Next expansion idea.. one zone anyone from any server can..

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  1. Whulfgar Augur

    Next expansion idea..

    One of the zones.. in the next expansion that allows for anyone on any server (obviously Sept for tlp, and or special rules servers) be able to port to (ghall, druid, wiz) and grp with friends from across servers..

    It can be thee hardest zone in game .. locked behind progressing.. or another earring style question (Sept for a key this time) or some other huge time sink.

    What say yall (devs)?
  2. Fanra

    I can't speak for the Devs but I assume this would require a massive rewrite of EQ. Each server is its own separate world.

    The only reason we have cross-server chat is that the chat server is actually not part of EverQuest but something that hooks into EQ. Which is one reason why we keep having chat server issues.

    I supposed it might be possible without rewriting EQ (but again, not trivial [Note: "not trivial" is computer speak for HARD]) if they created a separate "server" with special zones where you could temporarily move your character to in order to group with others from other servers. At that point, you would actually not be on your server and unable to do anything other than play in the special zone (no bank access, no housing, no guild hall, etc.).

    You wouldn't actually move there, but would be copied, with being unable to be on your normal server during this time. Then, when you were done, you would be copied back to your normal server.

    Again, this is not trivial and could create massive bugs and duplication problems, item loss, etc.
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  3. EternalNewb Journeyman

    I am not a developers, but I pretend to be one in the forums.

    This sounds like a nice idea. Some other game companies with vastly newer software/hardware and entirely more competent game developers* allow players to play cross "realms". However, Everquest does not and likely will never have this kind of gameplay. There are too many limitations in the code and hurdles to account.

    1. Character names would have to include server name, or two Bildo's would causes loads of issues, especially with mail and messaging.
    2. How would you handle player trades? loot? Each server has its own economy this would instantly ruin them.
    3. Could I "play" on FV and get no drop loot and then go back to my old server? Would common be allowed on FV if this other server character players there?
    4. Can PVP players level on other servers then head back to their own to PVP?
    5. Would cross-server raiding be a thing? Nothing currently prevents groups into becoming raids or killing raid targets.
    6. How often could you switch servers? Had trouble finding a named up in the main world? Try finding it when everyone has access to AC/ToV/VT across all servers. Especially live servers without the option for Picks or whatever they are called. **

    * To be fair this would be difficult for any developer regardless of skill with older software.
    ** I wrote this before I noticed that it would be for a single zone.
  4. Celephane Augur

    Can we name this special place Beta? If so I'm pretty sure we can get to it in October
  5. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    Would need to be no trading at all in that zone (including dropping things on the floor), or there will be economy issues and all gear that drops needs to be no drop for all servers.
  6. Skuz I am become Wrath, the Destroyer of Worlds.

    Right now I don't think EQ could support this idea, I've seen the tech in much later games though.

    But you can gather your friends from across servers in one place already - test server, you just cant take anything back with you.
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  7. Dibab Augur

    not even much later. WoW does this. Group up with your cross server freinds and everyone is on one server for the duration of the group
  8. EternalNewb Journeyman

    Blasphemy! That is the unmentionable game! You can only allude to the game, and never mention it directly! I mean between 2 and 3 million play the unmentionable game, while EQ has a population between 20K and 70K depending on the month.
  9. Whulfgar Augur

    Beta pr how about test like server but accomplishments and actual playing with friends from other servers ..

    If they can do that with beta and test why they cant do it for a normal zone ?
  10. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    Because beta and test are separate servers that your characters get copied to and afterwards have no impact on your actual character? I am guessing the architecture of EQ is old enough and not designed at all for this concept making it impossible todo without a major rewrite.
  11. Fian Augur

    Other MMORPG have set things up that group missions can span servers, and they are auto-formed looking for certain classes. So, it is possible, but would be a major change in EQ code. To be honest, I don't think EQ has enough coders to attempt something like this now.
  12. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    You're forgetting last beta, where chars didn't show up on beta and had to be manually transfered across?

    Test also has issues when live and test are on different builds and at least twice this year they have had to turn off copies to test.

    Imagine the uproar if they did this for an actual zone and then players not being able to play in it for a month or so.

    No thanks it is not worth the agrivation.
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  13. Hellowhatsyourname Augur

    I propose we call this "test server."