring my song window to find the right buff to click off
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  18. Brohg Augur

    pardon the ignorance of an outsider - how would Zan Fi's being innate eliminate the need for maintaining Drunken Monkey?
  19. Lisard Augur

    Zan Fi's Whistle Rank 30/30 duration (6 minute 30 second duration, 7 minute re-use)

    Drunken Monkey Style Underfoot Expansion 50 second duration 30 second reuse, cycles thru this order ->Flying Kick boost 13 seconds(this doesnt stack with zan fi), Tiger Claw boost 13 seconds (stacks with zan fi, click to this buff to min/max), kick boost 13 seconds(we dont use this), Eagle boost 13 seconds (dont use this unless we are being endurance regen noobies, i aint clicking thru that many buffs to get this if im trying to min/max, and if im min/maxing im not using eagle strike lel) (all give or take 1-2 seconds)

    so basically if your trying to be a parse hobo, you would click zan fi with your burn, then hit DMS -> click the Flying kick boost off so it goes right to Tiger claw for 13s of boosting -> repeat

    or you just spam it for the flying kick boost when zan fi whistle is down for 30 seconds.

    I guess it just makes life easier really lol. if they made it permanent id not worry to much about the little bit im trying to squeek out of DMS for the effort it takes lol.

    is that what you was asking? sorry am tired lol.
  20. Ditka Journeyman

    Zan Fi's really should have been made a permanent buff a long time ago. Long overdue. It's similar to how they made Battle Leap for War/Zerk a permanent buff.

    Personally I just spam DMS in the multibind, but that's because I don't have the energy to go searching through the buff window to click off. If it lines up, great. If not.. oh well.